Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Plastics Exposure

A short day on the farm labor front; it was weed picking until 1430h and then we were called off due to the ongoing rain since noon. This field is in ever-bearing strawberries, and they need to be cooled down during the hot summer months. On this patch they had recently installed a post and cable system to support major swaths of shade cloth, some 200' long. So here was this plastic cloth of major proportions overhead of us weed pulling laborers, while we were toiling underneath and next to the poly plastic bed of the strawberry bed. I suppose it was a big deal, to first start us out on raspberrry picking for 20 minutes, calibrating our red berry responses, and then send us out to the half mile away ever-bearing strawberry patch where we weeded all morning until the rain arrived for lunch time and continued unabated into the afternoon. I had a yellow PVC rain jacket to wear, and knee pads to do the on hands and knees under the draped shade cloth. Anyhow, it turned out to be muddy, and full of provocations when cleaning it up back at my apartment. Another laundry day, and there have been many of them lately. My towels even got tagged with dirt remains when it was entirely rinsed from my arms and hands. We have been here before, these towel soiling excesses of no ostensible cause. And cleaning up the rain jacket, fabric gloves, pack cover and knee pads in the bathtub was a major endeavor, with all manner of muddy water games the perps put on to hamper the cleaning process.

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Anonymous said...

Still getting messed with by favored/unfavored, to provoke an extreme emotional reaction. Last night, they had some tough-looking girls come in and say stuff like "Oh he's so ugly, and my boyfriend is beautiful". Again, very dykey-looking young females, and I'm surprised they even had a boyfriend. Probably just a stunt by my sickos to get me all pissed off.

Every time I see little harassment "buddies" doing this, I get the strong sense someone "higher-up" is controlling these people, and they just their little toys/slaves/soldiers.

Tonight, I talked to an officer, and he said he doesn't care so much about the on-street yelling, but he was concerned I might go after them and get "physical". This cop was following me everywhere, and they seemed to get the car stalkers to back off while this cop followed me everywhere, just happening to be where I was at at 1 minute or less intervals.