Monday, April 04, 2011

Steady Rain Monday

A steady rain all day today, most uncharacteristic for Victoria BC, as we mostly get half day long showers at the most, intermittent rain being the norm. But for whatever reasons, the perps seem to want a wet spring, and here it is. A stayover at the First Feral Family house last night, plus some errands with my perp-abetting mother with a full-on gangstalking scene.

And I got screwed for a 11 hour sleep last night, getting up at 1015h when I went to bed at 2315h the night before. No noxious dreams that were recalled, just the ongoing battle with the sheets and the blankets in the bed. A single bed, and yet somehow the bottom fitted and the top flat sheets don't fit, not being wide enough for crissakes. And that was before they made Twin the new Single size.

Last night's TV watching was prime perp intervention jerkarounds. The 60 Minutes program had a two-part story on the gospel singing school for teenagers in the Bronx, and the perps wracked me with tearful "reactions" to the tales of woe that unfolded from the student's lives. And of course, it was an excuse to put an extra long negro exposition on the one show that I will watch on TV. Prior to the onset of the perp overt/beserk abuse in 04-2002, I would never have any reaction to such a show; nothing to do with race or content, it is just that I wouldn't. Now, I have to deal with this insane planted emotional reaction that it totally outside my nature, and goes on for an extended duration that is equally suspect. About a month ago they pulled this same bullshit over the Canadian Volunteer Awards for 2010, helping the disadvantaged. Again, they totally screwed me into being an emotional wreck over this, and the content was not in any way deserving of this. I call it "emo-trashing", planting undue and overextended "emotional reactions" to events that just aren't worthy, and never would of invoked anything close prior to onset of this total and abusive life invasion.

Interesting though, that my mother stayed up for Mythbusters, and they featured a series on the submersion of a vehicle in water, and in what circumstances one could escape as water was seeping in. I had seen a later installment of this, where they ran a vehicle off a ramp and into a lake, instead of lowering it from a crane into a swimming pool. It does make me wonder if I might of been exposed to this kind of event as a 2 to 5 y.o., the years they deleted nearly all my recall. I seem to have a fixation on this kind of event going back at least six years ago when I last had TV service of my own, though nothing like it ever occured in all my recallable vehicular experiences, on or off-road.

The other distraction on Mythbusters was the red-headed cute girl who helps set up the stunts; red-hair is very much Unfavored but she is a certain distraction from that conditon.

And a semi-red-haired woman set up as well in the early afternoon, my perp-abetting mother needing to see her accountant and mentioning that a sports promotion agency was on the same floor, and that I should ask them about it, as my daughter is looking for a sports management internship to complete her credits for graduating from college next year. So..., while my mother was seeing the accountant, I visited the office, and a young woman was holding the phone (read, EMF emitting device), and was on hold as she explained, and she told me that they do have internships and gave me the name of the person at the college to see. And she also gave me the business card of the CEO and president, not one of hers. This woman had a strong red tinge to her dark hair, and it was visible where the hair thickness was thinner, at the periphery of her hair, and especially where backlit by the light from the window from behind her. And was that a total set up for me to speak with a red-tinged haired woman for a few minutes while my mother was some 12' away in another office (two walls between)? Well maybe, as she seems to be the entre for many of the perp goings-on, and they are always into high-beserk/gangstalk mode whenever we are together in public.

Another earlier outing with the Perp-Abettor-In-Chief was the round trip to the garden center, local grocery store and back again. It was back to the 2002 to 2004 days of extra crazy beserk activity, vehicular, and then the ambulatory gangstalkiing crush of kids at the grocery store from a nearby middle school. A vehicular clusterfuck at every intersection, and we are talking about white-bread suburbia at 1130h on a Monday morning. At Feltham (third level arterial with one lane in each direction) and Longview, then again at Kenmore, then at Shelbourne (expectable, a four lane arterial), then at Cedar Hill Rd. then again at Mt. Douglas X Rd. and then at it and Blenkinsop (farm country), the latter ameliorated by a yellowjacket cyclist who pressed the pedestrian crossing button to hold traffic up. And the vehicular gangstalking wasn't just at the location where I was, but further ahead, two vehicles making simultaneous R. or L turns, 50' to 120' apart, wherever there were parallel roads, they had vehicles turning onto the street, or off, one big choreography. This same bullshit erupted when making the second run downtown in the afternoon, Fuckwits ahead of me changing into the same lane at the same time as me, twice in succession. The brake light tappers were also out in force, tapping their brakes (apparently) to have the red lights flashing where there was no sane reason to be braking.

