Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weeding in the Wind

I am back from a visit to the First Feral Family house, doing weeding on this bed in the middle of the backyard. I am using the recently acquired Japanese hand hoe, and it is quite a potent tool for hand weeding. Only in large open patches can the garden fork do better, though that required more standing and then bending. With the hand hoe, I am on my knees, green colored foam kneepads to be exact, and regular readers will know how obsessed the perps are about knees and kneepads. I wore these same kneepads last year when potato picking, but gave up on them as the dirt would nearly always flick into the pad and get trapped between my knee and the inside of the pad. Many kneepads later, I have a pair that fits better, but I don't think it is the ideal type for the same reason. As always, my choices are highly constrained and I don't get to see what others might on  the same web sites, and too, I routinely get mind-fucked into "forgetting" the most important details and then not getting what I intended.

And as part of the routine when weeding in suburbia, I get rounds of noise from all sides, starting with the STRATCOM overflights (3), smaller aircraft, neighbor lawn mowers, the peripatetic roofing noise, the pinging of someone leisurely hitting a steel peg (once per 5 seconds), loud mufflers of all kinds (hot rods, performance mufflers and ill-maintained stock mufflers, and motorcycles of three noise types (loud throbbing Harley Davidson, high revving Japanese motorbikes and the throbby trail bike noise). Often the noises are timed to when I am about to touch or let go of something, say when throwing a clod of weeds into a pile. And too, I cut many roots as part of weeding, and this is an exciting moment for the perps, as always. Another big perp moment I have come to recently learn about, often augmented with coicident noise, a sudden runny nose, moths flying in from nowhere and other incursions, is the act of planting. Usually a few keeper plants gets pulled out to get the weeds off them, and then after weeding I plant them again. It seems that this is an exciting perp moment. And if I think back to my farming jobs, there was one day they had me on bulb picking, and the crew of Punjabis on cabbage planting not far away. The foreman got a call for another few bulb pickers to help the cabbage planting crew, so me and a negro woman were selected. But as there was a new negro male who wasn't doing well, I was asked to lend him my hand rake, which I did. (Of 20 on the crew, these were the only two negroes). The negro woman and I did infill planting of cabbage plugs, filling in where the planting machine missed a spot. The Punjabis were all over me for how to plant exactly right after an initial training by the negro woman who had done this before. I got my multicultural experience that day, and the perps continue with placing brown skinned people around me, even today.

The wind was very strong when I started weeding, and in conjunction with the noise, it seemed to be almost synchronous, especially when pulling on a stubbon root. It was a sunny day in all directions when I started at 1100, but by 1500h, there was this huge almost-black cloud to the north, which I hadn't noticed as it was still sunlit. This black cloud was behind the pine trees, some 60' tall, and I suppose the perps were up to their typical idiotic tricks of changing the light quality as it comes through foliage. And too, doing some color contrasting with the corresponding greyscale color, dark green pine needles, very dark grey clouds.

I was on the city bus, at 1934h on a Saturday, and it ended up with some 30 passengers, some standing. I was on the rear raised deck in the transvere seat, and there were 15 of them arranged around me, all seated. With one exception, all were about 20 y.o., and then they put the negro onboard, standing on the lower deck near the rear exit door. Give me a break, Saturday evening bus with 30+ passengers; it never happened before until all this insane bullshit erupted. So... the negro moved now and again, and did his pointless looking back every so often for me to see his face, and I this was the set up for the latter 10 minutes of the bus ride. The ones either side of me looked at the LCD screens of their cell phones, as did the dude opposite, holding it at his crotch for then entire trip. Based on what I experience at my desk, the perps are pumping something unusual and unconventional via the web at me, and I suppose the LCD displays on cell phones are doing the same thing; acting as a localized reference for this same scenario of the PC at my desk. Last year, when I was doing the Oracle database courses, they had someone tail me with a net book PC on the bus. In the class, besides the addition of the LCD displays at every desk, they had class members with a red plastic net book. It was the same net book, but each class a different student would have it, seeming to be some kind of reference for distance dependent testing, what they do all the time with gangstalkers, and slow trolling vehicles.

A nut shave last night, and it is very common for the perps to be extra beserk the next morning, or even two days later. I don't know quite why, except to think that there must be quite a different energetic signature from this exercise, using a different model of razor (three blades), and the usual two blade razor on my face and front. The usual cacaphony of coincident extra noise erupted while shaving last night; hallway talking, overhead pounding and the running-water-in-pipes noise.

