Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rain Onset Specification

Most non-TI's will think this is totally off the wall, the judicious timing of engineered weather to change up my activities, but this seems to be occuring. Today, it was more obvious. I got 40 minutes of garden bed digging in at the First Feral Family house, then had lunch, and then they brought on a light rain at the end of lunch to then curtail my gardening activities. I got a ride with my mother to the bus stop and then came back, royally pissed that I got less than an hour's work done.

The big changes that might of precipitated this from the perp's perspective was that I was wearing my stretch Keela pants for the first time, I was wearing the green knee pads there for the first time, and I had was wearing a pair of near-new Atlas Therma-fit work gloves, the most useful kind for dry farm work, and the ones they have other gangstalkers use too. All this sounds very pedantic to anyone not versed in being harassed and constantly abused by high tech invasion of body, mind and all gravitic events, but having observed the perps in action for almost nine years, they find new packages, items to wear, new tools and new circumstances to be intensely interesting. It is the second time I used the Japanese san-kaku tool, (purchased two days ago) and lo, if they didn't break the sharp tip, snapping 1/4" off.

Even opening the new jar of coconut butter this morning for breakfast begat extra harassment and noise, enough to have me vocalizing my complaint over sticky labels that just won't let go. And too, they like to add other new events at the same time, this being the opening of a new package of small tortillas that I use for breakfast instead of the extra-conventional crumbing bread battles I had with the assholes for months on end.

I had my city bus freakshow in both directions, per usual. And I even had the "hang there dudes" posted in the lobby and outside the building for my exit, some 10 or so. I don't always get this "welcome commitee", and I haven't figured out the reason for not putting it on. It used to be constant, save the 0630h departures for bulb picking last summer, that these Unfavored freakshow dudes would hang around sucking cigarettes. Some were there for their fugly hair; red, male ponytail, or curly, and others were there for their red shirts or coats, along with three same red vehicles parked opposite. I even had a redcoat gangstalker leading ahead of me, and another red capped one leading him, plus two more red backpacking gangstalkers.

When on the bus, the negro was in place in the lower front section. I sat in the rear raised section, and the bus went four stops before another negro got on, and he sat at the back, opposite side on the same rear bench seat. He had the fugliest hair; a ballcap over short dreadlocks; I thought it was totally ridiculous, though what do I know about keeping such hair? And then with one bus stop interval distance, some 200' or so, the first negro gets off. I have seen this tag-teaming of negroes before, but not recently, and this was more subtle as they didn't share the same seat like last year's stunts.

And when coming back in, they put a negro on for the penultimate bus stop before I get off, and he doesn't sit down when there are numerous seats availible, and when I was (also) standing at athe rear doors for my stop, he gives me this big glaring stare. NOT MY PROBLEM asshole, I'm just the victim.

An employment counsellor meeting tomorrow, so I wonder what is going to go down, as it is with a new person, a male. I suppose this is a ramp-up from a Favored (younger female) counsellor to the male, and it must be a big test for the perps, and too, the perps researching more as to why males are Unfavored. For the record, and mentioned many times, some three years of childhood have been blanked out and I have no idea what was done to me then or any place that I lived. But it does seem a number of abuses were heaped upon me in a clinical, military and church environments, hence the perps putting on this freakshow to attempt to simulate visual components of the abuses and abusers.  The military aspect is interesting; if one looks at the Indian Lake Project blog and its pictures, one can see that they had young children stuffed into cages, negroes with blind ones and Caucasians. And this might be the source of Unfavored associations, hence the proliferation of negro gangstalkers in a town where they are less than 3% of the population. The abuses, if they happened, took place in the 1950's, and I assuming there were many more adult men involved, and this is the reason they are now higly involved in attempting to simulate traumatization associations. And now they often just stand around on street corners, looking totally out of place.

It is getting late and it is time to call this blog done for today; not much for all the time I had. There are some very strong vocational interests/ideations they are planting on me today, and I have no idea if they are for real, or just escalated mind-fuck games.


Anonymous said...

