Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Resume Write Up Obstruction

What is it about resumes that the perps are so excited about? Constant noise interuptions as I mention the word and deal with the protracted obstruction over gettin on with resume rewrites.Two employment counsellors of the last three years somehow "failed" to tell me about the functional resume design that is better for those with imposed working gaps. This on/off resume write up and job search game is getting very tired.

Other events of the day were to see my employment counsellor in the morning, and head to the First Feral Family house to do landscape maintenance to earn chump change and attempt to stay out of hoc, another place the perps like to keep me.

I got to the city bus stop and now my freakshow is regularly inhabiting the bus stop and not just onboard. First, they had a commercial 5 tonne delivery truck of a food distributor illegally parked in the bus stop zone and across an adjacent driveway. One dude was standing in front of the tailgate on the road, looking like he was part of the crew. Another was attending to the rear door, and I thought they were together. Another look a minute later and the in-street stand-there dude is now a potential bus passenger, now under the bus shelter on the sidewalk. Why he had to stand into the traffic lane behind the delivery truck is most strange, as no bus was coming anyways. I often get gangstalkers who insist on standing on the asphalt road surface near me standing on the concrete sidewalk, about to cross at the same crosswalk.

Said dude then follows me on the bus and sits across from me with his black shopping bag. Only later did I see that he had a blue ceramic pot inside of it, stretching the bag fabric. Only later did the perps let me in on the similar fact that they fire blue plasma beams at me from dark locations, and that this combination of a black bag and a variable blue ceramic bowl was to emulate the same circumstances.

Other later city bus freakshow was to populate the bus with some 24 gangstalkers, no matter it being quite odd that there be so many on the bus at 1730h (downtown bound on a Tuesday evening) with a very important Stanley Cup hockey game on this evening, Vancouver Canucks and the Chicago Black Hawks.

Then, with an evening to get on with resume writing, the assholes demotivate me to make the exercise pointless. Yet more of the protracted battle to get a resume rewrite done

About 15 screaming rage shows so far this morning, especially at breakfast when the opening of a new package of ground coffee (read, brown color prop of extensive gangstalking use), always an big harassment event. And too, plenty of heavy vehicle noise, though no actual vehicles seen, the perps backing off of the backup beeper noise that has been incessant for the last two mornings. Provocations to rile me up were finger tip jabbing from unseen force fields, pulling items from my grasp, crumb teleportations and extra-conventional gravitic resistance from being removed from the cereal bowl under running water. The ground flax seed has been particularly problematic as an excuse to have the ground flakes stay in the bowl, fomented by the fact thata the usual hemp seed ran out, was removed from the supermarket shelf in its entirety, and they wouldn't let me go to get it last night when walking past.

And today, I am supposed to get a functional resume written, bound to be another grevious thought-blocked vexacious exercise, having started this bullshit last night. No doubt it will be an all day exercise to then have sudden flashes of "insight" in the last hour before this application is due at 1600h.

I was finally allowed to get on with the dusting, being a sore point for the last week, as I cannot stand the sight of it. Then a sudden need to deal with the filing of papers that have accumulated since January, another pain as the assholes had me in the habit of filing them every day. Then a sudden lapse of good habits, which is the the signature of perp mind-fuck interference. There isn't anything or any activity they haven't obstructed and protracted, sometimes for months, even years in some cases. One isn't allowed to have functional competance for long, as it gets duly dithered in this long running, nine years now, life and mind fuck. Though from what I see in the news, and now knowing nothing is a coincidence any more, it seems others who are unaware of the physical world manipulations and remotely applied mind invasive technologies pay a steeper price. Though, they might be considered to be one of the lucky ones from my discouraged perspective.

A tapping attack from overhead, that somehow gets through my earmuffs. Then when taken off, a whistling noise erupts from the hallway. The whistling noise being something the assholes suddenly began with in 2002 when this insane harssment begain. Also, so in-apartment light flashes today, seeming to compliment noises arranged at the exact same instant.

Another 10 rantings or screaming at the assholes while making the standard lunch/dinner dish from scratch. Provocations like having food items defy gravity and hang on the upside down spoon are a sure method to crank me up, as well as crumbs that erupt from nowhere, as is planting water in the respective tubs of tapenade and guacamole. In the case of the latter they screwed me into getting the version with unlabelled red pimentos in it, another loathing, these speckled inclusions of red color. The perps have been heavy on the avocado and lime green gangstalkers, and guacamole fits their color  games pattern, but why the infernal red pimentos. And if allowed access to my own recall, I would of remembered that this was the game last year when I learned the same lesson. But as usual, I am not allowed to recall what I would of normally remembered, and got screwed into getting something I had no intention of getting.

The dim-down games continue; it was sunny first thing, and now dark enough to be when raining. They only let me open my curtains at 1205h, so it seems they need to piss with the ambient lighting conditions.

A screaming rage show over lines showing up in my resume that cannot be deleted. Open Source software means open rape, anything and everything.

I finally finished the resume before the 1600h deadline, by six minutes. It was a frantic, as it seemed like it wouldn't get done, and I was sabotaged the entire time, good for at least 30 screaming rage-ifications to the provocations; typo sabotage, inserted lines that I couldn't remove, bullet points that differed slightly in size over the same paragraph and no amount of re-bulleting and re-assigning format would work. I didn't need the tight deadline, and I got fucked out of getting on with the resume this morning. It simply defies my mind to understand what sick assholes would utilize remote influencing technologies for nine years to the same victim in order to enrage the individual at every turn.

A 30+ screaming rage-ification show when making and eating dinner tonight. Eating much the same food for nine years isn't enough, so they provoke me with faked touches, a flat bottomed plate rattling and vibrating at the slightest touch on a flat table, rattling the bottles around each time I opened the fridge, pulling items from my grasp and a few more. The assholes backed off on the extra-conventional kinetic salad games tonight, another one of their specialties.

Many text shrinking games going on this PC tonight; I leave a browser tab, and then come back to find they shrank the text (font size) some. This relatively benign nonsense has been going on for years, but has increased of late to be all evening. Even this Blogspot page got text reduced, along with slimming down the panel size into which I type.

Some reading from sites picked up from, said to be a search engine that digs into the hidden web. And that is said to be 500x bigger than the known web. All too conspiratorial, but I did find something interesting when searching for "MKUltra". Try your own favorite search terms and see how it compares to Google. It was that first introduced me to this, a result of tonight's browsing (hidden sites here). And it also got me a full body zapping with a simultaneous noise at one point, and have I said how much I like getting zapped? Enough to see that any involved perp rues the day they came on this project of hounding my ass for nine years and counting.

Enough of today's abuses, and some outside time tomorrow. Don't know if that is good or bad, but it seems they like to alternate these.

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