Monday, April 11, 2011

Cloud Flux

A brief blog posting, as I don't have much remaining time today. Plenty of perp action today though, especially with the First Feral Family matriarch and driving to a specialty tool store, and finally getting this wretched planted obsession put to rest. They have had me pumped to get the Japanese mattock for over 18 months, and each time I either looked at it and decided not to get it for economic reasons, or else I got totally screwed and "forgot". So today, I look at it again and decide (read, perp managed quality circumspection) that it wasn't the quality of tool I was looking for to do in-close gardening/weeding. And so my mother "noticed" a comparable tool, one I had seen some 12 months ago and thought would do the job but wasn't the subject of any kind of obsessing (read, planted ideation). And so the Japanese san-kaku hand hoe. was acquired, though not without the gangstalkers moving in on each side of me simultaneously, and the Fuckwits are getting to be most noxious as they want to stand over exactly where I was standing with the minimum of latency. Why don't they fuck the lives out of ballroom dancers instead? Hopefully this particular ideation bullshit is put to rest and I will now have relative freedom to not be bothered with something I chose not to get.

And the san-kaku hand hoe was used in the afternoon at the First Feral Family backyard, and the noisescape was duly elevated for the occasion with hot-rod muffler noise, lawnmowers, aircraft noise, neighbor throat clearing, passerby throat clearing, child-at-play noise, sirens and others in the customary noise choreography that accompanies my every move. (Extra perp attention to knives and other cutting tools has been mentioned in past blog postings).  And after my perp-abetting mother's post-lunch nap, she asks me how the new hand hoe was working, and puts on the usual ditz act to then pretend to not hear what I said, and so I am cursed to repeat the answer three times, instead of saying what I would of said, "you heard me the first time". That usually shut my father up from doing his "what?-what?" act, but for some reason the sickos won't let me apply it to my mother for the same bullshit. It is fucking tiresome to be among so many ditzes and bullshitters, all to repeat the same thing for some covert gutless psychopathic agency that has my family on retainer to be extra stupid. Not to mention the ex too.

And it was a windy and cloudy day, with at least 60% sunshine. It seemed that the perps were most interested in me using the new hand hoe in direct sunlight, then cloudy, then very cloudy conditions, and would repeat this cycle when I was working E to W, then when S to N, and again when kneeling, then crouching, and when bent over at the waist. Add in some adjacent digging with the garden fork where there wasn't the obstructions that made the hand hoe so effective, and one has quite a few permutations and combinations to work through, hence the unusual rapid cycling of sun to cloud, to deep dark cloud and back to sun again. Such is the perp imperative, as consistent as it is relentless, and especially with respect to outdoor lighting conditions.

And the red vehicles were out in force today for driving my mother around; four to an intersection, and having them cross paths, and three posted around me in traffic. Though, as we got further away from the First Feral Family house, they needed to add silver-grey and white vehcles around the red ones, either fore or aft or beside. Having greyscale colored vehicles, and I am including silver grey in this definition for this harassment totality, seems to be a standard practice for the perps, as they seem to perform a reference function that is needed the more I go to newer locations. Though, I suspect there are other  reasons, as the perp color games and harassment seems to be an iterative process. Maybe they are working through neural cell levels, going deeper and deeper, and are supported by shining lights on me from the myriad of vehicles that "happen" to stop and leave their headlights on. Many of the city buses routinely operate with their high beam lights on in the daytime. At any given location, at least 10% of the proximate night time lighting is on during the daytime; streetlights, building lights, house lights etc. I call it pit-lamping, the act of having light to attract the prey.

This blog posting is done, and soon I get to bed, and if it is like most Monday returnings from a First Feral Family house stayover, I will be kept awake for  some hours of head tossing, L and R side, usually after a noise, and filled with all manner of ideations along their themes they have been running for some years now, ridiculous as the content is.

PS: If you are into chem-trails, here is Orb War.


Anonymous said...

