Friday, April 08, 2011

Third Consecutive Gardening Day

Not much warm weather until today and yesterday, this winter/spring. So with two good days in succession, it was prudent to get on with garden maintenance chores at my perp-abetting mother's place. A small source of income, though not much, as it depends on her batty whims. Though in fact, I suspect this is the act to keep me FUD-bound, as there was one time in 2003 when I was staying there temporarily. This was in the morning, before getting up, and she was totally on top of it, telling them they were fucking up, and that I was awake. How she knew that was also a mystery, as my door was closed, as was hers, and she made no observations, not having got out of bed yet. At that moment there was someone clunking in the attic, and given that the only known conventional way to get there is through the hatch in one of her bedroom closets, which would make much more noise. The attic noise was coming from some 10' from the hatch opening, and it is 15" deep of fiberglas batting/chips, so conventionally getting there without making noise was highly unlikely. So after telling them out loud that I was awake and inferring that the clunking operative in the attic was giving away his position, the noise stopped altogether some ten seconds later. So..., my mother can go out of character if pressed with a perp fuckup that she thinks is getting undue attention. Which has led me to long ponder as to what that was all about. The level of control and detail that goes into perp operations is intense, and has likely always been so, and while the apparent fuckups have been few these past nine years, it does make me wonder if they were gaming my mother at the same time. But as it was the second "attic man" event of that three week stay, I wasn't too surprised to have another one.

Anyhow, the city bus freakshow again, and coming back it was the drivers' turn. I got screwed into missing a bus and then waited ten minutes with the parade of vehicles around me, and then when the next one came it was only going part way. I got a transfer from the skinhead driver, replete with arm waving and standing "buddy" next to him. Paying bus fare is anotherkind of financial transaction the perps are totally harassing me for, and I cannot count the number of stunts they have pulled when I board the bus. And at the transfer location I board the new bus, and lo, if it isn't a mid-back length haired male, also a highly Unfavored hair-do. Opposites in fact, from skinhead to 24" long hair, both bus drivers. This was at 1730h heading into downtown on a Friday, and what joke to have some 25 passengers on board at that time of day in that direction. Anyhow, it was busy enough for me to get a babe seated next to me for most of the trip, me on the R. rear bench seat, with the white clothed dude just in front of me. Regular readers will know that I now loathe (since onset of overt/beserk harassment) the sight of white clothing, it being very much Unfavored, especially on males, and if the pants are baggy. These clinical, military and ecclesiastic themes keep coming up for me, and might relate to subconscious traumatization associations for the years that were memory deleted, aged 2 to 5. There might be some ritual themes too, as they like to present hoodies, red paint/blood (in pics mostly) and knives to me. These are the most predominant themes that form the list of Unfavored demographic groups, colors, objects and comportment. Though chinless shills and perps also seem to be a high priority, and I have no doubt that is something else again that I might of been exposed to. Any takers? Or is there someone out there who recalls similar abuses?

And while digging weeds, transplanting, and plant handling I had my ongoing chorus of neighbor noise, overhead aircraft (STRATCOMbacked off to 2 to 4 overflights today, down from their usual 6 or more), and the drone of passing hotrods and other bad mufflers with a long decay sound track. Even neighbor coughing noise and plastic bin beating noise/activity was arranged just as I touched a plant or let it go while flinging weeds to their pile.

And my in-town brother breezed by to remove last week's weeds in plastic bags, and played the fall guy to fumble a bin of soil screenings and weeds at the door threshold of the path to packing the bags to his van. So... he gets to clean up his mess with a brown plastic bristle broom and a yellow corn fiber broom while I pass over or beside his sweepings at this all-critical perp location of a doorway. And lo, if he didn't "find" a white paper envelope for an ersatz dustpan. And have I mentioned how often the perps like to brush and sweep underfoot, even only seconds later if they can arrange such a thing? I suspect so, but not recently. The "paper stalking" has got silly of late, and this would be one more of the stupid shit I see every day out in public.

