Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rotary Tools

And what is this planted obsession over rotary tools of late, e.g. Dremel and the like? I have never had one, and somehow remained clueless about their utility for all my four tool purchasing decades, having had quite a few larger power tools, e.g. grinders, power plane, reciprocating saw, sanders, routers and the like. Then around 2002 when the harssment was on they had me fixated over getting a roto-zip like tool, though I had no house to use it on. Then recently, the "need" has been planted to get a grinder for cut-off purposes to get these flanged backets removed from the First Feral Family house backyard patio. These brackets have been there for over 25 years, courtesy of my father's plans at one time, and then only one of the four were removed. In-town brother was to save the day, and had a grinder, and I got the cut-off blade, only to find his grinder was a non-standard 10mm arbor and there were no arbor nut attachments to fit. That was an exercise in taking this 20 year old grinder in its box and its styrofoam (read, perp plastics obsession) insert around town to find that out, including 30 min. at the Makita dealer, to find no part in their catalog. But he found another grinder yesterday, a more recent model, and so this infernal episode may proceed after all.

But getting back to the orchestrated issue; why are the perps so freaking obsessed over rotary tools, and even getting perverse to the point of suggesting that my coarse cheese grater, which came too dull from the store as new, (read arranged so chunks of cheese would fall off), could be improved by taking a rotary hand tool with a diamond sharpening bit to it and sharpening all 54 cutting edges. Like WTF; I never would of thought of this tool to use as it has never been in my (controlled) mind share as a possibility, never having seen anyone use one. Broke as I am, this ridiculous notion keeps getting replayed each time I pick up the cheese grater and "comes up" (read, planted ideation) at least 20x/day. No question that the perps like having rotating machinery around me, e.g. vehicles, but it is most absurd to hound me over something I don't really need, and don't want to engage in for hobby purposes, as it opens the door to all manner of things going wrong. And believe me, if I have little to none knowledge about the conventional physical behavior of a tool, especially a powered one, the perps are going to turn it into an episode of Sabotage Hell.

Bad enough even making coffee the same way for eight years, using a French press Bodum; the assholes made the spoon tip while loaded with coffee, and dumped coffee grounds on the stovetop. A round of screaming at the assholes ensued, as this has to be at least 50x in the past eight years that they force this coffee mess on me. The ground coffee is sometimes accompanied by a glow of plasma over top of it, inside the bag, and presumably to provide some differential in its apparent color, and whatever EMF signature it may also confer. And I believe I have mentioned the Coffee Corps, the legions of coffee bearing Fuckwits that erupt in my proximity.

Yesterday's city bus freakshow with the negro and two E. Indians was one, but last week they put on a negro boarding the bus with a brown grocery bag supported by one arm and a coffee cup in another. A "triple brown" situation as I have come to call the Fuckwits and their props. On the face of it, the set up was ridiculous; the coffee shop was a block further than the purported supermarket, so who would do grocery shopping with coffee in hand, and then still not having drunk it up, wait for the bus and still have it? Or else, walk a block with grocery bag and then walk back when the bus was going by the coffee shop? (The coffee was from a well known outlet here, abbreviated TH to save spurious web search finds). And where does one get a plain brown grocery bag nowadays, as they are all plastic?

The "triple brown" (skin, grocery bag and coffee in hand) exercise on the city bus, (aka mobile gangstalking freakshow), tells me that the perps are upping the complexity of their games. Putting more negroes on, and now with brown objects in hand or putting them in front of themselves. The slight increase in disgusting brown colored vehicles also suggests the same, putting them in the midst of a posse of silver-grey and greyscale colored vehicles, sometimes even putting a red one in the mix too. We have a long way (years) to go before they figure it all out, their color juxtaposition games.

The infernal loud motorcycle games are continuing today, as they ran them for most of the evening  yesterday, and then put on a run of them when they kept me awake in bed for at least an hour. As mentioned, there are no biker bars for miles, so why is this noise so pervasive around me? I have yet to get any answer why motorcycles are so prevalant in this harassment/abuse scene, as they also use them for visual props, without noise.

And it is a much disrupted day; turning the alarm off at 0800h, and then being awakened at 0910h with a phone call (read, EMF to right temple) from in-town brother, who wanted me to go online to look something up. I said I would have breakfast first, and suggested that since his phone was on the fritz, that he get a Blackberry. But as he is technology adverse, likely a perp managed situation, these kind of suggestions don't go down well. Even his ex-girlfriend, no technology wiz, lamented his adversity to learning Windows basics.

Then, not having shaved yesterday due to late night/early morning viewing of the Royal Wedding live, the perps made sure there was extra noise while doing so. The faux neighbor had his second shower to kept the water running noise going, and the razor made extra noise cutting hairs, and was even pulling at first, a new "feature" of new razor inserts that magically dissapates within a few minutes of use.