A screaming rage fit as the assholes just deleted 15 minutes of blog posting; it somehow "blew up" when I posted it, after saving it. The save somehow didn't work as well as the posting that followed. Funny how these things keep "happening". It would seem the perps didn't like what I wrote, or else they are back to their vile habits of wanton deletion of my files. Needless to say I am fucking enraged.

Let see if this works, though the content was not retyped or recovered in any way. [now is recovered, next day, below]

A short add on, as this won't be much, going to the First Feral Family house to earn some chump change, much needed after the string of sabotage of late. They screwed with my check ordering so I end up with twice what I wanted, and I made sure at each stage I wasn't getting screwed as I expect this now. Then my shoes are wearing down very quickly in the heels, only six months old.

And overhead pounding noise this morning that tracked me from kitchen to bathroom to desk in living area, the last a few minutes ago while reading a Tina Fey interview. Funny how they go for the pounding noise for planted thoughts (review of past abuses and fuckery while shaving) and then again when reading about someone. Now the sunlight cycling games; full on, then dimmed, with very rapid and unnatural transitions. One big light fluctuating, instead of the many outdoor lights and headlights trained on me in the daytime.

Yesterday's deletion;
This was at the downtown bus stop, waiting for the outbound bus.  They had bus arrive but it wasn't for my route, but it took the three weirds that were in and around the bus stop. Instant relief, also something the assholes seem to test for. Within a minute another bus is coming, and "without thinking", read, mind-controlled lack of mental reflex, because I would be double checking everything if I was allowed, I stand by the curb to demonstrate that I want to take the bus as it is approaching. But while standing there I then get to read the route, and it is the wrong one so I sit down and it passes by. Then walking along comes a negro woman in a pink-salmon colored dress and a dark waistjacket in these fugly corn rows in her hair, and she walks over the exact spot on the sidewalk where I was allowed to make the determination that I got faked out over the wrong bus. Within a minute, my bus arrives, and by this time she is on the opposite side of the street, same side of me on the bus, having jaywalked across. So it would seem that the perps need to plant dark skinned people (maybe even canines too) over top of where I made a determination (after getting screwed out of making one earlier). Just an interesting note as to what the assholes are up to, as I don't really have a definite technical answer, save delving into energetics of location (soil, concrete etc.), of determination and decision (neural activity), and how skin color, as with all colors, seems to have a big part of it.

Later in the bus ride, a woman and her boyfriend skip past all the empty seats on the way and plant themselves in front of me in the transverse seats, me in the llast forward row seat, my usual spot unless they plant gangstalkers there in advance. This isn't the first time someone has made a point of getting in front of me on the bus, a mobile gangstalking platform if nothing else. Though nicely dressed, her hair is unkempt and matted, and she had it dyed red, or it was a natural red, as I couldn't tell for sure. And red hair is a decidedly Unfavored sight, and having hair that looks like a pit of snakes is yet another fugly Unfavored look. So it would seem that the perps are still working on my aversion to dreadlocks and anything remotely looks like them.


Anonymous said...

I noticed when I heard a big passenger jet go flying by, how the apparent sound from the jet seems to lag behind the jet's position. Obviously, this is a speed of sound vs. light problem. Maybe they are doing some experimentation based on that fact, too. The apparent lag was about 1-2 meters on ground, but up high, it must be a good half kilometer or greater. I'm sure they want you to notice that the position of the jets via sound is offset by the sound via sight, do the the speed of sound/light differntial.

Anonymous said...

The perps have let me know months in advance when certain types of "scary dreams" occur, and they always seem dead-on. I'm currently investigating their tech. It seems to be able to read dreams in a target's future, as well as the present. There were 4 instances where this happened already. Or, maybe they are managing these dreams to happen somehow, and they know what the content will be because they are controlling the content.

AJH said...

Answer to: I noticed when I heard...

I get plenty of lag time between voice and movement on TV, the one time per week I see it at the First Feral Family house. The perps are constantly at work separating the sensory information; sound from apparent cause, and even thought from intended action that was once routine. One big deconstructive analysis experiment of the entire human experience. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: The perps have let me know...

Interesting, as I never have any advance notice of dreams, and for the most part, they are totally irrelevant to my prior circumstances. I have given up on attempting to understand their technology; with their substantial advantage of physics, and the suppressed mainstream physics that is the accepted convention, it is very bleak to be able to know how they do things so routinely such as teleportaion, sound projection, coincidence management, de-materialization, mind control on so many people and their cultural interventions as well. Thanks for the comments.