Saturday, July 25, 2009

Three PC Lockups

The assholes have gone beserk in foiling me in looking up someone on the phone book website, Canada411. The fuckers froze up the Cut/Paste of name and location, twice, then fucked it again with no mouse control, and after the third reboot, the assholes let me run the search and it came up blank. This of a person who has publically posted their phone numbers on the internet, and all I wanted to do was to determine the most recent one. Fucking idiotic that I am not allowed to do a web search after being set up with a multiple phone number "problem" in the first place.

The lockups (above) were to get me "tuned up" (enraged) for the next exercise, which was to look up a number of subsidized housing locations on Google Map, the addresses from a supplied list. There is a reason they make it more difficult and don't have a map link and photo of the building, and that is to piss me off and put me through the exercise manually, and all the while, put on the overhead pounding and squeaking so I can hear it through my earmuffs when I launch the address search.

And too, putting me through the ropes of not being able to create a login id, as that feature "happened" to be missing from the login page. On and on this insane abuse goes, all to play fucking games over every dot, comma, partial crafted handwritten alphabetic character, tab command, keyboard stroke, mouse move and the rest of the minutae that makes up one's life.

The part time car dealership cleaning job was on the light side tonight, partially because of a mid-afternoon shutdown of the Parts and Service areas, the ones I clean first. I didn't see much sign of the mechanics leavings in the lunch room even. Anyhow, the Sales staff seems to have a group lunch each Saturday, and as part of the cleanup we get the remnant food items. A quesadilla and yam chips in a black styrofoam container was my score, and it was odd that the boss man didn't want any. I hadn't seen black styrofoam until then, so I imagine is it another new experiment. They had at least four parties and 12 gangstalkers around me when I returned to the apartment lobby with the food booty and a newspaper I took from the recycle garbage. For the walk home with these items the perps saw fit to place two parallel and vertical streaks of "sweat" on the inside of my left eyeglass lens. The Saturday paper has the best jobs listed in it, but as you might discern from past blog postings, I am getting rather jaded by the seeming "job bait" and not even getting an email. Just about every business in a one block radius has advertised at least once for personnel, so it does make me wonder if the job listings aren't some kind of memory jog for the perps' sick games. They like gangstalkers and quislings to do name dropping, so placing ficticious ads in the newspaper for the same objective is not a big stretch for them. And last year's daffodil farm hasn't replied to my email per job listing, the second such occurence in two months, so I wonder if they are going to be real employers or not come August 01 when the car dealership job ends. It will be a two week hiatus between jobs, and that kind of forced break is what the perps do often. They don't like me to start a job and stay in it, as is doesn't offer enough fuckery opportunities, that level of consistency. I still get the planted oildfield job fantasy bullshit, more now than ever, and if there was a difficult job type to break into, that would be it. Besides, they don't like me to earn much money, keeping me in hock is has been the perps' style for over six years now.

Though the sickos did drop a hint that their brown color problem is also wrapped up in their interest in petroleum products. The reason is that crude petroleum (they told me, and I was reminded that this was true) has an element of brown color, and therefore, separating out the brown color of petroleum products (gasoline, asphalt, heating oil, engine oil etc.) from brown colored substances inside the human body is extremely problematic. Which might be why I am getting brown plasma beams from asphalt oil splats shooting at my face when traversing crosswalks.Too bad, it isn't my problem and yet some assholes didn't ask me about getting involved in it by way of relentless abuse. No toilet blockings for the past three weeks might even mark a positive trend with the perps' shit/brown games.

And what is with the police state being so obvious, this story about a private fuel cell researcher, Krister Evertson, of Alaska and Idaho. Any police outfit that is tailing and monitoring him has way too much time on their hands, even if they only went after him once. But that wasn't the case, they pursued him twice, the latter time in Idaho and tried to make a federal case out of re-definining the word "abandon" to mean "intentionally stored". Soon, us TI's talking about the police state will be passe if the police/military are busy taking out innocent citizens with (legal) hobbies they take a disliking to. Anyhow, TI's don't need an education in the powers of the shadow police state, they eat and breathe it every day, all day. A free ringside seat to the inanity of nonconsensual human experimentation.

The imposed restless legs again; more like leg torquing though, as well as lifting the toe of my foot and leaving the heel on the floor. A most loathed torture this accelerating limb movement unbidden by me.

And now I get to overhear party-like revellry and banter as if coming from a balcony of a nearby apartment. Funny how the sound gets louder; about 40 min. ago I closed the open window and put on the earmuffs and that was the end of the noise. Now, someone has ramped it up, and no hearing protection can abate the noises the assholes want me to hear.

Overhead pounding is continuing, that being the 12" of ceiling/floor above me, and somehow negating the carpeted floors in the process. I hear the sound of wet tires on pavement outside, the threatening dark clouds did deliver rain it seems, the first in three weeks. Hard to imagine it isn't connected with the recent rounds of noise and and now overhead thumpings, but I am never sure as to why it all decends at once.

Anyhow, I am getting the restless legs bullshit and am calling this one done.

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