Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Women in Blue

That is policewomen, as follow-me gangstalkers when entering the building, after crossing the street where their white police van was parked. Two of them accompanied me in the elevator, but went onto an upper floor. I have been getting much more police activity around me of late. One was blonde even. In my experience it is rare to send two women police out together, just in case they need some muscle. Yesterday there was an in-street emergency outside this apartment building with one police vehicle parked in the center of the road, and the other beside it in the wait zone, reverse parked to the usual RH traffic direction. The red and blue lights were flashing and they had the sacrificial Fuckwit with green hair in handcuffs behind his back. This was the "greeting scene" when I came back in the early afternoon from berry picking, having been rained out while weed pulling. Later in the evening a male Pakistani policeman "happened" to be walking by himself toward me on my way to the cleaning job. He was heavily backlit so I couldn't detect that he was in fact a policeman until very close and not one of the overstuffed security dweebes that have been circulating of late. Then on my way back from the cleaning job, and outside the LD store after exiting, there was a big black police sedan with the police inside it, pulling away from the parking stall. I am getting the black vehicle treatment of late too, also supporting the memory deletion fuckery theory, see below.

I don't know what the deal is, but the police crowd are getting extra visibility of late, and per usual, I have no recollections of any trauma associations with them. As before, the brain-wipe years from ages 2 to 5 may contain some relevant subconscious recollections the harassment sickos are attempting to stimulate. This seems to be the pattern, and is likely the reason for the heavy clinical, wheelchair, skinhead (male shaved heads), racial and motorcycle themes they keep arranging and pushing. Today, they had a black hoodied Caucasian gangstalker across the street loping N. ward, and six feet behind him was a very black negro emulating the hoodie act (face excepted) with a multicolor umbrella for the piffling rain onset that was likely arranged. (There are no end of rain onsets erupting when I am outside, often timed to my departure, and don't develop into a full blown rain. This is also emulated to some degree by the excessive street cleaning encounters, and intersections that are wetted down in advance of me crossing them, usually as a bus passenger). So it would seem that the hoodie dude was negro emulation, followed by a real negro with a multicolor reference, that being the umbrella. Go figure.

The perps also wiped me out for a 2.5 hour nap this afternoon when I had 9 hours of sleep the night before. I wasn't picking berries today due to a twice postponed meeting I attended, my foray into squeezing some $5k from the government for my disabilities, har, har. I got the opening to mention that it was still happening, and was allowed a reasonable defence of my activities and determinations. I don't usually get totally runover in a meeting, but I rarely get to access all relevant major facts for a convincing presentation. The usual deal is that the perp have me ruminate over what wasn't said, that could of been. They also had me is a stumbling halting speech pattern, and kept fucking with my throat by putting some phlegm in it to render me croaky for extra speech volume/tone variation. It is fucking sick I can't be allowed to be myself whenever there is a meeting or other interaction with someone, presumbly rehearsed in advance as it seems to be.

When I got back to my apartment, why, a one block distant fire truck with its emergency lights flashing was "passing by" for me to see the light show in front of this apartment building.

The cleaning job bossman pulled another one of his faux silent hissy fits. After waiting for me for 5 to 10 minutes to finish up at the Service Garage on his scooter, he comes through looking like a motorbike policeman in his silver-grey flake finish helmet and the characteristic dark glasses. (Cloudy today, and at 1845h who in the fuck needs sunglasses?). He asks me if I cleaned the door glass and I said I did, and then he pulls this bullshit line saying he beat me to it as it had been done. If it had been done there wouldn't of been a 12" patch of scuzz on one door, and handprints on the other. I told him that and he got into one of his rambling bullshit routines, and puts on the cold shoulder act. I get one of these passive aggressive stunts per week, and each time there is no reason for this nonsense, especially when he is the causal party. As this crap-on-me act has been playing for over seven months, I am used to this. I had plenty of it from the ex as well, usually when her ineptitude was put on for riling me up. The crap-on-me games, often without any substantive reason, have been going on all my life so it fits the perp's pattern. What they expect to get from this I have no fucking idea, but there have been a few high school in-class ream-outs that just didn't hold water as to why I got this excessively caustic attention. All were contrived by the perps IMHO, and I don't get it as to why this particular form of insane persecution is important for the Fuckover cause. It has nothing to do with their mind control objectives and suggests the assholes have a whole new universe of fuckery devoted to this abusive realm.


Anonymous said...

They've gotten more police exposure in front of me as well. Last night, they had a cop with some girls in front of this convenience store asking the cop about some issue, but it looked like one of those street theatre stunts they love to have me see. It's amazing how they can also get State Police into the act as well. One time, the State Police had some guy pulled over next to an open field. There is something about open spaces, especially open fields, that they require some sort of "action" going on there. They can't get enough open field action.

Also, my perps seemed to have this fascination with cemetaries at one time. Maybe those bodies have something "left" in them that excites them. There were some bodies from as early as 1870 there. Wow, exciting stuff. Maybe perps are into paranormal activities, I dunno.