An eruption of stereo music/noise coming through my earmuffs. The much harassed shaving session this morning came with stereo music/noise too, a noise the perps seem to use sparingly compared to motorcycle noise, heavy duty vehicle noise and the like. I note that the perps like to plant harbinger stunts and props, something that suggests, or is illustrative of what is to come. For example, this stereo noise is likely to erupt while having tea and chocolate in the next 30 minutes. Getting noisestalked while brown food is in my mouth is getting to be very frquent of late, and they seem to want to use this noise to calibrate me for color interactions at other times, esepcially while looking at a LCD display. All those large displays at the Royal Wedding, in the church and in the parks, it does make me wonder if the aren't sending some kind of nasty signals through them to also calibrate me at the same time. Interesting how display devices are at every turn, and how often they arrange Fuckwits to be looking at their phone LCDs in my proximity. Or else, netbooks.

An accompaniment with my tea and chocolate earlier was stereo music noise, culminating when I did the dishes afterward, and somehow managing to stay at the same volume level whether the faucet was running water or not. And a few motorcycles in there too for the completion of the noise invasion. But now it is thumping noises that accompany web page changes, keystrokes, and selections with the mouse, and all have an ability to get through the earmuffs. First thumping noise from the L side, hallway, and then progressing exclusively to the R side, the kitchen location. Plus, the dude talk erupted too, another noise that erupted in the bathroom this morning. The perps have decided to accompany me while doing job searching, and bookmarking promising ones. Thiough so far, they haven't let me apply to them, holding off for tonight or next week in this perverse on-off regulated effort they contain me to.

A third resume rewrite with plenty of accompanying noise, including the earmuff and their squeaking act. As mentioned in postings of the last week, the perps seem to be putting particular focus on resume writing, and the employment counsellors of the prior three years somehow "forgetting" to mention that the functional resume style is better suited to a disrupted work history. Not that will change anything, as this entire employment involvement is so highly orchestrated and set up in advance. They had me picking red fruit for the past two years, strawberries and raspberries so I expect they will be assigning me this job again, as it seems they are still working on their red color games. None of the ideations they have inundated me with, viticulture (grape crop management) and oil and gas drilling will come to pass. They cannot have me working long term it seems, and want to contain me to seasonal work. And the sounds of motorcycles comes on as I finish this up before making dinner.

Another evening tea-time, and the same tea and chocolate, the third of the latter as part of the perps' "browning around" fuckery they put me through. And lo, if there wasn't the identical throbby trail bike motorcycle noise while eating chocolate with my tea as during tea-time this afternoon. In all of the noisetalking and utter silliness of these arranged coincidences, this one takes the cake. How could that possibly happen, the identical noise when at the same activity some five hours apart? And no, it is not from a nearby resident (usual caveat applies), but arranged to sound like the vehicle was passing by the neighborhood. I'm calling this one an epic orchestration event, EOE, as in never-before nonsense.

A Chicken Run earlier in the morning, and I had my posse around me before I got into the store, who then dallied behind only to be seen in the store a few minutes later. I had a three person cluster fuck about to come toward me at the hot cooked chicken counter, effectively blocking my egress to the chocolate, and backed out to the crackers section all to be exposed to this disgusting obese male some 300+ lb in a vile pale yellow shirt, 20'. I scoot to go, and lo, if some 15' in  the opposite direction they didn't put a same vile yellow shirted normal weight person in the checkout line. I ignored that for the 6' I had to walk toward it and took another checkout, one likely "reserved" for me as no one was there. I got two cashiers, the large on training the first one, and the former did the prerequisite bag flicking and then retired to the adjacent recycling bins to attend to more plastic. And have I mentioned how often the perps arrange plastic around me, and that it is arranged to be moved and shifted? Some three weeks ago they had the checkout at a certain store to have the checkout to be ringed with a display of plastic garbage bags (in small boxes) some 8' long, 6' high and 2' deep. My mother asked me if we needed plastic bags, and I confirmed that we needed some for the garden weed refuse, and so she bought a box to take back. More excitement for the perps over plastic bags. And just to think that 8 months of working 6x/week as a cleaner in 2008-09 and attending to at least 8 new plastic bags per two hour shift wasn't enough. Just plain insane, doing remote energetic studies when it could of taken less than 6 months of cooperation as an ballpark estimate. And now, the sirens are coming on at this juncture for whatever important event is cooking at MCCentral.

Another side story to the Chicken Run, those visitations to the local supermarket to purchase hot cooked chicken, and the extra attention I get from gangstalkers and the rest of the freakshow. The perps have ensured that the chicken is heavily coated in paprika, an orange colored spice, and often situate gangstalkers wearing the same orange color on my short beat back to my apartment. Well, today, it was red hair (Unfavored) instead, (orange colored of course), of this long haired male in camoflage some 50' away on the street. Big joke that.

So enough of the banter about the goings on of the Psychopathic Confederacy, not your average PC consideration, and to blog off for tonight. And likely too, I won't be blogging tomorrow, as it is going to be an early departure to the First Feral Family house to continue my weeding and soil sifting, another perp obsession- soil and metal contact.

