Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I am totally zapped of energy. Yes, I did 7.3hr of berry picking and then bussed it back into downtown to make the 1730h start time at the car dealership part time cleaning job, but whatever state I am in is far more tired than I should be. I sense at least a doctor's visit in the offing, and perhaps more than that. The perps can give anyone any disease they want anytime, including high tech ones like Morgellen's, which this is not. I fear mononucleousis, which would be good for a three month run of excuse making by the perps should I even have a mild case. And of course wipe out my prospects for earning my way out of the hole this summer. One paycheck does not cover the entire line of credit. Two maybe, and three would get me prepared for income tax next year.

My mother was beating the drum/name dropping "tiredness" yesterday, without having observed any in me or anyone else, so perhaps this is big takedown. Keeping me for extended stretches in bed would be the final act of clinical fuckery over my fitness level since the harassment begain in 2002. They won't let me jog, even on a treadmill, they stopped hiking and swimming, and stopped the strength training (and associated one hour walk) in mid-2008. It is my theory that exercise depletes these energies they beam at the victims, and that might be why they want to keep me even more immobile. When I was allowed to exercise, any time I returned to my apartmentI had these eye-buggering punishing irradiation coming off the LCD panel for the next three hours, a seeming make-up with one's energy state more easily assayed when in the tight quarters of an apartment.

Time to get this one posted, as I don't know what is going on besides total cogntive fuckery, which extends to keystroke sabotage.

On an interesting side note, the perps have turned off my chocolate "needs", and now I don't seem to miss it. I wonder how long this will last. Stay tuned


Anonymous said...

I'll bet they try to keep you at least partially dehydrated as well? They seem to want to make sure I'm not drinking too much water or any other fluids. Also, I've been getting plenty of helicopters lately over the past two days. I haven't seen any for the past 10 years here, but I've seen and heard plenty recently.

AJH said...

Answer to: I'll bet they try to keep you...

Interesting that you mention dehydration; they keep me on verge of deyhydration, and tightly control my water supply and its container- tap supply in stainless steel vessels or bottled in plastic etc.

And it "so happens" that the berry picking farm site is on the southbound flightpath to downtown Victoria; passenger helicopter and floatplane service, at least one every five to ten minutes, sometimes both noise sources together.

Anonymous said...

I get emails that I assume are "directly" from my perps. I can say this, because a lot of the spam I get is not in an online spam database. So it could be messages from "them" to me, disguised as spam,

Anyhow, my perps have this "program" where if I just let them work me over a little bit, they have ways of helping me in their typical perp fashion, of course. I know what they are saying... This is mind control, and if I let them have a little control over me, they can promise little "incentives" for me being compliant.

Some of the messages:

"Having trouble with your health and manhood? We can help"

"She has quite a bit of information on you"

"Your wife's best friend". This one, I assume is an "answer" to my inner question which I never vocalized as to who that person was waving to me at night, but couldn't make out who it was.

"congratulations on your latest acquisition".

Some of these emails aren't so "nice", however. Some of them will say things like "you an idiot" or "dumbo".

I guess it all depends on who they have working "on duty", and how nice or mean they are. I have to admit, most of the people they have me encounter every place I go don't strike me as very nice at all. In fact, there are some things said that are geared towards provoking or getting me cranked up. Most of these people I encounter don't seem like they're trying to help, but rather, their presence is intended to get me all irritated and pissed off.

From what I can tell, the perps love it when I "fantasize". Sexual related topics, they are all over those. They love dragging me into "dirty" discussions about how I like my women, and suggesting that this woman is going to, well, you know, "do" some "things" to me (sexual in nature).

It doesn't seem like normal obession over filth, but rather they seem to be studying the science of sexual arousal and fantasizing.