Thursday, April 21, 2011

Crumb Nutters

Recent past goings on of the last few days that were blocked from recall.
I did the "box trot", as in walking two blocks into the heart of downtown Victoria to a drug store with a post office inside to then get a parcel (brown cardboard box usually), and walk back to my apartment. This seems to be a big deal for the perps and is heavily gangstalked and stunted.

To start, when outbound at 0915h, I get the dudes parading around me at first the traffic light; one strange Fuckwit standing there then walks back from the intersection some 6' and stands on his tiptoes making out that he is looking over something, but there is nothing to be seen. Then he returns to the street corner doing the "come at me" stunt, then reverses and does his rubber necking  again. Finally he returns near my R side and doesn't come at me. Whie being distracted by this Fuckwit I get to see another that got in too close unheard, doing the lookaway thing. The traffic signal says "Walk" and I do so very fast to leave these Fuckwits behind. Then I get across to have someone almost stepping into me, and then some 30' further I get the brown E. Indian dude reading a book while walking along, one of those strange behaviors that has erupted in force since this insane harassment started up. Other Fuckwits abound until I get to the intersection of Douglas St. and View and lo, if there isn't an E. Indian (very brown skin) in a chocolate brown jacket. So.. on the signal I walk across and lo, if there isn't a negro stationed on the other side. Onto the drug store, and there is a woman with a tethered and harnessed black rabbit standing outside the entrance begging for cash.

Recall this is at 0915h, 45min. before the stores open, and long past the 0800-0830h office worker surge, and there had to be over 200 people out on the street on my short route. Maybe it is one of those "had to be there" moments, but the pedestrian population (read, gangstalker surge) is even getting absurd from last year.

I am now in the drug store at the back at the post office and this monster fat woman (260lb or more) is the post office clerk. She asks me for my ID and I supply my driver's licence, and then she goes off to the back room for the parcel. Then the fedora act starts pacing around, and encircles me. Then the skinhead Asian and a skinhead Caucasian, one aisle apart make the exact same move, coming from the N. turning at the exact identical moment and heading E down the next aisle. Perfect choreography it was, and both in black. All was needed was dance music. But the skinhead Asian, at the closer aisle, breaks form and does some more pass-bys, not really making out that he was there to do shopping.

With brown box in hand, I finally get out to wait for the traffic do the slow troll through the intersection, making out that N. bound (reverse to the commute) backups of traffic at 0915h is normal. The traffic stops for the light, and I am crossing with my posse, and then this yellowjacket cyclist seems to forget what he stopped for, or else thought he was exempt from the traffic regulations, and crosses 6' in front of me while on the crosswalk. I said something, but he made out that he didn't hear. I suppose the rest of the journey was uneventful as I cannot recall what transpired for the last block.

At the First Feral Family house in the last week the perps have upped the ante as to freakshow delivery. Last week when I was in the house in the late afternoon, a male ponytailed mailman "happened" to be just departing, having just delivered some mail. Like WTF; he isn't the regular mailman and is at least three hours later than usual. Then two days ago the cable service dude was working on the house to improve the cable lines for phone, and lo, when in the same location of the kitchen I see him leaving in his disgusting skinhead (shiny bald). Later the same day, in the same location when I "happen" to be passing through the kitchen and looking outside, they put a negro strolling along in mid-street. (Note that male ponytails, skinheads and non-Caucasians are very Unfavored; see the posting to the right).Talk about freakshow at one's doorstep. So it would seem the perps don't have enough freakshow gangstalkers when I am at the First Feral Family house, so they arrange for these Fuckwits to be just outside for all of two seconds of looking out the front window.

