Monday, July 20, 2009

Reroute the City Bus

Another over-the-top stunt; they pulled an (faux) emergency on S. bound Shelbourne which caused the bus I was on to be re-routed along the way I had driven earlier, post blood draw. (Shelbourne to Richmond to Bay streets for the locals). Three fire trucks, at least two police motorcycles with their flashing red and white lights, and no access permitted to downtown inbound traffic. No burning building or anything like it, just a "light show" as I call these events, though in fact they are very specific as to the emergency vehicle colors and their placement, yellow and white for the City of Victoria fire department. I had driven the Richmond Rd. section before lunch to see the doctor again. Good thing I asked for an appointment last week, otherwise I wouldn't of learned that my white blood cell count was above normal and my hemoglobin was below normal. This is the phone-only-if-dire type of doctor as it turns out. So more blood draws, but without the gong-show overcrowding of the same offices of last week. Instead, I got the "mean reds"; a Caucasian medical attendant with a full flush of fugly red (sunburned) skin on her face, front and neck and arms, and wearing some red and yellowish top with black lines on it. I couldn't wait to get out of there, for all the red goings on. Last week, post blood draw, they put brown plasma dots all around me when crossing the first asphalt surface which was somewhat alarming, or made to be so. Today, it was flushes of red vehicles, four in file and all of the same red even. So perhaps, especially given the perps' abidding interest in blood, mine and anyone else's, the reason for the city bus rerouting was to have me travel a portion of the journey on the same route on a bus that I had used for the doctor visit and blood draw (by private vehicle).

It isn't often the perps set up a real blood draw as they plaster me with their own drawings from me at the lesion sites (not nicks) after shaving. Invariably the assholes place deep red blood lesions next to bright red blood lesions and it is a whole big joke, as well as an unsightly mess until they allow the steptic pencil to be applied and for it to work. They can defeat the action of a steptic pencil if they want, and have me applying pressure to their wound for some 20 minutes to staunch the blood flow as an alternative. They have done this at least twice with their spontaneous on-nose (not from the nostrils) blood letting they pull in the evening; one of those self-erupting lesions that places the blood exactly in my lower peripherial vision, twice now.

A stayover at the First Feral Family last night; I get my red meat for the week and also magnetic beam exposure from the cathode ray tube television. The obit piece on Walter Cronkite in place of the usual 60 Minutes was good. And I see that my recall is getting fucked with more, making me very forgetful of the TV actors, journalists and other's names I know. The Cognitive Fog is rolling in on me and there is nothing I can do about it.

A screw-over in that the PC had to be restarted to rid my browser of a persistent frame of orthogonal lines that came up in every fucking tab. Absurd, and all to get me rage-ified as part of the stunt. There have been more of these kind of "total PC intrusion" jerkarounds of late, forcing me out of the browser as closing the tab on me wasn't good enough.

An earlier visit to the part time car dealership cleaning job brought on a severe case of the Pseudosweats. This is the imposed condition of excessive sweating from the victim's arms, forehead and face, usually far in excess for the temperature conditions. In the past week they have had me re-towelling my forehead at least five times before exiting the bathroom (morning routine of shower, shave and dental hygeine), long before the daytime heat has built up, say 0700h. But tonight, they kept hammering my left face with ticklish Pseudosweat to force me to dry that side directly on my T-shirt, without benefit of hands that were gloved in green nitrile gloves. I suppose part of the deal is that they get to have beads of sweat flying off me and contact things (walls, doors, carpets) that I don't ordinarily contact.

