Friday, April 29, 2011


And what is with these visual flashbacks I keep getting, usually after a doing gardening/weeding job? I get reddish or greenish flashback images of the weeds I took out, couch grass, perriwinkle and a few others. I never had anything of this kind before, no matter if I spent all day weeding, and in the past year this bullshit has erupted after the fact, as if to continue the imagery into another task/event.

And so it was, doing some three hours weeding at the nonstop landscape disaster that is the First Feral Family home, and many more landscaping disasters to deal with. And I had my usual procession of noise to accompany me; STRATCOM B-52's, then DeHavilland Turbo Beavers, then some private aircraft and then the Sea King helicopters, at least four passes of the latter. And too, the neighbors know when to start up their lawnmowers, seeming the same kind as they all make the same noise, just from different distances and directions. It was a three-some today, three harmonically coordinated lawnmowers, with one starting, a second one 20 minutes later, and then the first one cutting out, at least five interuptions while the second one continued, and then the third one from the E, where the first two were from the NW and W. And a procession of hot rods and high performance (read, high noise) vehicles were also arranged as part of the noise parade while digging weeds out, why is San Juan Ave., whitebread suburbia, an attraction for serial performance vehicles (again, meaning high noise) all afternoon on any given weekdays when the dudes should be earning money to pay for these high-noise vehicles? All part of the noise show, and it is consistent as it is predictable.

Then the neighbor comes out and runs his Volkswagen van for ten minutes, apparently to check his brake lights for crissakes. It is a most curious color combination that I cannot imagine anyone choosing in their right mind; lime green with light brown tan panels painted on the sides on the bigger expanses of sheet metal. No doubt, as it was 40' away as I worked along the lot line, it has significant perp use as these vans are extensively used in vehicular gangstalking, as the engine is in the rear, behind the rear wheels, a rather unique configuration that VW Bettles and Porche 911 designs share.

And is it too much of a coincidence that the perps had me with two VW camper vans way back when, Westphalias as they are called here. Nice vans, but hopelessly underpowered, and it was only the then wife's bizarre sentiments that kept them as long as they lasted, some four years. I came to loathe VW and their vehicles then, which in the latter case might be an outdated view as their technology has changed so radically now.

Major motorcycle noise tonight, and then when the in-town brother phoned (read, EMF at one's head) they put on another very loud motorcycle noise, having me block my ears with my fingers while holding the dangling phone as my brother was speaking at that moment. No doubt some of the motorcycle noise got through to the earpiece and he heard, but that is the whole idea; compare his reactions to motorcycle noise to mine with the active headset in close proximity. It seems that motorcycles also have subconscious traumatization associations for me, as I get no end of parked motorcycles arranged as props for me to see, not hear. And note, that I am six storeys up, and there is no way motorcycles should be as loud as they are on the street.

It was watch the Royal Wedding night at the First Feral Family house; coverage began at 2200h and the ceremony started at 0300h and I didn't make it into bed until 0430h. I awoke at 1100h and was reasonably OK with the sleep deficit, as the perps seem to manage me to be perfectly OK with minimal sleep sometimes. Or else, for no seeming reason, they can nail me for 11 hours of sleep other times, again, with no dleep deficit cover story.

Job looking online; funny how some of the topical companies, featured in the news today, end up seeming to want to hire. What I am suggesting is that the online jobs I get to see are mostly about appealing to what I have recently read, interests (avocational or vocational), locations I have known or even lived in, and any other personal association, even if long ago. I am begining to suspect the entire exercise is spoofed for each time I look at it. And the oil & gas drilling laborer job "interest" that I was controlled to look into has returned when I expected it to wane. Last week, I applied online after answering an online questionaire and once approved, filled out the minimal detail required in expression of interest. In other words, my resume, and for all it might contain that could be construed as limiting, was not part of the equation as to whether I was considered or not. And lo, no phone call, no stated interest, and finally I thought that this planted obsession was over. But no, they have me looking again, and no doubt this is yet another exercise to engage in futility, something that seems to be a huge perp research theme.

And again, what is with the 40+ crowds on the bus heading into downtown from suburbia at 1637h, the #28 bus? Just another excuse for a mobile gangstalking freakshow, aka, city bus transportation. And they had the negro (Unfavored, see posting to right) out again, posted at the rear exit door so everyone had to go past him in his strange semi-dreadlocak hair. And my last sighting of him was arranged for him to have the underside of his tongue revealed to me while he was looking down. This, as he was coming to the rear bench seat, getting out of the way of the rear door immediately before I got up to exit at my bus stop. He and his E. Indian pal in mirrored shades and a black wool toque get my award as the "least likely to be seen on public transportation" award for today. And as it "happened", the E. Indian sitting next to me had a 2 liter container of milk he "happened" to have purchased and was taking home. And milk seems to be a constant perp prop wherever I go, and I suppose the milk jug and the brown cookies that were in front of me when staying up for the Royal Wedding last night just might of been the props for the same reason; brown and white milk together and see if whatever energetic signature they have in my proximity and then arrange brown skinned people with milk in hand the next day. Fucking hilarious if it wasn' so insane and the culmination of nine years' of abuse. There is nothing genuinely humorous as a TI, as one is groomed on loathing at every turn.

