Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sleep On

A strange day, the enforced sleep regimen being a big part of it. I got up early to go berry picking (0700h), but when I got there, the forman said no more picking crew, he is going to use the Mexicans. Back down to the main drag in rural-dom, and there was a bus within 10 minutes, along with the procession of color coordinated gangstalker vehicles coursing by. And lo, if they didn't have two negros on the bus, supposed pals on opposite sides, both leaning into the aisle, taking a full bench seat each. One in a red shirt, the other in a white shirt. They eventually got off the bus together after some 20 min. of ride time, a near record for negroes as they once had them get off within a few stops once I was onboard. I was back in downtown at 0800h, and napped away to recover from the morning getup time of 0445h.

As mentioned in recent past blog postings, I seem to be under the spell of a "stealth flu" where I am sandbagged with a surfeit of sleep. As of yesterday, I was feeling better and didn't nap during the daytime. But this early morning venture (above) seemed to trigger off a whole whack of napping for the rest of the day. One post-lunch nap was over 4.5 hours and landed me almost late to start the part time cleaning job at the car dealership. I got there by 1755h before they closed and began the cleaning routine. It is still curious as to why I need to nap so heavily, and that I am running a temperature. I see the doctor in two days, and if there isn't anything definite, I might start my anti-flu regimen; echinacia, vitamin C & D, and some zinc losenges. That should rev up my immune system and end this dumbshit sleep-bound state I am in.

Chances are the napping is all about the perps arranging sleep recovery mode at differing times of the day, and immediately before specific tasks, e.g. the cleaning job.

More awake time, but not without the yawning that seems to be independently operating. Some outside banter heard through the earmuffs then prompted a round of closing the window and keeping the earmuffs on, so far successful. I haven't figured out the perps' arrangements over open and closed windows, but it is decidedly scripted, even if I am not in the apartment. In the 2005-2006 days of car ownership and hiking some 2 to 3 times per week, the perps constantly screwed me out of remembering to open the window before setting off, as it it was my intention to have fresh air circulating in the apartment. And of course the window was closed on account of outside noise getting too loud, or perhaps a specific noise was annoying, eg. street shouting. Each time I came back from hikes, some 3 to 4 hours duration, the apartment was stuffy, and I opened the windows only then. But it constantly pissed me off that I wasn't allowed to open the windows before I set off, and the assholes never relented on that one. In the pre-overt harassment years of 1999 to 2002, I noticed my apartment in Everett WA had windows that seemed to have closed by themselves; I had left them open, and when I came back from work, they were closed. I could never figure out why this was happening until of course the assholes went overt and began to show me their tricks like remotely applied manipulations. What the deal is about the perps' interest with open or closed windows, beyond exploiting the the former for noise increases, is not known to me. All I am doing is mentioning an aspect of this infernal prision that is highly managed, despite the minimal effort I devote to the state of the windows.

Though regular readers and TI's will know that the perps are obsessed over the state/concept of "closed" or "open", as it applies to doors, windows, business hours etc. I am routinely noisestalked when these events come up, and this has been the case since at least 2004 when their noisestalking agenda was unfolding. Another corollary is the state/concept of something being "locked" or "unlocked"; the perps cannot get enough fuckery done in a day over whether I locked the door or not. In the overt and refugee days of harassment in 2002, I noted that Ms. C of the story had her deadbolt arranged 90 degrees from the usual; the normal (locked) horizontal position was unlocked, and the vertical position was locked. Each night she or I would set the door lock (to vertical) before going to bed, and lo, if the front door deadbolt wasn't turned 90 degrees (horizontal) to be open first thing in the morning. Someone had turned it in the night, and it wasn't either of us.

TI's will also know that the perps like to switch the hot water and cold water sides of faucets; normally the hot is on the left, and the cold on the right, but for them, that isn't good enough. Naturally, my mother's place has one bathroom faucet plumbed backwards, and she never wants to get it fixed, even if the bathroom counter was pulled out because the acrylic countertop was splitting up. That kind of bullshit drives me to distraction and I would personally fix it before long if it wer in my own place. I wonder if many of my intolerances for mechanic impaired operation stem from being exposed to such events during the brain-wipe years when aged 2 to 5 (1956 to 1959). So very little recall from then, only a smattering of Montreal when 2 y.o. And no recall whatsoever, or any family mention of being there two years later as it shows in one family photograph. So what in the fuck are they hiding from me?

As always, I "forget" to ask those kinds of questions in the right circumstances, and the mysteries are sustained. Only the daily freakshow is a reminder of likely traumatizations at that time, the ones they couldn't wipe from recall, but without express recollections.

All too fascinating, if not circular, so it is time to call this one done for the day and end this posting.


Anonymous said...

They seem to be fond of opening their driver's side doors on their cars, so I can see the interior, and the driver's seat. I also get the people in the parking lot, opening the hood, checking oil, or pretending like they're doing a check-up of their engines. There are variations of this "checking under the hood routine". One memorable skit had this guy outside his truck, seeming to have problems with his engine, spending a lot of time standing beside or in front of his car, checking his engine. His pal was pulled along side of him at one point, assisting him with his (supposed) engine troubles. For some reason, I have been getting the "open hood" gangstalkers. One guy back in 2004 was an obvious perp. He was pulled alongside the road with apparent engine troubles. When I asked him to check the spark plug wires, he started fucking around, pulling them off and on again, and I can tell something was weird here, like it was a fake breakdown stunt.

His girlfriend tried to recruit me into getting into the gangstalking/perp games as an informant. No thanks. I have my own life, thank you very much, perps. She tried on a number of occasions to get me into the perps' games. I just would feel like a creep if I started following some guy and gathering info on him (to set him up for harassment). Gives me the creeps.

AJH said...

Answer to: They seem to be fond of opening their driver's side doors...

I seem to be getting more of the vehicle egress action of late also. Like today (07-20-2009(, a parked vehicle outside the doctor's office building and someone sitting in the backseat with the door open, reading a newspaper. In other words, the door was purposely left ajar while the gangstalker sat in the vehicle. None of the egress cover story in other words, just blatant stupidity games.

I haven't ever had the recruitment approach yet, though if I did, I suspect they would set it up to ensure I didn't bite with a flakey or creepy proposition. I suspect I am too big of a fish for recruitment, and they have a long way to go for harassment/experimentation games.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the recruitment game was itself part of some crazy scripted harassment game at the time. I'm sure they like to spoof their own tactics to keep TI's confused. And these people I see (gangstalkers)... they're like everywhere. They have some many concentrated in a small area, it's kinda scary to me. I just look ahead and pretend they're not there.

AJH said...

Answer to: Maybe the recruitment game...

Perhaps, as you are correct in mentioning the perp's self-spoofing games. They often like to have the victim vocalize in certain places at specific moments, so this rather odd entreaty is to have one react with a negative or "no", or "no way" response.

I cannot recall how much of the gangstalking you had until your recent mentioning of it. The gangstalking has been front and center from day two of the overt life trashing (04-15-2002), with all manner of odd sticks/assholes showing up at odd times and places. Some of the gangstalking seemed to be testing my recall, as I never forget a face, or didn't until mid-2006 when they finally were able to do this to me. Now of course, it seems to be all about energetic interactions between the gangstalker and me, and all the objects and other fuckers posted around me. And too, it may well be that the gangstalker is someone I know well, even a family member, either in diguise or morphed over to look like someone else. I suspect this is the case most of the time, even having the quisling changing races along with other cultural garments like turbans, headscarfs and the like.