Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dreams of Being Awake

A disrupted sleep last night, ending with dreams of being awake when I was asleep. Confused?. Me too, except to say that it was a blend, as sometimes I was awake so to be availible to hear some noises that were arranged. Then, they pulled another stunt, having me "forget" their extended erection games, after a week's hiatus when doing this nearly every night over the past five years. I surely did remember, as soon as they let me, this regular feature of a light REM sleep before waking up. I am sure they also do this when I am in a deep sleep too, as deep sleep to light sleep mapping (noise, repeat themes, and erections) is of importance to them. Anyhow, I was glad my sleep was over, though I suspect they have a more elaborate name for sleep, as the perps have been known to run me for three days without any and without feeling tired. As before, I never had such disrupted sleep until the assholes went overt on me in 04-2002.

A Thursday, and a yoga day, and more improvements to my strength and capability were evident. No one but me knew that doing the plank was such a battle with muscle control to resist my own weight and hold the position. The more I worked on it, the better I got, but the exercise (2x/week) and yoga class (1x/week) weren't consistent enough for me to become proficient. As mentioned in previous postings of the last two months, I suddenly became very proficient at it, and it wasn't nearly the struggle it always had been. And today, I was positively revelling in being able to do the plank, even 2" off the mat and holding it there. I had not taxed my limits, and wanted more. So.... if no one else but me knew how much of a struggle certain exercises are, how did I end up so improved (with minimal exercise) to be so muscularly proficient (i.e., no problem, able for much more)? This would not be the first time that unexpected physical changes have become permanent, but it represents one of the most intrinsic (arm, abdomen and back muscles) that has changed, and as far as I knew, I thought the rest of the world was more exercised than me, hence their relative ease of proficiency. Now, it seems that I had a strength adverse physicality/musculature all through my life, and the assholes who created the problem also knew about it, and seemed to have now fixed some of it. Other improvements over the past six years have been a new walking gait, removal of my sway back, also straightening out my spine and neck, and looking 10 years younger. And the latest additional "improvement", albeit after maintaining me as overweight, has been for me to be at least 5 lb. lighter, evident in narrower legs, less of a gut and smaller chest. I reduced my lunch and dinner intake by half since 2007, and now it's effect has finally been allowed to change my physique. More like, someone keeps me at a certain weight and look no matter how much or little I eat.

I have a whole host of links and me bantering about them, so I can clean out my saved bookmarks, and satisfy the perps' abidding need for me to put links in this blog. Dilbert's Creator's Struggle to Regain His Voice; the interesting story of Scott Adams and his struggle with what is called spasmodic dysphonia. It has all the hallmarks of perp created speech impairments as they constantly impair my speech and change what I intend to say into something a little different (but not a lot different like in the case of spasmodic dysphonia). The interesting thing is that there seems to be a neural connection in the basal ganglia that has gone awry;

"When you have spasmodic dysphonia, you're in voice jail," says Robert Bastian, a otolaryngologist who's been working with SD patients for more than 20 years.

The problem is widely believed to begin in the basal ganglia, the part of the brain that controls motor function. For reasons still unknown, the conversation between the brain and the vocal folds becomes garbled, causing the folds to either involuntarily clamp down (adductor spasmodic dysphonia, which Adams has) or open up (abductor spasmodic dysphonia, which is even more rare). It's now thought that some people are genetically disposed to the disorder, though nobody knows how or why it's initially triggered.

All I am saying here is that this condition would be of vital interest to the perps; I have no way of knowing if they were the instignators of this condition, but it would be of extreme interest as they constantly want to separate the meaning of what is said from the very words that give the meaning. Anyhow, I am glad he is better, near cured it seems. An interesting read if nothing else.

Another broad hint of perps doings is this piece; Simple Tea Creates Nano Gold Particles. Not quite; adding gold salts with the tea causes a unknown nano-reaction with phytochemicals where nano gold particles precipitate with no known byproducts. I don't (knowingly) have gold salts with my tea, just water and the infused tea leaves, but as the perps find tea making and drinking to be so fascinating, there must be some uncontrolled nano-level phyto-reactions going on that they cannot yet figure out. They even put on a tea festival earlier this year. Interesting, and it would seem that this is another research objective they have laid on me.

A science link, and a defacto admission of an energetic ether, just not called dark matter in this case; Antimatter Positrons Explain Gamma Ray Mystery In Milky Way Galaxy. The scientists have shown (not proven) that the gamma ray bursts in the Milky Way are the result of an electron and a slowed antimatter positron interaction, but it isn't a "dark matter" that is causing this. Well excuse me, but if we have high speed positrons everwhere in the galaxy, might this be the energetic ether and not the dark matter? Just asking, as I know next to squat about cosmological physics, but I do find it interesting that a round of door slamming (noisestalking) started up as I write this, heard through my earmuffs even. I have long given up why the theoretical physicists haven't taken on the energetic ether "problem", but I do recall my high school chemistry teacher disparaging the notion of the ether (as presented in the textbook we were using) and looking highly conflicted at the same time. Another time in the class, when someone was asking about how radioactive particles "decide" to decay, the same chemistry teacher also looked rather conflicted. It was his body posture in part, as well as his eyes going a little more buggy. I suppose the perps could of had me on high alert at the time and planted the meme to remember this for decades later, as one example of this insane jerkaround having its roots going a long way back.

