Saturday, July 11, 2009

Alarm Clock Setting Jerkaround

This is the second time the assholes have dithered me in setting the alarm clock in advance of a work day, forcing me to skip the job altogether for the day. It is berry picking, and the employer is always glad for who they get in any given day, different from an office job with the usual host of connections, appointments, meetings etc. Obviously my permitted work environment is such that such informal attendance lapses are OK with the employer. It was even more informal last year, at the daffodil bulb farm, but the current berry picking employer would really like me to be there, raising the attendance obligation ante this year.

But as it "so happens" a new, never before jerkaround has erupted this year, forcing a "forget" on setting the alarm, now twice so far, today being the latest. This one bastion of reliability is now being fucked with, though I am sure they could of done it last year if they wanted, but didn't so they could piss me off all the more by "failing" to meet my own job attendance expectations. I was in bed by 2130h, and woke up by 0750h today, a near sleep duration of 11.5 hours, a new all-time sleep record. But no disruptions in the night like the night before, forcing me to get up and look at the time, 0040h, for no rational reason.

The work attendance for this past week, accounting for all elements; mandated shutdown, weather and alarm clock setting fucking has been one day off and one day on since July 05 and will continue for at least one more day, tomorrow, a Sunday. Apart from benchmarking me for diurnal work/day off cycling, I have no fucking idea as to why the sickos keep this up. Last year, it was rare that they let me work for more than three days in succession, so why would I expect this to be any different? I just bag the hours when I can, hoping to get sufficient to pay for the accumulated deficits of last year, save for 2009 income tax, and a hopefully have enough money for an Intel Core i7/X58 upgrade. In the case of the latter, the perps tipped their hand that there will be a minimal number of new PC upgrade components at any one time, as an incremental upgrade as they can make it. (That is, motherboard, CPU, memory and video card all at first in the same case, then later add new faster storage, Blu-ray reader, Home Theatre add-on etc.). And too, that my old PC components will be re-configured as a new PC for my mother. This makes sense when dealing with an egency that finds colors so important, especially copper and the color of its insulation.

Just when I thought I had enough sleep, my puppet masters pulled a 1.5 hour nap on me this afternoon. Yet more time lost, as I didn't need it. This is a shut-in day until my imminent departure for the part time car dealership cleaning job. But I am being fucked with to be feeling creaky and tired still. How much sleep until the assholes back on this one? Hard to know, as they have bee playing up the physicality of berry picking, making me suffer in some bullshit way. Last year, they kept fucking with my back, making out that I had a physical infirmity of some kind, and I could barely get up after scraping the soil with the hand rake for a few hours. So it would seem that they need to keep me slowed down, doing less paid work rather than more. In fact, the entire need to do any work is entirely arranged by the assholes; the money drain of eating so much chocolate, the high rent a the inability to get subsidized housing etc. Worse yet, the sickos plant ideations of oilfield work and the big salary, which is totally absurd. They work some 10 days straight, 10 hours per day, and expect you to be there all the time. This doesn't fit the current perp work management script, (marginalized farm worker at minimum wage), especially when it comes to the pay rate. Dream on assholes, as I don't see any entre, and have had enough of these faux "obsessions"/ideations. Besides, they just spent some 10 months screwing me out of any fulltime work, with the part time cleaning job as the only relief. This was only enough to partially cover the extra expenses, and I am still in the hole. The $800 hit on my glasses in January was from my mother, inducing me to get them and then screwing me over the subsidization amount. A happy new year monetory fuckover it was.

The part time cleaning job is done, and the perps raised the ante for gratuitous aggravation tonight, in addition to the usual job sabotage. The assholes whacked me twice in 5 minutes, and in both cases my arm (the target) was pressed up against me and at least 6" from the putative wall, the suggested circumstances. Natually, they put me through a screaming rebuke infuration round, with no one around as far as I could tell. The perps gave a little motivation and pep to get the job done, and have now taken that away, back at my place and in this dispirited ass dragging imposition.

And more than ever, work sabotage is the vacuum cleaners not working suffiently to suck up 1/16" pebbles or even small paper chads or leaves. Fucking stupid. Only 20 days to go on this gig, and I am way fed up, per managed script/jerkaround.

More heavy hotrod and motorcycle nois through my earmuffs even. Normally if this happens, I take them off and use my fingers to block out the noise. On the fugly noise list, thes are by far the most horrid, and funny how someone knows this about me and then arranges the noise. Earlier, when my fingers were tied up eating chocolate, they had a cascade of a hotrod, trail bike and a Harley noise following one after the other, without the preceding noise finishing up. Never have I heard such blatant noise arrangement, but for this gig as a TI, there are firsts of something in any given week.

Time to drag my ass of to bed soon, and get some shuteye. A call from my mother angling as to why I didn't go berry picking today, and I told her about these never before incursions of "forgetting" to set the alarm. Last year, I wasn't fucked with, but twice so far with plenty more berry picking days left in the summer. I got the usual blow-off and the "not enough sleep" bullshit again just to infuriate me all the more. My life has been a ongoing serious of exasperations and I never could figure it out that it always happened to me. Well guess what; there is a cowardly mega-agency that likes to piss around with the lives of certain children, and stiff them as a bad luck case, often with abetting teachers, parents and others. And they don't ever let go. The bad luck history is another story, but needs some think time to pull it all together. The way that I am being run, as a forgetful and incapable of looking ahead, suggests more of these fucking competance sapping games for at least a year. No think time allowed, just basic blundering around. Back to that shit of 2001 and 2002.

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