Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Arm Flicking

A slothful day once the Chicken Run was done. That is the much gangstalked and stunted event of me going to the local supermarket, all of 120' away, and selecting and purchasing a hot cooked chicken, or portion thereof. And lo, if they didn't hide the shopping baskets to get me to do more walking time with some doubling back in the store to find one, not to mention the gangstalkers blocking every aisle I was about to take. And lo, if they didn't have at least four gangstalkers arranged around the chicken, and the blonde fat-girl moving in just as I selected one. A duffer dude was also 3' away in "just stand there" mode, in a camel brown coat. The chicken is loaded up with paprika for an orange colored look, though no orange dressed gangstalkers on the job, like usual.

But the strangest event was before I got to the store, a Fuckwit with this bizarre walk, having a plastic bag in his L. hand and this high flick R. hand that took it as high as his shoulder. This piece of utter bullshit was coming up behind me and just when I look the right hand flicks up to momentarily alarm me, or at least, that was the planted reaction. I was waiting for the pedestrain signal, but this Fuckwit then proceeded around my L. side and crossed the crosswalk on the Don't Walk, with the vehicular traffic cleared for this ridiculous act. And lo, if the same Fuckwit in his mid-grey with white 4" grid/faux check jacket didn't "happen" to be two ahead of me at the checkout some five minutes later. This town is notable for the wierds, long before the perps went overt/beserk in 2002, but this near-Nazi salute made to look like a normal walking gait takes the cake for being so obviously contrived.

And regular readers will know that this arm flicking stunt in my proximity is the second such event last week; while doing the Gangstalk Run to the ATM, this negro woman coming at me did this over-exaggerated arm flick to have it out sideways some 4' in front of me before she pulled it back. So this is the latest, momentary arm flicks in, or seeming about to, enter my personal space, in public. Expect similar events among the TI community and as recalled in this blog, as the perps are still working on this personal space invasion detection, attempting to find out what brain region is responsible and to gather the energetic signature to defeat it. Such is the pattern of all their fuckery; e.g. a never-before capability to recall shopping lists from last week, currently and what supplies maybe low will run for some months and then one day it is gone. In other words, they enhance the ability and then work to defeat it by remote detection of its energetic signature.

I suppose the gangstalking excitement might have been about the fact that I slept on fresh bedsheets last night, they were laundered on Sunday morning but not slept in until Monday night, as I stayed at the First Feral Family house the night before. That the perps are obsessed over laundry, and bedding in particular is a given, but it suprising that they wanted me out for an ten minute round trip to the local supermarket today. No other outings or even laundry today, some 30' down the hallway. I haven't yet figured out what the advantage is to them keeping me house-bound, though the plasmic emanations and the masers flitting around have something to do with it.

And also, the event of making a financial transaction got more elaborate at the local supermarket, another high gangstalked/noise coincident event. A red-haired (a much Unfavored hair color) seeming cash register repairman was fixing checkout #2, and I was in the line for checkout #1, with the above mentioned arm flicker protracting his stay at the checkout by fumbling his payment. Then the red-haired dude hangs at checkout #1, so two of them are standing around and upping the threat potential (or as Unfavoreds posing). The cashier says I can go to #2 without explanation, and the tall woman behind me almost scoops me going there. The cashier tells me this just as I have picked up the nylon bar for separating customer's groceries on the checkout conveyor. Another stunt the perps like to pull, is to have stunts/gangstalkings/noise at the instant of touching something, like the Chicken Run mentioned above.

 So... the cashier eventually comes over and the red-haired man make to look like he is fixing checkout #1. Like WTF; 1230h with the extra large lunch crowd (caveat that they are all gangstalkers), and there they are "fixing" cash registers. I cannot say I know the business, but it seems as stupid as it looks.