They also seem to be getting brown-skinned females (bi-racial) a lot in my proximity.

Also, unrelated, but I was watching a video about Korg's M3.

Around 7:55, the narrator explains why they put those fake brown wood panels on the side. His explanation: "because we know you love 'em". There must be something about having wood or fake brown wood on surfaces... Something as sophisticated as that keyboard wouldn't be complete without brown wood. :-)

Anonymous said...

Also, dudes with Mohawks: perps are always trying to get me to get one, like shave my head so I've got this big thing of hair going down the middle of my head. Why, I don't know. That perp said she really wanted me to have that Mohawk, and they've been trying to get me to get one for years. She said, well, it's so important to her, so at least do a "Fo-hawk", as in, spike my hair with enough hair gel so it stands up on the middle like a Mohawk. I said no.

I don't know what that is, but there was an incident years ago where I let my wacko roomate of mine (summer of '91) did this crazy hair do on me that resembled a Mohawk. I have had roommates at college from '90 to '91' that had a strong perp vibe to them. The one asshole kept messing with me by loosening one of the corners of my poster I had on the wall, so it would droop down on the one corner, or eventually fall off. He seemed to love doing that when I wasn't around. Also, he had this thing where he used to put every object down loud and hard. Over time, the poster games and putting stuff down loud had traumatized me enough that it still effects me to this day. They love to have workers at the one place I eat at put stuff down loud and hard. Also, they try to get me to take my food with me on my walk home instead of eating it there. I'm not sure why, but maybe it has something to do with not eating and walking, or carrying food along side of me.

They like to leave partially eaten food or dirty plastic plates in the road when I'm walking. Maybe it's those food sugars and proteins?

Back to roommates: the other roommate I had in '91 was kinda strange... kept pumping me with all kinds of questions, and tried very hard to get me to go and smoke weed with him. He also wanted me to party with him. He did succeed in talking me into taking some sort of tranquilizer pills. He was trying to play the role of amateur psychologist, diagnosing what was "wrong" with me. He had all these ideas, like I was crazy, and I needed him to help me. So this went on the entire summer... some crazy fuckwit 21 year old roommate getting me to comply with his wacky ideas. Then he tried to get me to see a psychologist on campus, because he said I needed counciling. Well, I went along with that, unfortunately, and the college kids there had some major issues, like abusive families. I really had no issues, except for some fuckwit roommate who talked me into hanging out with me and going along with his "prescribed" actions. What a wacko he was.

Funny how he kepy saying I was a good friend to him. Then when it was time to leave for the summer, he had this vibe that, hey, I'm not your friend; I'm just your roommate. I thing I know now he just wanted someone to "experiment" on. Odd that he was trying to get me to do all those things... sounds like he had some serious perp connections.

That same roommate woke me up one day, telling me he fingered some girl's vagina, and he wanted me to smell his finger (which I did). Smelled kinda nasty, like crotch sweat. I'm sure perps are very intrigued about the ways vaginas smell. They have done that recently as 2004. Like this one bar, some large woman working there who used to perp me had this drink she used to call her Volcanic Vagina. This "beverage" was supposed to smell like the inside of a vagina.

So you can see, perps are intrigued by some pretty sick things.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and about the roommate from the summer of '91: there was a mug shot of some guy who allegedly attacked a parking lot attendant, and this crazy sick fuck kept trying to convince me that the photo was mine, i.e., that I committed that crime. He also kept making up elaborate stories to "support" his conviction by saying the attacker was on the radio, and he had the same "nervous mannerisms" as he. He bought like dozens of newspapers with this guy's photo, because he was so convinced it was me. Every day, he was talk about how that attacker was me (and of course it wasn't). I'm trying to think he had some perp connection, and was trying to get me to go crazy or something.

Anonymous said...

Also, I'm thankful you're back again. These assholes have been fucking with me pretty hard the past couple of days, and I needed a place to vent without disturbing others.

On Monday evening, they provoked me good and hard, because I had to teach a long class the next day. Of course, they geared the harassment so my energy level was high enough that I didn't sleep. The next day, what can I say... they had some guy get out of his "friend's" car, in the turning lane of a busy highway, go into this gas station, just because the perps knew he was strongly unfavored. Some asshole with his pants pulled clear to his neck (exaggeration), wearing a red shirt. He kept walking to the back of the building, and just messing around like he was trying to find the bathroom. Funny how the perps needed me to see this guy cross two lanes of busy traffic. They always have some guy doing variations of this.

Then, some students were trying to tell me that "I liked little boys". Whatever. That's pretty gross, and the perps like to bring this up every now and then. Students have done this occasionally, like they know this "deep dark secret" or it's some issue I have. So that must be one of the lies and slander the perps fill the heads of these people with. Those students did seem to respect me and like me otherwise, though. I know perps are very heavy on the pedo angle with TI's. Makes you wonder what these perps are involved with, since it's one of the most heavily used tactic with TI's.