Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wave On

A visit with the male employment counsellor this morning. And lo, if a certain Asian person known to me in my forestry employment wasn't in his suit and standing at the entrance in mid-sidewalk speaking with another person. How totally belligerent, to stand in mid sidewalk, maybe 8' wide, and outside of an office building door at that. That he works around the corner in my old office building until 1999 surely wasn't a fluke, as I have seen others I know from this IT department also "happening" in the past three years to cross my path and pretending not to know me. All to strange these managed coincidences.

The employment counsellor was an interesting person; a BSc in Mathematics, and a Masters in Philosphy, an old time guy, though with dark grey hair and not the white haired kind who seemed to be particularly Favored. But even if he wasn't Italian, I have never seen someone wave their hands so much in all my life. And I have noted in past blogs  that exaggerated hand and feet motions seem to have erupted among the gangstalkers in general, and First Feral Family in particular. None are Italian to my knowledge. But he was helpful, if over talkative at times, but he did pose an interesting question as to if I thought that my pursuit of IT work after a nine year absence was going to be fruitful. Could be, don't know for sure. My perp abetting mother talked it down, briefly casting aspersions, and she knows absoutely nothing about IT work. (But she is a total liar). And the counsellor also asked if the Oracle database classes were really an upgrade to performing business analysis. The aren't, except they would make a better business analyst if he knew about the implementation architecture in advance. I said the Oracle courses were the best possible and publically availible courses to be had, and while belonging to a more technical side in the IT, they don't have direct business analysis efficacy. Food for thought, though as usual, everything is stage managed to the most minute detail, so nothing can be taken at face value from any source, any time. Even the partially trusted ones have a habit of turning on me.

Anyhow, the perps are still on about their sending to do drilling up north somewhere, the super-compensated laborer, though I cannot see that happening for logistical and financial reasons. No such topic, or related topic was mentioned by either of us at the meeting with the employment counsellor this morming. Employment counsellors aren't in the business to supply wild notions such as "go west/north etc.old man", but perhaps this is the stage for a number of meetings that will slowly grind down any prospects of IT work. Even if I spent $200 on getting all my nice pants' waist lines altered by a tailor last month. So who knows where the bullshit goes, especially on the vocational front.

I see the Association of BC Forest Professionals is having their annual general meeting in Victoria next Febuary (2012). I cannot see the perps arranging this without me being in town to commute with, or get gangstalked, by all my colleagues. Yes, I have plenty of volunteer time to offer the steering comittee, but I just loathe this dumbshit gangstalker game where the formerly trusted, who aren't now, attempt to lapse into their former habits but making it plainly obvious that it has quite a different take, because I know its contrived, and they know I know. Not like before when all kinds could do their stunts and games, and having me think it was in-character.

A 1.5 hour nap attack after lunch today, sleeping on the yellow bed covers and being duly gangstalked by a parked yellow school bus outside, and lo, if there wasn't the troubador act outside also with a yellow duffle bag slung over his back. And I did get more than usual yellow colored vehicles on me when walking to the employment center this morning. All to "go with" the yellow paper I recieved from the counsellor, his notes on how to change up my resume. I couldn't believe that two former employment counsellors couldn't give me the same advice, even if directly asked. But that is how it goes in FUD-world, managed to be nearly totally clueless.

A visitation to the local LD store, another gangstalking experience, per usual. And they would not dissapate from the chocolate section, even after two looks while getting other things, the same crowd of five was clustered there. And they even put one of those wretched motorized wheelchairs in the aisle to do a 180 degree turn exactly in front of where the Milka bars were. Then a negro woman in horrendous hair popped up at least three times as I flitted about the store. The large gutted manager was doing his "gut strut" again, looking back and talking to someone, but moving toward me at the same time. Then the Fuckwit in front of me protracted his stay at the cashier by counting out his coins at length, then figured out that he needed a $5 bill, added it to the pile, and then told the cashier to add it up for him. Fucking rude, never mind the geriatric age of over 65 that he seemed.

And what is with the ambulatory male gangstalkers especially who approach me looking backwards at absolutely nothing of notice, and then make out they are on a collision course, only to bring their head around at the last instant? I have never seen so many rude fuckers in public not looking where they are going, except in this Gangstalk Capital of Canada (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada). I suspect it is an attempt to limit me seeing their faces and getting an immediate total look of the Fuckwit and the threat factor at the same time. This way they can eliminate the facial component of the threat for a few seconds while the Fuckwit is walking forward with their head turned the wrong way. Also, they get one of their spinal twists in as well, and if yoga class was anything to go by, the perps do love the TI or the gangstalker to do spinal flexing.

The overhead pounding has started up again, along with high pitch whine noise, and the earmuffs have crackling noises in them. Again, how does anyone manage to pound 12" of concrete ceiling/floor with such consistency and under what conventional guise? And their suite should be carpeted like this one, so what is the deal? Have we given up on having an ostensible conventional cause? At least four years ago for the overhead pounding, as long as I have been here. And don't forget, this same behaviour erupted in the last place, though it was wood frame construction and at least had an excuse. And three  places ago, I lived on the top floor of a four story apartment and they still pounded the ceiling by putting on pretend workers on the roof for crissakes. Once when there (2004-05), when watching TV and some odd black and white patterns became bothersome all of sudden, (the first time I have experienced this), there was a sudden arrival of personnel on the roof exactly overhead of me, pounding my ceiling. Which means, they detected some kind of particular cognitive/threat reaction to their orchestrated TV games, and immediately teleported Fuckwits overhead, even if on a roof. I changed the channel and that was the end of that.

Anyhow, a slow day doing time, but at least I got out.

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