Thursday, July 30, 2009

Three Jeans Pairs A Laundering

I have two regular pairs of jeans that I alternate and one faded back up pair. But as strange markings on the regular pairs erupted, "from" gardening this week, and the backup pair suddenly erupted with olive tapenade on them, all three are being laundered together in a very rare instance. And for those that oversee my laundry, and even script it down to the last loose thread, this must be an exciting moment to have three pairs of jeans in the same load. Such are the interests of my puppet masters, and to honor the occasion they have created extra road noise; heavy duty vehicles, extra buses, extended (five minutes and longer) backup beepers, and other like ructions in a nonstop cacaphony. I am wearing my yoga pants some three hours in advance of yoga, and that too is quite exciting for the shadow clowns, as it represents a disruption of the routine of changing into them some 20 minutes before yoga.

I did gardening at the First Feral Family home yesterday, and was made to be whacked out from the heat (31C), and ended it by 1330h for a city bus freakshow ride into downtown. I also got demotivated to finish the blog I had started. The most curious event was having a six yellow firetruck salute when walking back from the bus stop. The next door residential tower had six Victoria Fire Department trucks around it on two sides and parked in each direction on each side. I will load up the pictures later. The fire department dudes did a flash exit from the building, but no flash mob dancing unfortuneately. That is still too excessive for my perp puppet masters, though they have been quite outrageous and blatant in many other gangstalking stunts and public arrangements.

I was finally allowed to get my goat milk last night at the supermarket, no more closure stunts like the night before. But I got skunked on finding baking soda, even if I looked in the baking and cleaning sections of the store. Perhaps it is not "up market" enough for the store, or more like, since it was a new item to find, I haven't been assigned enough "maze time" to go wandering around looking for it. Nearly every new item that I need gets this treatment of being unfindable for the first few attempts before they let me in on where it is, often next to where I was looking in the first place. But as the perps can now dither individual objects from one's vision cognition, it is impossible for them to not fuck with what I am seeing to then force more supermarket search time, gangstalkers and props planted at each location of course. Last night they went heavy on the male skinheads, and even had them covering me some 60' before I got in the store, then leading ahead and "happening" to enter the store in advance, and then reprising for more stalkings in the aisles. The "pop out" from the aisle ends is one of their favorite jerkarounds to get these unsightly assholes, aka the Unfavored, in closer to lessen the distance dependent recognition and threat assessment.

And now the sirens are coming on, a full set it seems. Last night, at least one of the fire trucks departed with its sirens going, as if it were on another call and happening to leave from the above mentioned block party.

And plenty of awake time in the night to go with the heat of this apartment, even if it is E. facing. Yesterday morning when setting the temperature of the shower, I leaned my hand on the adjacent tile wall, and it was exceedingly warm. Given that the bathroom is not exposed to the sunlight in this apartment at any time of the day, it is quite amazing that the wall was so warm, and I suppose it was one method of keeping this place hot no matter how many windows are open and the fan running. I just gets magically hot, as to do I, with the imposed Pseudosweats coming on this morning; at least three extra forehead towellings, and likewise for my forearms.

Back to sleep lapses while seated at this PC; been there, done that, and it still isn't enough for my tormentors who have extended this game into the clinical realm with their anemic hemoglobin test results, and now stool samples. They have barely started on this one if past is prolog.

And a change up in the disability housing system; no waiting, they call you which can be problematic when it is not expected as there are other events planned for later today. Funny how these large entities can change their phone system overnight and foil my plans for staying in the phone answer queue for the next 30 minutes.

I am getting the restless legs jerkaround after two hours of extra amplified road traffic noise.

The above episode of restless legs was followed by a chocolate break, no tea like usual, and then a 30 minute nap before waking up for eating dinner. It just isn't good enough for the perps to change the afternoon tea break to a ginger beer break and drop the chocolate. They hound one to shut the PC down early and later eat the chocolate that normally goes with tea. Hot drinks in this sweltering heat is too much of an excuse to start the Pseudosweats again.

And the penultimate part time cleaning job at the car dealership tonight. I thought the perps would lay on extra things to clean up, but they have even backed off from their usual plastering of glass doors with mucky hand prints every night. They can't get enough senseless loitering of the office staff at closing time. The Service dude took nearly 25 minutes to get himself ready to depart by bicycle. He came back in while I was vacuuming, and I later find that he dispersed at least 10 paper punch chads on the floor. Anyhow, other loitering Fuckwits as well, but only one more evening until this gig is done.