And I see the perps are resorting to "fruity boys" as gangstalkers to place in my line of sight on the bus, immediately opposite of me in the rear deck transverse seats. Perhaps they are deemed less threatening and that becomes the reason for the perps arranging this young pair, besides the fugly yellow and black checkered shirt on one of them. The perps have also worked the boy-adult male angle extensively on the bus gangstalking games, attempting to define a respective no threat-threat (aka, Neutral or Favored-Unfavored) differential. Don't ask me, because I don't know, and only they do, having access to subconscious reactions they want to nullify. I mentioned in past blog postings the perps sometimes have me scan one Unfavored person to another, also in close range. And it seems that sending in borderline Unfavoreds is a big deal. Often they will do this with vehicle designs of the vehicular gangstalking parades; when does an interesting design feature become ugly? I don't know unless I see it, and they are most interested in that. Just more insane abuse over pedantic everyday nothings delivered by the Psychopathic Fourth Reich. Or ECCO, Earth Coincidence Control Organization as Dr. John C. Lilly called the thems, with whom he communicated frequently.

Not much desk time today, and time to blog off.


Anonymous said...

I had one girl, who was a student with me at university. Had the same computer engineering course, which was Fall 1993. When I got in touch with her years later, and started talking to her in 2000, some weird stuff was happening. Like, she threatened to cut off our little friendship which was already restricted to email only. Guess she was afraid I would come around and "visit" her. Anyways, she threatened to cut off our friendship if I didn't "vote Republican"in the 2000 election. She was ranting about Leiberman, calling him "sore Loserman". And some not very nice things were said about Gore. I told her outright I voted for Gore. I was like, "Hey, guess who I voted for? You want me to give me the Gore-y details? Hahahahaha!" And then she tells me after a month of not responding, "I know you voted for Gore".

I wonder what that was all about? I mean, this tells me she was somehow mind-controlled into me supporting Bush, or maybe she was really a perp pretending to be my friend. Said,that. I really liked this girl, too. I believe to this day she still reads my emails, but she uses them for "information", i.e., to keep track of what I'm doing, yet she remained silent for years. Really, she was an awesome person in so many respects. I don't understand all of this, other than she had a pretty good paying position, so probably she was influenced by certain things. Interesting how I "HAD" to vote for Bush over Gore. And repeated attempts to email her since 2008 have got no replies, yet I somehow feel like she reads them.

I suspect Bush is connected to the "agenda" at large, or else he had "people" that wanted or needed him in there. One theory is that she was receiving info from the perps about me, and she needed Bush in there for some reason, probably because the perps favored him over Mr. Green, Al Gore. Also, working against Al Gore was the fact he was anti-gun law, like he wanted to take people's guns away from them, which sunk him.

I suspect that the perps influence who is in power. For example, it seems whenever Reagan, Bush Sr. or Jr. were in office, or any other corrupt Republican was in office, the perps were a lot "stronger" in their abilities to do certain things. See, in my view, the deal with Republicans is that they only "pretend" to be conservative, but they are really there to carry about the perp agenda. In that one video you linked to, the speaker said that Carter tried to release certain info, but he didn't have high enough security clearance to do so. I think Carter tried to do the right thing, and he was a threat to the perps and would have lead to their exposure. So that lead to, oh big surprise, Mr. Ronald "well, I..." Reagan himself. You know, the one who pretended not to know about what Ollie North was up to with the Arms deals to Iran. Also, that assassination attempt on Reagan seems suspicious to me now. I'm convinced Hinkley was mind-controlled by the perps to make the attempt on Reagan. For whatever reason, they required Reagan to "go down" or be rubbed out entirely. Probably he is just another piece of meat to them, another unwitting victim of the Evil's larger agenda. You can bet that was a planned event from start to finish, and even the outcome of having Reagan live was planned.

AJH said...

Answer to: I had one girl, who was a...

I won't tread in the party politics waters, but that game with the woman you mention is interesting. She might of been an operative or shill who was planted on you, as bait to arouse interest and then drop out of sight. I had at least one like that in 2000 to 2002, plus the two that I saw.

As "for the great communicator", I don't think he knew what was going on at any depth, as he was a big picture man so to speak. He didn't want to know. I saw the press conference on live TV following the Iran-Contra accusations, and he was totally on the ropes and couldn't explain very much at all. I have never seen a public official be so utterly hapless as then. I suspect they don't show them live any more, as it is too embarassing, especially in the Bush Jr. years. I read somewhere that Bush Sr. as VP, effectively took over as President while Ronnie was bed-bound and for a while after when Ronnie was healing. Apparently he was in a lot of pain for some months later, and Bush effectively ran the show, or at least, set it up the way he wanted. Thanks for the comments.