At the car dealership job tonight everything was going fine except for the vacuum cleaner that regurgitated its contents on the floor just as I was cleaning it. It was then that the Blonde Salesman came swooping in "needing" to get something nearby, way too close for normal interpersonal distance. Then I stormed off with the vacuum cleaner to retire it and get the broom and dustpan, and lo, if the same fucker didn't track me there for some reason, on my ass again, only 12" away. I took an alternate route to the front doorway with the broom and dustpan and the fucker was on me again, coming toward me. Three too-close gangstalkings inside of 1.5 minutes, tracking me some 60' away even, while dealing with the sabotaged vacuum cleaner. Later the boss man tried to fix it, but deferred until he gets his screwdrivers to remove the filters. We already had one round with one filter that I cleaned, that he claimed I shouldn't of wetted, some two weeks ago, so here we go again. It is the only vacuum cleaner I have ever known to mascerate leaves; suck them up and then spit them out in smaller pieces. But as I suppose the clock is winding down on the cleaning job, only nine more evenings, the perps are laying on the silly shit as they won't have this opportunity again. Or, at least, until we get asked back, as there have been a number of hints that the new cleaner is destined to screw it up. I have no idea who the replacement cleaner is to be, nor the personnel goings on at this car dealership as the story doesn't match the reality. Only last week they put on an extra large tubby salesman for two evenings, as I had never seen the guy before. And sales are said to be falling too low for the owner's comfort level. All I know was that the New Tubby Salesman was posing identically to the regular tubby salesman in the doorway chair, and was wearing similar clothing colors; black pants with a muted red shirt. The regular tubby salesman was wearing a pink shirt, and regular readers will know how much I loathe the sight of pink clothes on males; almost as much as pony tails or long hair (on males). All part of the Unfavored posing and posturing that I am arranged to see.

Another absurd stunt tonight at the car dealership was having an army (in camo fatigues no less), navy and presumably an airforce representative seated side by side in one office, as if they were negotiating a car purchase. This is a car dealership on the West coast of Canada for crissakes. How on earth would three military personnel from each major branch end up together in one office for a car purchase? This city is not where armed forces arrange fleet-wide acquisitions, nor when crammed into one small office. Another WTF moment, and there have been plenty. Perhaps it was an arranged "auric goodness" moment; the good aura of the only personable (male) employee (save the brief interactions with the mechanics) to be seen with one member of each branch of the armed forced, (possible traumatization associations from the memory wiped years, 1956 to 1959). This is similar to what they do with blondes as mentioned in past postings; put the blonde babe with the male Fuckwit (wheelchair, obeser, negro, fill-in-the-blank-from-the-Unfavored-demographic-group), and attempt to determine some comparison or "auric goodness" blend between the very Favored blonde and the other Unfavored prop/stunt Fuckwit. Come to think of it, they did put a dishy blonde visitor with the above mentioned personable male employee, only after the fact.

The city bus freakshow was on the dull side today, and had close to a normal expectable passenger load of 15 or so heading from the suburbs to downtown. The slimey, shiftless shades wearing males packing plastic bags was about the only major Unfavored demographic. The big deal seemed to have their Fuckwits be seen by me through the 1/2" plexiglass of the panels on either side of the back door exit; two panels, one larger than the other so there was a single panel viewability, and two panel viewability (of the Fuckwit procession as they rotated through this one seat, 6' away). Exciting moments for a sicko, viewing a Fuckwit through one or two plexiglas panels. As I have mentioned in past blog postings, it seems to be vitally important to the perps as to what I view their props and Fuckwit gangstalkers through; directly, regular glass, safety glass, dual pane windows, plexiglass, polyethylene sheet, etc. I also noted that the perps are heavy on the "gut strutting" males today, even arranging them so there was an intervening pole to visually separate the gut from the rest of the fucker, along with some visual continuity mindfuck games.

The vehicular gangstalking color parade is going heavy on the red colors of late, and today was no exception, especially after the blood draw. The perps are "daring" to put four same colored red vehicles together, or have three pass by a parked one of the same color. I have seen up to seven arranged red vehicles at one glance, though usually they are stopped at traffic lights or parked. But it would seem that they are decidedly adding more mobile red vehicles in one flush than they ever did before. More excitement for the sickos.