Yesterday at the car dealership the boss man told me to talk to the blonde woman as to who was going to set the alarms, her or us. She seemed to be the only one working late, but I had never known her to have alarm setting privileges before. So I first asked her, and she said no, but S (office admin guy who I usually connect with on this topic) had alarm setting authority. As soon as she said that, indeed, S did arrive and indicate that he would be looking after setting the alarms. I found the timing to be similar to past stunts where the person being mentioned, by me or the other party with whom I am speaking, "happens" to arrive at the moment their name is mentioned. Anyhow, not a big deal, and one of those lesser stunts that amounts to "who cares?".

I had yoga earlier; no big deal except for a new old fart male who kept staring at me for whatever reason. I am the only one who sits on their mat and does warmup excercises in advance of the class starting. The rest of them line up in the chairs along the wall and loaf there with their mats in place. There was also a big 20" fan running some 2' from me, to cool the room down, and I suppose its location was highly scripted, as the fan moved the air between me and one of the regulars whom I later inadvertently collided with when our hands were stretched out to the side. Anyhow, no big deals and the usual vagrant and freak show when walking back. Last week before yoga, they arranged for a brown flour spill to have been cleaned up for me to walk over. It was in front of a bakery, and there was still brown flour in the sidewalk cracks, and it seemed that brown flour had been spilled the width of the sidewalk and turned the corner for some 30' more to where the loading bay was. I have no idea as to how flour happened to spill on the sidewalk as they usually load from the bay directly into the building, without any reason to take the flour onto the main arterial sidewalk. But given the predilections, if not abiding need, for the perps to present gangstalker with bread, bread staged at building corners and the rest of their breadstalking games, I suppose this flower spill stunt is all part of the same objective.

And I got my hair cut later today, in the afternoon. The stylist, a male, has two armfuls of major tattoos, and I was obliged to avert my gaze from viewing them, even if my glasses were off. And lo, if on the way back there was a woman sitting at the corner with major tattoos on her arms for me to see. I have no idea as to why the perps keep hounding me with tattoos, but it is fucking tiresome because I cannot stand the sight of them.

More forced yawnings, and new blobs of faux sweat on my eyeglasses. This swealtering heat has served the perps as an excuse for many things, but the absurd Pseudosweats at 0700h in an E. facing apartment takes the cake.

The pics from yesterday I promised above. Shown are five VFD fire trucks, and a sixth one is just out of sight, past the edge of the residential tower. This was my yellow "honor guard" when I came back from the bus. Also, is that five red vehicles of eleven on the street on the left? One can get a better feel for the vehicle arrangements on the next picture below. I had a four Saanich Fire Department "honor guard" earlier on the city bus dtrip before I came across this one. They have deep red colored firetrucks.

Two identical red color vehicles on the street on the left with a black one between them. This picture gives an idea of the "entrances and exits" that are in constant flux around me; the white with yellow livery van turning into the show, an additonal red vehicle on the street in the foreground, aluminum clad trailers (matching the firetruck's aluminum ladders) etc.

Then the firemen come out and do some kind of clustering, short of flash mobbing though. They spent some five minutes in these various clusters and walking from one to the other, and then they dispersed in their vehicles. I wonder how impressed they were to be on this scripted goose chase. And the ubiquitous "ladder patrol", aluminum metal ladders on the white van in the foreground, right side.

Anyhow, enough excitement and onto strange arrangements this weekend. My out-of-town brother and familar are arriving on this long hot August weekend, and so it remains to see where I fit in with the much contrived and scripted goings on. As always, my "condition" is always avoided as a topic. I guess they don't want to look that stupid, playing pretend for over seven years, when they knew about this insane covert life fucking back some 40 years ago is my guess, 1965 or so when I got sent off on Saturday nature hikes and my brothers stayed at home.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the typical hands-on-the-hips pose I get a lot of. They could be either front or back-facing while doing this. Also, it looks like my perps have gotten involved... my perps like to have the hands higher up on the hips than usual. I'm sure the sickos can communicate and "learn" from each other, which is just what I need.

AJH said...

Answer to: Looks like the typical hands-on-the-hips pose...

Meaning the firemen's stance? They like to put on these threatening poses at different distances as it seems the percieved threat level is distance dependent.

I should of put on a contest like "What is wrong with these pictures?". Six firetrucks and not one fireman dressed in their firefighting gear, just their everyday uniforms. Then, not one resident of a 17 story tower is displaced while there are six firetrucks and all the personnel on hand in the building. Most curious, and even more so that I was allowed to figure this out a day later.

Anonymous said...

I've seen that skit before, too. Like the one time, a bunch of firemen were "called" in front of this business while going for ymy nightly walk. The bizarre thing is that not only was there no apparent reason for them to be there (no fire, smoke, etc.), but the firemen were just standing in front of the business, all in file, arms crossed, and the mayor too, just standing there doing nothing.