Another round of sirens, the third in the last hour. No emergecy vehicles though. Here is a site that deals with gangstalking, Stalking Victims Network Incorporated. They put both individual and organized stalking into the same category, artfully and legitmately, dealing with all of it in one site. A leap forward for us TI's who somehow put ourselves in the Freak corner when in fact we are besieged with freaks that are so unlike us.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, the "large male" in your line of sight. The other day, they put one, shirtless and in shorts, doing weed-wacking outside his house, as close to the roadway as possible. I noticed he was watching my car pass, and as soon as I passed him, he walked from the roadway back towards his house. Seemed like him watching me and then after I see him in the rearview mirror walking back to the house as I pass him, was an orchestrated mind-fuck all the way. I guess they wanted to simulate what I perceived to be a perp situation, having the perp "watch" me and make sure I "see" him, by having him weed-wack along the roadway. Of course, he had some rolls on him, but seemed around maybe 250lbs or so, give or take 20lbs. And again, I knew the "assholes" were behind this all the way. Surely they wanted me to see the chunky dude with the rolls of fat around his waist? I just said to myself "Oh those bastards", ambushing me with a fatty.

Anonymous said...

Here we go, this answers a lot of questions I had:

But how do we know this is even true, and not more propaganda? I was on the fence about 9/11, with Bin Laden and his operatives doing various things, plotting to crash a number of planes into historic landmarks. I figured what the perps are doing is completely separate from Al Quaida's form of terrorism. I find it odd though, that the perps with all their tech toys, couldn't foresee 9/11 nor do anything to stop it, the operatives, etc.

Anonymous said...

Here's another tactic they cannot get enough off: having an operative come in a pee all over the toilet seat. And then, not flushing afterwards. Or, some shady character will come in, and disappear into the restroom, and stay there for a very long long time, only to emerge like 15 minutes or more later.

Anonymous said...

There's a pretty good chance the perps did deals with Osama bin Laden, to have HIS operatives work behind the scenes to lead about the sequence of events that resulted in the twin towers being demolished.

So in that respect, it WAS an inside job. His death means nothing to TI's. The real terrorists are those cowards doing their remote experimentation, too chicken to show their faces. And it's important to be impartial: those chickens are as cowardly as they are psychopathic. No doubt they did deals with bin Laden and his crew to terrorize our own citizens. They are truly of the sick mind. Sick-minded researches. Sadists with thick glasses in their control rooms, doing experimentation. They cause a lot of havoc to aid their "research", yet never show their faces or acknowledge themselves or TI's.

I'm sure you've seen the footage of people trapped in the towers, jumping out of windows. I'm sure that was one goal of theirs all along, to do kinetics research of the momentum of flying bodies. They also tell me they wanted to measure how much energy a human body would absorb on impact, and whether or not they agree with theoretical classical physics calculations.

Bin Laden had engineers working for him, and they determined where on the buildings the planes should strike. They also studied the architectural plans of the towers, too, and figured that with the amount of energy the jet fuel fires could potentially have, it would be sufficient to melt enough of the steel structure to have it pancake-collapse.

As much anger as the bastards stoke in me, they manage to placate me. I find their idiots dancing around me hilarious free entertainment. Real men and women would never go along with a hidden agenda. Cowards.

AJH said...

Answer to: Interesting, the "large male"...

I get plenty of obesers, as I call them, male or female. I don't know specifically what their reasons are, as missing years of recall can cover a whole lot of traumatization associations. It is proportional scale, different gravitational/electromagnetic signature or just to incite loathing/disgust? Don't know, and it could be all three for all I know. Though it does seem for fatgirls they are sampling to find the point at which I will change my determination from acceptably plump to unacceptably (read, Unfavored) grossly overweight. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Here we go, this answers...

I take it as legit that the Great Turban Visage has been nixed. No one knows so far as to how effective he might have been as an essential prisoner in his so-called mansion, not able to go out, worse than a TI's fate in some ways. I found the analysis on TV to be most interesting in that the present "Arab spring" of uprisings for greater democracy in a number of Arab states had no Al Queda support, and was in fact, the very opposite of what Al Queda was attempting to achieve. It does make me wonder about a number of the factors that have come into play and how. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: There's a pretty good chance...

Hard to know if did a deal with the perps, or if the perps do their MC thing, and then technically assist the nefarious deeds of 9/11. There is some video footage on showing the World Towers cladding/facade blowing in the wind and then just dissapating into dust. Even the towers themselves seemed to nearly entirely convert to dust, and not heaps of beams and rubble like one would expect. It is all very curious to say the least if one is looking at conventional physical forces only. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Here's another tactic...

Yes, this is an ugly scene for me too. My brother, his sort-of-girlfriend, my mother and daughter have all been know to leave their bodily substances on and in the toilet, all of them having a concurrent eruption of bad toilet hygiene. And it is still going on nine years later. And add in my father's apparent dementia and incontinence and we have a full Feral Family of disgusting behavior that seems to match their perp abetting ones. Thanks for the comments.