Out at the Mall again. Seems like the employees are treating me pretty good there. As a TI, I find that if I vary my locations, I have a lot less trouble with the perping. Seemed like they had a lot of "lounging" types, especially on the second floor. One guy was hanging out against the railing, just leaning up against it. It was one of those deals where you can see down to the ground floor, where they have this "opening", with railing and glass around the "opening". They have plenty of posing operatives there. I also ate at the Chick Fil A, and it's odd that I "decided" to eat there, as I heard my students whispering something about Chick Fil A during class. So maybe the perps could "forsee" me going there later with their mighty space-time observing machines.

Also, I was surprised, in such a big Mall, that there was only one music store there. I checked it out, and the CD's were kind of outrageous. $18 for one CD in many cases, in the Pop/Rock section. But over in the classical section, I saw a 5-CD set of all 9 Beethoven symphonies for $9.99. Hmmm. Why so cheap, I wonder? I decided not to buy, but instead check for some reviews on Amazon first. The general consensus was that it was a late 50's analog recording, and the highs/lows were out of balance, and the sound was not real great. One reader said he used some music software to correct the sound, and the results were great.

The 5 CD set came in a metal can with a lid, like holiday cookies would.

Some oddities: not many, except for one retarded older lady yelling something in my direction. Then, at the Chick Fil A, I saw some hotties, 2 of them, getting in line to get pretzels, and they were kind of giving me "the look". I'd say they were 20's. And not surprisingly, an unfavored older male got behind them in line, totally messing up my taking in "the view".

It seems they always put gangstalkers around those fountains. Here is the fountain, and it is operational:

Notice in his original video, he shows guys lounging around the fountain:

There is always someone lounging around this fountain, but the first video, there is no one around it. Interesting that this kid needed to do a "retake". I wonder why? Probably to compare to with/without lounging dudes. It's rare when I visit there isn't someone around the fountain looking at it. I guess the gushing water has some sort of energetic signature.

When walking around the mall, there were some operatives just hanging out beside their cars, in the outer perimeter of the parking lot. Upon re-entering the mall, I got harassment. I know why: I had left the building to go for an "outside walk", and upon re-entry, it was a big moment, as I was reentering the confines of the structure, which drastically changed the surrounding environment, and hence, their readings of me. Also, it was a chance for them to compare outdoor/indoor readings while doing my walk.

It's interesting, as a TI, how much attention I get. When I went to Chick Fil A, all of a sudden, there was a sudden flux of "babes", a boyfriend/girlfriend pair (probably operatives) pretending to have a date, and some older guy with his wife. And some of the same operatives showed up in the music store. Not surprised. Then, while at the music store, they had some "babe" with a roll around her gut (not really bad though), eating something, munching on a piece of bread while dithering around me. It seems odd, because that seems like a deliberate act: to have a somewhat porky "babe" eating something while hanging around me. It seemed so fake, too, like she wasn't really hungry, but constantly trying to munch on this sandwich while browsing around (near me).

Anonymous said...

Haha, it seems like that kid was an operative putting on the "nerd" bit: "Ooo, look at the cool fountain!" And he sounded so much like the Mandark character in Dexter's Laboratory (played by another nerd, Eddie Deezen).

Note the close similarities in the voice, between the his voice and the kid doing the fountain "review".

Anonymous said...

Here's the set I was talking about:

Comes in a tin can. Interesting. It cost $9.99 in the store.

AJH said...

Answer to: Out at the Mall again...

Don't forget that water is a prime perp method/tool to get remote readings off TI's. Not just the forced runny noses, and drops flying in from nowhere, but fountains, gushing hydrants, street sweepers, rivers, rain (in small doses in the the city) and swimming are all big perp games. That I swam in two swim clubs for some 14 years before the perps went overt/beserk in 04-2011 is of significance, as they were micro-managing me then. Having their gangstalker operatives loafing around the fountain gives the perps an additional advantage, as they are effectively bio-field sensors to correlate water and the TI's energetic signatures. Thanks for the comments.