Thursday, April 07, 2011

Tigers in the Night

A strange dream prior to awakening, a "house tiger", as if a domesticated house cat, lounging around in the living room and on the stairs. I don't know why the perps are obsessed over tigers, but it is interesting that they would take it as far as planting them while dreaming. There have been two tiger stories in the last 20 years in this part of the world,  Vancouver Island for now, both came out grim. And a tiger locally that was removed to another location.

Two days of digging, soil sifting, grass seed planting, soil fertilizing, weeding and a few like chores at the First Feral Family house. The usual onset of coincident extra noise; aircraft, hotrod muffler noise, heavy duty vehicle noise, distant and close by lawnmower noise, and vehicles speeding by, the latter much noted when working in the front yard. The air forces put on the STRATCOM bomber overflight noise, or perhaps real aircraft, over a dozen times in the two days. And I saw a military Buffalo aircraft making a low pass, no more than 500', adding some dark grey color to the blue sky. Regular readers will know the perps are totally obsessed over soil handling, weeding, planting, pruning and like horticulture activities. So this was a real boon to them I suppose. I must of pulled over a hundred dandelions from the lawn yesterday, and there was often (about 20%) noise erupting at the key moment of grasping the plant, pulling on it, or letting it go when throwing the weed into the wheelbarrow. Such is perp excitement.

I took the city bus both ways for today and yesterday, and per usual, I had my freakshow with me; open mouthers, down's syndrome, negroes (one with fugly corn row hair), crotch spreading males, the shiftless males who seem not to have a job, and even the motorized wheelchair-both directions today- the "happenchance" act. And a follower on the bus who tailed me for four blocks after I got off. And even more strange was that she was in the bay for the exit to the rear door, and when I lined up behind her, she suddenly has a "need" to exit by the front door. Fricking bizarre, and brown coated too, and no points for that fugly outfit. But at least it isn't this bus route #7 in Seattle, one that I never took when I lived there thankfully.

Yesterday, my mother wanted to put me on her vehicle registration when getting the annual car insurance. What a gangstalked clusterfuck that became. I had to make two trips outside to remove and put on the new licence plates, then a third after getting fucked out of bringing the car insurance papers in while at the vehicle, and then the never ending clusterfuck behind me in the waiting area. The insurance agent made the same mistake twice on the same form, and even he admitted he couldn't understand how he did this as he has done it so many times. Each time my perp-abetting mother signed it, then me. And I am routinely noisestalked when signing my name anywhere, so this wasn't too much of a surprise.

After seeing the 60 Minutes show on hired mortgage documentation faking (three nights ago), I just wonder if this isn't a perp set up too.  Personnel were hired to sign documents as if they were from the bank holding the mortgage, which they then use in court to foreclose on someone. With all the mortgage packaging and the derivatives market, the paperwork wasn't keeping up, and the new holders of the mortgage derivatives don't often have the documentation to go with them. So they go to mortgage document "factories", where someone writes it up and signs someone else's name. The perps, if involved, would also benefit by having people turfed from their home as they like to evaluate buildings after being vacated, maybe it is that the residents' energies, as retained in flooring, walls etc., would then dissipate over time. Just idle speculation, but when significant numbers of people suffer in some way, and the behavior of many large organizations is consistent, one has to wonder how this came about. The perps like to create widespread mayhem and suffering, so perhaps this is their hand at work again. And too, all the document signing by poseurs using other's names, also a big deal for the perps.

Another arm flicker today, this time crossing the street on a crosswalk and this oncoming dude in L hand drive mode is coming straight at me. I veer R and end up on the crosswalk boundary line to avoid a collision and when 4' in front of me, he puts his arm out and flicks it for no reason whatsoever. The third such arm flicking in the past week; two in front of me covering the space I would be walking into, and then the freak who put on a big arm flick right behind me who then went around me. Then when on the city bus yesterday, the down's syndrome  woman "decided" to sit two seats away in the rear raised deck area, rather than take the handicapped seats near the driver, dressed in fugly burgundy and pink. And then she proceeded to do hand flicking, moving her hand up and down the pole that was adjacent to her. Distracting to say the least, so I looked elsewhere, though I "forgot" more than once only to have the hand flicking show put on again. What is wrong with these fuckers (all of them) that they are now flicking hands and arms around me? It is totally bizarre, and if there are any doubters as to his insane abusiveness being orchestrated, I hope this recent change in public behavior is convincing enough.

Some bookmark purging with coincident sudden overhead pounding erupting, heard through my earmuffs. Now hotrod muffler noise doing the same thing. Were are done for tonight, and so to blog off.

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