Then at the garden center, my perp abetting mother was doing her best to prolong the exercise, going for wanders in the store, and then again outside. The big attraction for the perps was that there was a substantial area covered by a polyethylene-sheet outbuilding, like those greenhouses but without the sides filled in. When I got sucked into the financially disasterous farm ownership in 1996, there was a "hoop house", a polyethylene covered greenhouse where we did substantial work in getting three 90' beds of alstromeria plants growing, and the irrigation system to keep it watered. Horizontal mesh was arranged at 2' off the beds to keep the alstromeria plants vertical, another material the perps like to arrange around me. So... it would seem, that polyethylene sheeting is a big deal for the perps, and especially if any foods have been grown under this cover type. And there must be hundreds of thousands of these kinds of greenhouses all over the world, some two layered with air between them for insulation, commercial and amateur, and here they are grinding me over this and all the downstream energetic properties it conveys to the plants underneath. Though, I think there is more to this, as I have mentioned many times on this blog, the perps are obsessed over sunlight, how its properties change as it passes through transparent panes of glass, lucite or plexiglas, polyethylene sheet and whatever other transparent materials there are.

The perps seem to be pursuing some fundamental properties related to light, the energetic medium it passes through, and how it effects live subjects underneath it, plant or human. As mentioned too, the perps have a related obsession over my skin exposure to sunlight, and have arranged for me to "forget" to put on sunblock when it had been an ingrained habit in the summertime. Other co-workers used the once per day SPF 45 sunblock, seemingly as part of the experiment, while I was using 3x/day SPF 15, which gave me a mild tan through the tan-through shirt they insisted I obtain. (Never felt compelled to get a tan through my shirt when outside until 2009. Especially when they had me avoiding exposure with a sun blocking shirt in 2008, when on the summertime farm work crew.) And the SPF 15 sunblock made for more variations; a forced "forget" at 1000h, or 1200h, or 1500h or various combinations thereof.

And too, there is the energetic medium of space itself, teeming with millions of cosmic rays, attenuated by the magnetosphere, that pass through us each second. These are neutrinos in the parlance of the particle physicists, and are a component of what some call the "ether", "energetic ether", "dark matter" or the "omniplasma continuum". Neutrinos pass through the Earth and go through the other side, and in the daytime, we get both direct neutrinos from space and through the Earth. I will stop here, lest I extrapolate too far on this theme, but the long history of suppressed science and only partially complete Electromagnetic Theory (EM Theory) attests to some vital components that humans are not permitted to explore in the main. Not forgetting T. T. Brown's work on the "electrogravitic" forces, and how he could locally modify gravity by the application of high voltages, going back to the 1920's.

A little science diversion with senseless amounts of typo sabotage tonight. Time to blog off and contemplate how late they will keep me awake on this Monday, a very regular occurence.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, oddly enough, I get that over here, too. I get all teary-eyed over some stupid crap I don't even give a sh*t about. It's usually something with a "sad" or tragic theme to it.

I also get it when I have been wronged somehow by a sweetheart, or friend or someone else. If I feel hurt by something, the perps will "amplify" those hurt feelings by making my eyes tear up, whereas I am sure I am not consciously crying.

AJH said...

Answer to: Yeah, oddly enough...

These extra emotional "reactions" came on in the past five years or so, and they didn't annoy me at first because there was a gradual introduction, but then got absurd, especially the Candian Volunteers Award, or now, any award show. Even if I haven't seen the movie or heard the music or have any personal stake in the object of the award. To be rendered into an emotional wreck over this is plain and blatant manipulation.

Back in 2000-2002, in the days of the on-off Ms. C, they arranged an arguement (over seat belt use) in the vehicle when driving into work together, and I told her I didn't want to see her again. This was before overt/beserk harassment started, and I could not figure out why I felt so emotionally wrung out, as she really didn't appeal to me a whole lot and was prone to be atagonistic too often. Now I know, it was the perps jerking me around. Thanks for the comments.