And what is it with the obstructing Fuckwits on the city bus at the rear doors? This wierd in a drivers cap gets on and sits 6' away- no big deal, but there was something about him that was odd, like he was mildly retarded. Two stops ahead of mine he gets up to stand at the rear door but doesn't ring the bell. I thought I was going to get company in getting off the bus when it pulled up to the next stop for me. But no, he just stands there in my way. I say "excuse me" loud enough and he doesn't move, standing 1' over him on the reard deck stairs. Then I repeat my request louder, and he gets it, and gets out of the way. This isn't a big deal on the face of it, but I cannot count the number of times (over 100) that the perps have arranged a rear exit door cluster fuck when I am am attempting to get off. They arrange the Fuckwits who aren't getting off to then stand in the way of those who are getting off (coming from two directions), and to pretend otherwise. It is plain bizarre to see this civic rudeness/cluelessness orchestrated so often as it is. And once, during a very packed bus, and with me standing near the rear door, they had their Fuckwits getting off and I was in the middle of this same clusterfuck that I had no intention of getting into. Go figure.
Today, Thursday, day before a national holiday for Good Friday.

The perps started on a beserk streak this morning, when they pulled the spoon from my hand and flew it 12" laterally into the tub of hemp seed (legal, nonTHC) I was holding in the other hand. This would be one of their more obvious stunts, because nearly everything they jerk from my hand goes straight down, faster than gravitational pull even. That begat a rage-ified reaction and a wonderful start to my day.

Then they began the crumb inindation games in earnest, planting crumbs on the counter that had just been cleaned of any crumbs. I was handling a jar of coconut butter, and none came out, as I upend the jar over the bread that is on the plate just to keep the crumb nonsense contained. But "somehow" some crumbs show up on the adjacent countertop, 8" away. I clean these up, look away for a reason, and another three coconut crumbs have arrived. Same for the bread, and then again for the chocolate (with breakfast, part of this imposed diet of brown foods they like ensure that I eat.

Another variant of the crumb games was to have a black crumb of no determinable source arrive on the bathroom sink when I was nearby, and then when I go to remove it, it is resistant to a degree, and only part of it pulls away. I have been put through the decremental crumb games before, and it seems they need me to do this every so often. Another way to crank me up.

Other excitement for the perps might of been that I did my bedsheet laundry today. Regular readers and TI's will know the perps go beserk over laundry in all unimaginable facets, and so screwing me to launder the sheets after three weeks instead of two weeks is yet another fascinating variable for them. And how did that jet black 10" hair get in my clean laundry? I'm in isolation treatment, so I don't get any kind of romantic associations, or even visitations. (Now they have said who it belongs to, but I won't believe it until I see her here, not on gangstalking duty, which I have at least twice).

Overhead pounding music is getting through mt earmuffs, along with a faux flute playing random notes from the hallway. So far, these noises seem disparate, though I have noticed the perps like to blend noises as one, and then stopping one of them so I can identify what it is. Similarly last week, when working in the First Freal Family house in the backyard; one lawn mower from two houses away, and then indentical noise lawnmower from the opposite direction were blended together. The first one quits and the second one continues, seeming to be a L and R side same-noise test.

I spent two hours at the local Oracle User's Group meeting this afternoon; another gangstalking scene, and first arranging the redcoat Asian behind me, and a yellow-jacket Caucasian in front of me who had an unerring ability to place his head directly in the way of me seeing the speaker. Moving my chair fixed that for a time, but then the speaker would move to set this bullshit up again, at least ten cycles of this nonsense. Then 50 minutes into the meeting, with my row empty of anyone else, a negro comes in and sits three chairs away. Like WTF; I went to an Oracle Convention in San Franciso with 15,000 attendees and I saw only one small cluster of negroes there. So here we have a meeting of no more than 15 in attendance, and a single negro is arranged to sit nearby to do the all-familiar back flexes and stretches that other gangstalkers do. Then the negro fucker decides that I need more aggravation and flashes the bright LCD of his cell phone at me four times in the last 20 minutes. How can all these Fuckwits be doing the same things independently?

Noise and harassment confluence; on the phone to my perp abetting brother, strobing light from outside, church bells ringing and overhead thumpy stereo music coming through. Also some Asians running in the hallway and squealing. Perps live for moments such as this.

A rare music listening tonight; Cole Porter "Anything Goes", and an Elvis Presley 4 CD set compilation of his 1950's work.

I am having some severe problems with the comments in Blogspot; old posted comments are getting re-displayed as new, and this is mixed with some new comments, so I don't know how this is all going to come out. -sorted out now.

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