Then when I attempt to enter the aisle to depart, why, a cluster of three Fuckwits is in the way, and then by way of choreography, separate into file, equi-spaced and very much like the vehicular gangstalking. They all wore dark navy coats, and made it almost like a parade. They precede me through the door, only to meet an oncoming clusterfuck, all E. bound. I navigate around these, and head through the parking lot, only to be exposed to a vehicular clusterfuck there, to force me to go wide to avoid getting involved in it. Then the light grey hoodie dudes come toward me on the sidewalk, having already had two of them on the way to the supermarket. A few more Fuckwits are getting out of vehicles, showing off their suits in this hikey-bikey town, then proceed to hide from view behind a telephone pole. Then my "greeters" at the apartment lobby, some four or so, including one with 6' long flourescent tubes. I haven't yet seen any such flourescent light fixtures in this building, but who knows. I was about to open the door myself when I got "door service", the co-manager in her lime green jacket came across the window and opened the door for me, and said hello, and I responded in kind. Why I get this "door service" can only be part of the perps' insane gangstalking obsession of covering me as I enter and exit buildings, and even rooms in buildings. And the lime green jackets were out in more obvious numbers yesterday, so I can only assume that nonsense was continuing, and the perps needed a through-the-glass version (or light intensity attenuation). The clusterfuck at the elevators meant I took the stairway, and they now leave me alone there, free from gangstalkers mostly, but often stunted with small piles of soil or other props and color games. Painting half the brown painted steel hand rail a mid-grey color was a recent touch in the stairwell.

And that was the big outing, and then later perusal of jobs online, today being the oil field worker fantasy game. Though, they do have me look for entry level laborer jobs in this industry, but given the geographic distance from where I live, and that they pay decent wages, I just don't think this is do-able. Not to mention being vehicle-less where long driving distances are the norm. Past applications for entry level jobs have turned out to be a big zero, so who knows what the deal is. Last week they had me wrapped up  with vineyard maintenance jobs, another adverse proposition. But at least it is consistent; horticulture jobs (here and the Okanagan), forestry jobs, oil drilling jobs, and IT jobs. And what is the commonality in all that, and why has this bullshit gone on for three years now? Given that they had me red fruit (strawberries and raspberries) picking for the past two years, then daffodil bulb picking (three years now), I cannot see how they will allow a radical change of work, nor allow a decent income so I won't be scratching come January next year.

Anyhow, this blog posting is done for today.


Anonymous said...

I have just been thinking, now that I had mentioned demolitions over the past week or so. I occured to me that buildings seem to have their own "life energies", as though they are living entities in their own right. Like the mall I mentioned, which had been demo'd a couple years short of 40 years of age. There were many years of people throughout the building, and for many of those years, there were fountains, plants, and an aviary as well as pet store. From all those people and plants and birds etc., there had to have had countless aspects of the beings there trapped inside the walls and even the steel support beams inside.

I just thought that by demo-ing the building, all the life energies that had been accumulated over teh decades could suddenly get released, and they captured by the perps, as different elements of its internal structures get exposed. For example, walls getting knocked down, exposing the I-beams and plumbing. Further demo-ing reveals even more internal structures. Maybe the whole process of "reversing" the building process, exposing and then destroying the structures one by one is releasing differing energies, to be detected by the perps, of course.

The steel support beams seem to be an important element, I can feel it now. I noticed those beams looked a little rusted with age, and even the oxidation on the beams, apart from the "life energies" trapped within the domains of the steel, would be important to those doing this "research". Just the color of the oxidation was probably exciting enough to them. And just think of the life energies being released, and here they are getting off on the color of the oxide on the steel support beams. I've noticed the clock tower "pillars" were really some sort of plaster board covering steel vertical beams, and I don't know what the perps would get from the plasterboard itself, but I imagine that's a whole another dimension to their remote detection.

And it's interesting that the company doing the demo-ing and rebuilding is none other than the owner of Wal-Marts. It seems like Wal-Mart somehow figures in the the overall picture, with all the money they have, as well as their endless greed. Here are some comments from the guestbook:

"Many of the Walmarts are built upon historically significant sites. Many a historical building has been demolished to make room for the Walton's ever-growing greed. One odd thing is how prior to a purchase, many historical buildings have been broken into and a significant article from them stolen. The Waltons have long praacticed visioning their future purchases and it has been said that prior to a purchase, they will remove part of the land/building and have it brought to them. It is said that this enhances their ability to acquire these properties. Look no further as to where the time capsule went.. "

Anonymous said...