That should be it for today, and hopefully getting some regular sleep tonight.


Anonymous said...

They do seem to have that, to have 2 lawnmowers going in the same proximity at once. The goal here seems to be to have lawnmowers generating approximately the same frequencies, so the observer hears a "beat" pattern.

Here is what I am referring to:

They seemed to be doing brain entrainment exercises with beat patterns around 2006. I would be asleep, and I could feel these "beat" patterns, though they were from no apparent noise sources. They seem to be beaming something, like signals of some sort, directly to me. And they seemed to be related to ELF, that is, frequencies from 3 Hz to 30 Hz.

It certainly felt like subsonic signals, slightly out of tune with respect to one another.

In other news, my dad got Xenon work lights for under the cabinets here. They replace the fluorescent bulbs that were there. They are 20 watts each. His reasoning is the fluorescent bulbs cost $7 a piece to replace, and they were getting expensive, and it was cheaper just to get the Xenon light fixtures. Well, I checked, and the Xenon bulbs cost more than twice as much as the fluorescent tubes. But he says the Xenon bulbs should last practically forever, until it's time to replace the light fixtures.

Whether or not this is tied to the perp agenda, but it seems suspicious, especially since he never checked the price of xenon bulb replacements. I guess we will keep these until the xenon bulbs burn out. And for some reason, he wants them on full-brightness, even when nobody is here. And he wants them on 24/7. I always turn them down to half-brightness to save energy. There are two of these fixtures down here.

And also, there seems to be an awful lot of dead/badly burned bodies being shown on TV shows, such as nCIS (a fictitious detective show). Well, I imagine the nCIS is a lot like the perps operate, with a fancy control room, where they can monitor the "bad guys". It does seem a lot like the setup the perps have, though I can only imagine it is like that.

Yeah, they also like to do the thing with "visuals", especially if you are near sleep. I think they might be simulating photographic memory, and with me they use moving images, as though I can "see" somewhere remotely, and I can "pan" the camera around.

AJH said...

Answer to: They do seem to have...

And it was most interesting last night as they kept me from sleeping last night; they replayed the sound of lawnmowers again. Which is to suggest that they were calibrating me in the horizontal position with the same noise they had inundated me with for much of the afternoon while pulling weeds and arranging overhead aircraft noise at length.

As for the body count, and TV shows; on Project Camelot there is a video from their conference by Bob Dean, and he clearly demonstrates movie industry access to classified information to then wrap it up as fiction. I would imagine TV is similarly arranged, though not having seen NCIS, I would think that a control center for TI control and abuse is essential, if not for zapping or paining me should something uncontrolled come to mind. (Happens a lot less than it did a few years ago). Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

They like to keep me from sleeping the night before an important event. I am able to get, maybe 1 hour of a non-REM dream sleep in those situations. Any other time, like just casual sleep, I am able to sleep just fine.

But I have had that problem for a while now... a restless anxiety prevents me from falling asleep at night, when there is a job to attend to the next morning. Good thing I am only working a couple days per week.

I saw a job for a Robotics Engineer of some sort... it involved some messing around the the internals of the Linux kernel. I do love those kinds of jobs. It paid $100k per year. If I get that, it would be awesome. I can say, based on past experience, that I definitely will not get that job. Rather, I will be kept on a low salary, couple days per week.

AJH said...

Answer to: They like to keep me from...

I might miss sleep, but almost always I have no ill effects from it. Back in the high abuse days of 2002 they would run me all night to do driving and then I would get back to Seattle at 0600h or so, and put in a full day's work, such as it was, as it seemed they were marginalizing me for a whole last 9 months there. You can be sure that they will not let you get a $100k job when on meagre part time job. I get constant ideations about working in high pay laborer jobs, but they wouldn't let me earn decent money after keeping me poor for some nine years. Besides, from Feb to late March it was planted ideations over vineyard work, and after talking to someone on the phone, though encouraging, it suddenly lapsed, and now the planted ideations are over manual work doing oil and gas drilling. Perverse as it is unrealistic. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

To me, it seems they won't even let me have a full-time job, whatever the pay. The last time I interviewed was March 10. It was for a full-time, entry-level engineering position. So I'd imagine the pay was around, say, $35k per year. And if that didn't pan out, then it's a safe bet I won't hear back from a job that pays $100k. I believe that was just to lure me in. If I had gotten a Ph D, the potential was there for me to get a professor position of some sort, which pays around $86 and up. And here I am, with a Masters, teaching adjunct, and I was told outright I have no hope of getting a full-time non-professor instructors position.

AJH said...

Answer to: To me, it seems they won't...

Yep, the full time-part time job, no matter what it may be, is another aspect of the perps' management/harassment games. That is to say, they like the TI to be part time at best, and seem to want to separate the influence of a certain work location (on local energetics?) from that of the TI victim. Therefore, having a regular job hours like much of the rest of the work site isn't permitted by the perps because they want the TI to have widely different job hours. I can appreciate that it is a total bad scene to have a Masters and not be allowed to be more than a teacher's adjunct. And I find that work absence durations are used as the excuse to get nowhere when attempting to re-enter the workforce. Thanks for the comments.