Friday, July 10, 2009

Sight Props Du Jour

Another tired and whacked out blogging session. I did berry picking today, and then the car dealership cleaning job at 1730h. Yesterday at the car dealerhip (non-European). I remarked on seeing a Bosch starter motor in a parts box, and asked if Brand xxx vehicle uses them. I got a vague answer, so I think it is no. Today, 10 y.o. deep burgundy colored Cadillac was in the Service bays, and lo, if the Bosch starter motor wasn't sitting on its front bumper in its box with the hood open. No mechanics were on duty. I find it fascinating that a non-standard part was brought in to "babysit" a Cadillac, a nonstandard vehicle for the dealership. Now of course, I did own a Volvo for 23 years, and it used all Bosch electric systems, so I wonder if this might be the connection. Pure speculation, but very curious all the same. Just to think, the shadow clowns can pluck energy out from the omniplasma continuum and manipulate it at will.

Anopther all-time first erupted this morning. The alarm went off at 0430h, and I was manipulated to incorporate it into my dream while it was ringing. I did not know what the alarm clock was doing and nor did I have the wherewithall to know what it was. Total cognition capture it was for over 15 minutes, and more "never-before" behavior.

What is with very fat people, skinheaded males, tattoos and motorcycles and their ilk? All of these Unfavored individuals featured highly in the city bus ride gangstalking show, and even the police motorcycle division got into the act, some 20 of them. The perps made sure this came by while i was vacuuming at the cleaning job, and I suppose it was a big event for them to get all those motorcycles together. Not my problem, so why am I noise harassed by motorcycles all the time? Some are only used as props, parked in a highly featured area for me to see, and no owner in sight. This would be foolhardy given their theft rate. And these shirtless dudes lounging around with fucking tattoos all over their chest, enough to make me puke. The perps won't allow this expression of subconscious memory prompts to get a puke response, though that is my first reaction. Or, more like, the first imposed reaction, much more immediate and hair-trigger than normal.

Another short and cursory blog posting


Anonymous said...

I've been getting plenty of Cadillac stalking as of late here as well. First, it was a white Escalade; two people got out in the parking lot besides the place I was eating, and did some posing. They were standing with their backs towards me. Then, they got in their Escalade, and drove off, but not before parading the vehicle around me first.

I've seen other Caddy's as well. The last one I saw was a white Eldorado convertible, a classic car, around 1959 or so. I get "classic car" and antique vehicle stalking all the time here. some of them are pretty nice. Shit, even the Eldorado was pretty decent, except for some small amounts of rust in places.

I get a lot of white car stalking. Both the Escalade and the El Dorado were both the same shade of white. Before, it was the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry, both shades of pure white, which looked very similar, so that I couldn't tell they weren't different makes.

I get plenty of car/vehicle doppelgangers as well, so their parading doesn't stop at humans. They also have dog doppelgangers as well, as well as the rare hamster/guinea pig/rodentia doppels.

AJH said...

Answer to: I've been getting plenty of...

Interesting, as I don't care for Cadillacs and you get plenty of them. What I don't understand, apart from some energetic/electromagnetic "blending" exercise, is why they put a Bosch starter motor, still in its box, on the chromed metal of the Cadillac's bumper. Not forgetting that the part time car dealership cleaning job is not GM or any North American car manufacturer. (I am trying to keep the car dealerhip anonymous here). Unless this is an exercise in testing my car product knowledge, as far as I know, Bosch doesn't make parts for any NA car manufacturer, only for European brands.