Just did some further research:


Says here they are "one of the richest families in the world, their wealth inherited from Bud and Sam Walton, founders of the world's largest retailer, Wal-Mart. "

There have been TI's that mentioned feeling very uncomfortable inside WalMarts in general. I don't like to go inside them at all, despite being hounded at every other place. It seems like the general atmosphere in those places are not good at all for TI's. I have gotten countless informants "meeting" mere there (as in showing up before I get there), as well as perped extensively in WalMarts. Truly an evil chain of stores. And the employees there, they aren't very friendly at all. Very cold, and even a little antagonistic towards me and other TI's. Probably connected to the Walton family greed and wealth. It's been said that the rich and powerful have a vested interest in keeping TI's down, and that could be why I don't feel so good going in those stores.

However, it's hard to tell exactly how it all fits together, if it really is a coalition of wealthy families that get TI's hounded. I did get harassed very blatantly by some older employee in Macy's at one shopping mall. And I wonder who the owner of Macy's could be? There has to be some corruption tied in with the owners of Macy's, because I got harassed pretty good there too.

Best Buy: I did get some harassment there, but I never got the type of harassment that made me feel like shit that I got in WalMart and Macy's. Could just be isolated cases of perping, but who knows.

Anonymous said...

My experience at Westmoreland Mall in Westmoreland County, PA:

Once again, as suspected, got perped in large numbers at the local shopping mall. I know they warn TI's about perps milling about at the mall. It's the worst place ever for a TI. I don't even know where to start. You have losers with no goals in life, other than to show up at shopping malls and take part in scripted MC harassment. Meanwhile, in the class I teach, I had 2/13 students show up. Yet, the same types of supreme beings who aren't supreme enough to show up for class aren't afraid of showing up and doing the "I'm so much better than you" thing. Mostly, it was older women doing it. There was one after another after another after.... it was nearly infinite. I never could understand, with all their supremacy, that they can't seem to launch a business or service to help others. No, they have to show up at public places and heckle TI's. Wow, either there are factions so powerful it isn't even funny, or supreme beings are so supreme they aren't self-actualized.

Here's an example of some sh*t I got: there was this one older guy, white hair, parked near a fountain in front of a department store. He resembled Herbert von Karajan. Then, this one piece of shit older lady was saying, in the typical REAL LOUD voice so you know you're being harassed, "IT'S HERBERT DONKEY!!" followed by lots of idiotic laughter before and after that equally stupid statement.

I don't know who is behind all of this, but it probably means they are the supremest of all beings, that they can mock and deride even great conductors. And I get other psych. warfare, from a stream of perps. It's like a faucet on medium, which is spilling out onto the floor. You can wipe it up and keep wiping it up with superhuman speed, but they still keep coming in a constant stream.

Can you believe it? It's always the frail older ladies doing it, too. The younger and more able they seem to be, the less they seem to harass me. Interesting.

These factions don't value art or anything. All the seem to care about is shitting all over everything good and pure and right. They only care about smearing fecal matter over law-abiding, non-sheeple. What works these people are.

Ah, that's right. They're not supreme beings. I used to think I got perped bad in Subway, until I got to the mall. Hmmpph. Well, I certainly am glad I got out today. It was being channeled to me via the gangstalkes that I must be "perfect" and "superhuman" to make it through all of this.

Remember when going the the mall used to be fun when you were little? Well, now it's an endless flow of steady harassment. Wow. It's odd how the mall workers weren't doing the harassment. But I would walk past say, the Orange Julius, and I could hear perps doing their demeaning loud conversations acompanied by laughter. At first I thought it was the workers there, and I was going to say something. Nope, two frail old lady customers. And they really laugh too, like they really must buy the line I deserve it. Or, maybe they feel they are watching a real-life soap opera comedy. The harder the worker, the less they would perp me. It's the losers who were "shoppers" who were the worst.

AJH said...

Answer to: I have just been thinking...