Healthy; I haven't figured all this content out yet and where the author, Richard Perlman, is taking this, but this is a goldmine of links about government human experimentation, some of it nonconsensual, e.g. MKULTRA, Gulf War Syndrome. I wonder if the author knows of the Indian Lake Project, photographic proof of military personnel testing children. At first I thought this was THE Richard Perlman of the Pres. Bush cabinet and architect of the Iraq war/occupation disaster, but it isn't. The author has expended much effort in researching human experimentation on account of his own dire symptoms, as well as seeming entrenched adversity as to who he could engage as a lawyer and doctor. Almost TI-like in terms of the hidden agenda and constraints. For you neuro-researchers, he has extensive information on the vagus nerve and how it might be the seat of consciousness, and a complex neuro-network in its own right. Also of interest is the author's explorations into Chinese medicine and its study of energetics transfer between nerves, especially along meridians. Much grist for the enlightened TI at this link.

A Child Disappears Under Mysterious Circumstances, The Dirk Schiller Case. Scroll down as the first page has an excess of white space. A 3.5 year old boy just disappears in the snow and was immediately behind his older sister at the time. The Stasi have an hand in this, showing up about the investigation about a misssing child. It is akin to the CIA showing up for a missing child case in the USA. Rather odd, especially when the police put incorrect information in the file and waited until the snow (and footprints) were gone before going to take pictures of the crime scene. "Perhaps the only logical explanation for the disappearance of the small boy who never left any trace, whose body was never found and... the only logical explanation for the mysterious circumstances – are those two fontanels in Dirk’s skull. Children who are born with fontanels (soft spots on the skull that have the shape and size of a dollar coin) are extremely rare – and a baby that was reported by the pediatrician as having such a rare peculiarity of nature would have made an extremely interesting research object for the ambitious East German medical research facilities who were so eager to keep up with the latest Western medical findings." It would be nothing for the sickos to teleport someone into a vehicle with an amnesiac administration to calm the child. This is one of those mysteries that TI's have a particularly different take, especially when there is a rare condition that allows a realtime skull bypass to directly (and remotely) view the neural state. Who knows, perhaps the perps/sickos whose public face is the Stasi in this case, created the fontanel condition in the first place and see themselves re-claiming one of their subjects for their own. And all the more interesting that the aggrieved mother, Mrs. Schiller, was subjected to organized stalking later in the case in W. Germany no less. Hmm, what does that tell TI's?

EPA Conspired with DuPont to Allow Teflon Chemicals in Drinking Water. You read that headline correctly, the EPA likes their subjects to take in PFOA's (perfluorooctanoic acid) through the drinking water as well as by airborne methods. And isn't it interesting the perps are constantly hounding me with teflon compounds such as Goretex, and set me up with all manner of PFOA stories like this one? As they have told me countless times, the ingestion of these various pollutants creates havoc at the submolecular/quantum level for remote sensing neural and all other bodily processes. Not my fucking problem, so why do I have these Goretex wearing Fuckwits around me all the time? In other words, the perps fucked up royally in allowing their victims to ingest these substances and so the only remedy is to have MORE subjects with these substances coursing through them in an attempt to determine all states of submolecular variability. Go figure as to how a covert agency with no limits to their capabilities could fuck this one up so bad, and since the 1930's no less when teflon compounds went into industrial production. All us TI's bear this cross on account of some insane fuckup who didn't figure this one out in advance. And what does one TI allude to on the forums, "we must be patient"? Patience my ass; we must be virulent that we are in these experiments for decades longer than needed because a Supreme Fuckwit allowed the remotely sensed results determination to be confounded by pollutants, of which PFOA is one of at least ten by my count. And we must find out who this Fuckwit is and apply appropriate measures in return.

On the macabre front, the perps are still doing brown color testing on subjects (brown in this case) and having them expire in brown substances other than shit. This man died in a vat of chocolate, seemingly getting whacked on the head on the way in. All my own interpretation of course, but having spent the past seven years wrangling with a covert agency over all things colored brown, including my brown garments getting accelerated wear, and a 3x/day chocolate "addiction" of never-before proportions, I am profoundly cynical as to what is really going on in the world. This story fits the pattern is all I will say.

Back from the part time car dealership cleaning job tonight, only one more week to go before the gig is done. The boss man is plying me with plenty of tales about other cleaning jobs, part time, full time, supervisory and on and on. I think we have been here before on this topic (to no avail).

Getting late for me and now running into some heavy typo sabotage.

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