Friday, July 31, 2009

On With the Fraud

A busy morning with three extra phone calls and an earlier meeting that turned down my request for a evening computer (ESRI Arc/GIS) courses in the fall. This expectation had been built up since early 2009 with the employment counsellor, and as it unfolded, there were two funds availible for disabled folk like me. It was the provincial funded grants were turned down, ostensibly because "I don't know what is going to happen to you if you take the courses". Either do I asshole, and I told you that over 8 months ago. But as I have been working doing daffodil bulb picking, berry picking, cleaning work for the past year, and have been reliably showing up for work 6x/week in the latter case, one can assume that if I have a job I will show up. Not good enough.

Then I told him about the doctor who repudiated his entire diagnosis, and that no succeeding clinician had phoned him about it, as well as supposed friends who never inquire, and otherwise constructed a reasonable defence as to there being wilful ignorance among the clinical and care giving community, but that still wasn't good enough. I told him that two (supposed) medical students at one of my sessions with the case manager said there was nothing wrong with me after I detailed my story for 20 minutes. Essentially, the entire angle of the meeting was for me to tell him the story of the past seven years of harassment and who didn't exert any objective analysis (everyone). And it seemed that although my supposed (social) case manager supported my training initiative, there were some negative aspersions she cast, making me out to be some kind of renegade as to treatment. Renegade by default that is, getting back to the coordinated (IMHO) wilful ignorance that is still playing out. This is the same woman who actually said "I won't screw you around", and has done such twice. Beware of fatuous statements when a TI. Anyhow, it was the latter that pissed me off, or more like, I was controlled to react in a more hostile manner rather than the decision to turn me down for the training grants. I kind of expected it, due to two meeting postponements, a two week holiday delay and the rest of the nebulous interactions.

And maybe the meeting was all about using my new vocabulary term, one the perps dropped on me three weeks ago, "wilful ignorance". And lo, if said employment counsellor dude didn't pretend to be interested in following up and not lapsing into that category, but I just got a kiss-off phone call from him, and he won't be doing any objective analysis either. As in "phone Dr. S--"; the above mentioned doctor who was allowed to say that I was persecuted. That makes at least five supposed responsible clinicians/counsellors who haven't taken up the challenge. It fits the pattern. But what I wondered is why they even started it, making Dr. S-- to be some kind of hero, after screwing me royally in the first place.

And the perps like to arrange more kiss-off events in a given day. It was the last night of the part time cleaning job at the car dealership, and most strangely (IMHO), all the staff departed, and they left it to us now ex-janitors to set the alarms and lock up. More strangeness, but who knows; does one follow the apparent lapse in building security, or go with the scripted flow, hoping nothing will go wrong between now and when they re-open the car dealership. In my Potemkin Bubble-world, I expect, and am usually treated to constant adversity and hassle, so I haven't got to the point when I will ever go with the scripted flow. If I do, I must be manipulated at the time.

And more paycheck adversity to go with getting paid for the cleaning job tonight; the berry picking outfit said they would mail my check and didn't, and they would do it tomorrow. Thanks, we only agreed to a final paycheck mailout three weeks ago, and I am sure that I would of been widely recalled. On another financial adverse front that is still playing out, the rent subsidy people haven't got back twice as to my inquiry for a subsidy increase, which I am told is availible.

All this bad news, or adverse events in one day. The when it rains, it pours kind of timing. Now that I know it is arranged, the big question is why do they do it this way, these confluences of adversity.

The last hour was spent looking at online job ads; all to a background of outside road traffic noise that can get through my earmuffs. Often, I pull the earmuffs off to block the noise with my fingers instead, and the noise is faint, so I don't bother. Then I put the earmuffs on again and lo, if the same noise coming through again. And so another pointless round of taking the earmuffs off to no avail. This kind of nonsense can go three rounds or more, the big deal is that they want me to take the earmuffs on at certain junctures in the evening.

And I see there are job opportunities for more berry pickers and cleaners, both of which I consider myself qualified. The blueberry picker pay is piece rate, $1.25/lb, and supposedly, 5 to 10 lb/hour. I somehow doubt that I will get to 10lb per hour given the usual adversity that I get cursed with, but who knows. Or, do I hang out for the daffodil bulb picking next week, as they said they didn't need anyone this weekend. This is the evasive employer that doesn't return calls or resumes despite a good work record with them last year. The biggest deal is figuring out what the perps want; is is disruption; work one day off, one on and the like for whatever reasons they have. Or, is it a move-around job like cleaning where one might walk a building, possibly doing several rounds. I haven't yet figured out what they have prescribed for me, but working at a workstation in a sedentary office job is decidedly not going to happen in the next year or two. That is what I read between the lines and the past working history they have allowed since 2003. It seems they don't like me to work fulltime either, as they even closed my berry picking down early some days. It wasn't enough that there were many weather shutdown days as well. They wanted a warm day early shutdown, two of which were disrupting my plans for my mother to pick me up at the end of the day for my Sunday stayover. That gig is over though, leaving the question; is it to be last year's employer where the perps have plenty of data and possibly allow more working days, or is it somewhere new for shorter? One never knows, and I will be sorting this out next week as there will be family visitations this long weekend, and the healthcare samples to complete next week.

Picture time, same views as before.

Taken 06-17-2009, 0659h. Four silver-grey sedans on the topmost side of the street, three parked in file, then a deep metallic red, and then a final lead silver-grey sedan. On the foreground side, two silver-grey vehicles, one behind a tree. Also, note the orange dressed person contrasting with the deep metallic red colored vehicle. It is very common for the perps to place the orange colors among the reds; ambulatory gangstalkers and vehicles alike or in combination like here.

Taken 06-28-2009, 1813h. A series of another lineup of silver-grey vehicles, with a likely metallic blue one "hiding" behind the tree.

And the obligatory plywood that the perps need to show me from my own apartment even. They cannot get enough of me seeing plywood from endless angles, directions, juxtapositions, cardinality and movements. I sense the phenolic resins are a big part of the deal, moving up one from the massive sawn timbers they would truck in my proximity.

As the plywood bearing pickup exits from the right, a black vehicle and a deep metallic red vehicle cross paths behind the tree. Probably an exciting moment for the assholes, putting this sequence together and having THREE vehicles (one parked) behind the same tree. Boy do they have a long way to go with their color placement games.

Enough for tonight, and to ponder what dulldom is scripted for tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Is that a goat skin jacket that guy has on in the first pic? Seems like it's kind of warm for that type of dress...

AJH said...

Answer to: Is that a goat skin jacket...

No, I don't think it is. Likely it is a wool jacket/sweater with the light grey border of the placket. I don't have the weather records of the day, but we had a very warm June, and both individuals are a little overdressed IMHO.

Anonymous said...

It appears that you posted a new blog entry, but it was "erased" and now this one shows up as the most current.

AJH said...

Answer to: It appears that you posted...

I updated the posting and "forgot" (per mind-fuck script) to post it that night, and didn't catch the problem until the next day. My apologies, though the causal party should be doing this, not me.