I won't attribute inanimate objects to have "life energy", as if living, but it is my view, based on consistent perp behavior, that there are earth/rock/soil/water energetics (or electromagnetic signatures, or electromagnetic frequencies if you prefer). These are what the perps study, and their interactions, and they like to have a product grown in one location to be then consumed in another, e.g. much like how wine is traded and consumed. Having a building made would then mix the energetics of the steel, foundation soil, concrete etc. Even the passage of the steel track of the excavator over the building site will cause interactions, which can then interact with the concrete poured over top. (This is partially based on observations as to how hard they hound me after a tractor and implement passes over where I am about to pick potatoes, as part of my farm work). How far these energetics transfer isn't known, though the perps put on plenty of distance dependent efforts to find out. Your comment identifies what I think are the essential perp interests with respect to buildings and the constituent materials.

I find this statement most interesting; "it has been said that prior to a purchase, they (Walmart) will remove part of the land/building and have it brought to them". Apart from any psychic vibes and belief interactions, what is intesting is that part of the building is removed from its parent location in advance of demolition, removing the energetics of the location and taking the residual energetics of the item to somewhere completely different, and presumably, to a location (office) where this has been done before. No wonder perps are all over TI's at airports, or in mid-flight, or airline personnel have involvement with gangstalking TI's. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Just did some further research:...

I have no experience or read on one store versus another as far as harassment goes. Interesting that Ms. C of my story in 2002 was so cranked about not going to Walmarts when she was a cooperating shill or operative. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: My experience at Westmoreland Mall...

Any kind of public area, especially around entrances, is always a big gangstalk even for me. And too, if I havent' been there for a long time, they are all over me as well. Every TI's situation is a little different, and the background chatter and noise has differing purposes at any given time. I try not to read much into the content, knowing it is all manipulated in any event. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I must have been reading too much into the "big picture" then. While at the Mall there, I was not surprised to go into one of the big anchor stores, and find some fuckwit "just standing there", for a long period of time. I know he had to have been there in the position for a long time prior to me being there. And also, it seems the gangstalking is the same at every store, whether or not it is local or global, high, mid, or low market.

OK, the one "just stand there" guy was in the Bon Ton. I went out to the parking garage exit, and I was standing on the bridge looking out towards the parking garage. I could see the other lots. There was a guy at the strip mall external to the mall itself, just standing there by his car, just like the fuckwit in Bon Ton. And the deal there was, the "inside fuckwit" had a large physique compared to the "outside fuckwit" I could see at one of the external stores in the distance. But it's interesting they had two fuckwits "posing" in a statute pose at the same time, one inside, and one outside kind of far in the distance.

It seems the entire experience was scripted. There were around 4-6 stores completely vacant, as in no retailer was leasing the space, so this tells me the shoppers must have been planted there too.

Anonymous said...

That is true... I had not been there for a long time -- since the end of January, to be exact. I went there for two days in January, and I didn't meet much trouble there on the second day. This time around, it seems the atmosphere was more "brutal". However, I was getting harassed more in the food court area in January, but this time, they left me alone in that region.

AJH said...

Answer to: I must have been reading too much AND
That is true...

The "just stand theres" are getting worse for me of late. Though of all the gangstalking, it is the most benign, so I don't report it much. The perps came on very heavy last month (March) when I resumed flower picking after a four week hiatus. It was the re-visitation that got them so cranked for results. I learned early in 2003 that vacant buildings, especially with lease signs up, are a perfect cover for perp operations. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

For some reason, while walking in that same mall, I had the occasion "urge" to do a high-arm flick, as though controlled to do so. For example, every time I spotted what appeared to be a perp milling around, upon that instant of realization, I felt one of my arms go flicking high in the air, as though from a spontaneous reflex. That tells me that the perps were using that "action" to provide a feedback to me, that I "knew" someone I saw ahead of me was a perp.

AJH said...

Answer to: For some reason...

The perps have had a long standing "need" to peek under my arms at any given time, and will often use their operatives and shills as surrogates to have them raise their arms. I have never seen so many people stopped and pointing upward at totally nothing. That is where the lymph nodes are, and it seems they cannot get a reading from there as often as they would like. Hence, Fuckwits packing objects under their arm as another ploy. Thanks for the comments.