Other variations on the imposed dulldom have related to diet; they let me take some red meat home from my parent's place to eat, something that never happened before, even over six years of visitations. I don't know what exactly is the perp's obsession over red meat, something they stopped me eating regularly since the late 1970's. The weekly red meat eatings at my parent's place were always a one time per week deal, no doggie bags. Or, unless it was turkey from Christmas or Thanksgiving, then they would let me have copious doggie bag portions that lasted weeks sometimes. So it would seem that the perps are incrementally building up more complexity in permitted cuisine as well as on the vehicular gangstalking show. Also on this topic, they are adding more mid and deep brown color clothing on the shiftless gangstalking dudes, so who knows; in two years they might let me eat my own cooked food. (Instead of store-cooked chicken purchases).

Another perp jerkaround was to give me a $30 parking ticket for parking in a residental only street, this while at the doctor's office. I lived on such a street some time ago, and there was no enforcement of the resident only parking signs, and no assigned tags to identify the residents. So... I thought, this is easy, just like old times. But lo, if the assholes didn't somehow "find" my vehicle on a residential street (with plenty of more availible parking), and then nail me with a ticket. Not only that, they had an Asian dude standing at the opposite side of the street doing nothing much but looking stupid while I stopped the vehicle, got out and got the ticket. It seems the assholes even arrange to place the ticket where I first don't notice it, on the passenger side, another first for parking tickets. So yes, getting parking tickets is a perp specialty they don't get to pull on me much as I don't have a vehicle, and was borrowing my mother's Ford Escape. What the fuckers get from this, apart from their usual interest in all things financial, is beyond me. I have been with friends who got nailed for speeding or running a red light, but they have never nailed me for a moving vehicle violation. All too curious.

And more unabashed plasma "tagging", aka, "retina burns" that follow me in what I am looking at, and invariably changing color from white, to deep blue and then red, and often cycle between the colors after I have turned a corner. They even nailed me on the bus when it went through this large radius turn, the same location they place all manner of parked vehicles, even four red ones in file. There were never many parked vehicles at this turn, but in the last few years they decided they needed more color action there and arranged some 120' of road to be littered with parked vehicles, color arranged of course. So today, especially on the heels of the bus re-routing, they put on the plasma in my vision, aka "retina burn", and had this sqiggly line sit in my vision for the two minutes or so, before, during and after passing through this large radius turn where they exhibit no end of interest. This is also the location where they put on a supposed police vehicle with its lights and sirens going. The "retina burn" jerkaround, a vision fixed plasma beam, has been played at least twice today, and seems to be increasing as a method for the perps to obtain consistent color/shape information from me while mobile. More dumbshit inanity to come no doubt.

Thats a wrap for tonight, the forced typos are getting out of control and totally stupid.


Anonymous said...

I have this thing about my left index finger, where this cut seems to appear out of nowhere, always in the same place it seems. When this cut "appears", it bleeds like it's some kind of deep cut that borderline requires stitches. It just so "happens", that this cut appears out of nowhere after not having anything wrong with this finger for a long time. And when it bleeds, it just bleeds and bleeds and bleeds. I can't figure out where it comes from... only that it appears sometimes and in the same place. And I can never recall cutting this finger at all, or having even a minor scratch.

They used to have this one particular "friend" in my life, who used to slash her wrists for no reason at all, other than her boyfriend "made her do it". I couldn't figure that one out either, but they used to like having gangstalkers with open wounds (sometimes they are hideous) in my proximity so I can see their sores. The more harmless ones involve scratches on arms and legs.

AJH said...

Answer to: I have this thing about my left index finger...

The perps like to have cuts on fingers as they will be readily touched (greater pain for neural energetics detection IMHO), and spreading blood around. They devote considerable amount of effort to understanding blood as it has magnetic properties which they need to account for in order to understand the results of beaming the victim with magnetic energies (over 1600 gauss two months ago). In other words, the perps don't yet understand the properties of blood and its energetic interaction with the environment. IMHO, these school and other massacres are their agents enabling more blood-environment interaction with dying bodies, also minimally active at the same time. The perps will inflict wounds at will through their magical fuckery, no cause needed. In my case, the perps haven't added wrist slashers or like self-harming woundees into the gangstalking diaspora yet. Though hideous mutilations, and I am including tattoos, are sometimes part of the online visual web pages that "happen" to show up for whatever reason.