For some reason, they get on this tan colors kick, and sometimes a "gold' variation of this, and everything in between. Last night, I was visiting my female 'friend', and then the 'boyfriend' shows up. Someone dropped him off in a tan Subaru. I believe it has something to do with my dad having a tan and brown Sierra Grande GMC truck he bought back in 1977. He bought it from this one dealership, a very big one with many branches, and it so happens I was applying to this same dealership for a web manager position. That could be the reason for the 'visitation'. I get plenty of 'visits' from the purported boyfriends of women who are working in a place I am sitting at. It seems they are working on detection of 'threat' detection in both me and purported 'boyfriend'. And also, they feature look-a-likes of these boyfriends wherever I go. Like today, on my way to class, they had a doppel of the boyfriend of a pregnant girl who worked at a place I used to frequent.

And I am kept in the dark as to whether these pregnant girls with boyfriends really are pregnant, have a boyfriend, or all combination in between. I really don't know, because the perps play so many mind games with pregnant girls and boyfriends who sometimes aren't real boyfriends but operatives playing along with the perps' mind games. And I have no solid proof these girls are even pregnant in the first place. I get so many dudes in my proximity who look like they are pregnant, I am never sure. The perps keep me immersed in a false reality at all times, and it's also a controlled reality.

The idea is that these girls have boyfriends who 'show up' wherever I am at, if I happen to be around the 'girlfriend', and they usually look kind of mean and pissed off. But then supposed boyfriend is playing along with the perps' games, because I recognize the patterns/behaviors.

AJH said...

Answer to: For some reason...

The brown color agenda runs deep for the perps, part of the story being that they constantly interfere with me when taking a crap, sparing the details here.

But the inter-male anxiety-competitiveness is a decidedly hot research topic for the perps for me too. I also get plenty of spouse visits, where the spouse visits the work site of the other, where I am. I also get the "split couple" games, where they split apart, pretending to be unaware to then have me pass between them. It is my pet theory, in the absence of anything else, that one's body energies can interact with another's if proximate, and the perps don't yet understand all of these interactions, so they arrange us TI's to "happen" to meet the ex-spouse, spouse boy/girlfriend etc. of someone we know. All involved personel are used as bio-sensors for each other, with the perps hoping to understand all these more.

As for pregnant women gangstalkers, I get plenty of them too, and again, I surmise that they are extra-energetic as they have another person's energies inside them that are slowly increasing and complexifying. It is all too consistent to be anything but arranged. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I also have been noticing an aweful lot of "oil slicks" on the road when it rained. Or at least this afternoon, when taking a walk, I noticed there were at least 2-3 of them, and they were on the same street, on the same proximity. Either there are a good many parked cars leaking oil, or someone poured something oil-based on the road to produce the slick. I was mesmerized by the rainbow colors on the street, in a diameter of around 2-3 feet, consistent among the slicks. Also, one of the "mementos" left on the ground included an empty black flip-top box of cigarettes that had a rainbow pattern on the flip top. I figured the black cigarette box with the rainbow pattern was to "let me know" I had been looking at an oil slick with a rainbow pattern. Or maybe the perps were just into rainbow colors, and used the constant rain as an excuse to produce them with oil slicks.

They seem to be obsessed with such rainbow patterns. Funny now that I recall in high school, one of the research topics in general physics was to explain how and why an oil slick produced a colorful spectrum. The answer lies in the multiple layers of graphite, which reflect light at different thicknesses, causing destructive and constructive interference of the varying rays of light. Hence, a spectrum is produced. They seem quite obsessed with these "spectrums". Also, as a member of IEEE, the periodical was called "the Spectrum". And back in 1990, in the summer, when I stayed at University, one kid kept talking about the Philadelphia "Spectrum" (a sports arena). Maybe a coincidence, but that word/concept has come up many times in the past, and continues to this day.

Anonymous said...

I have been getting notions that I should get involved in retail sales, and learn the ropes, so that I might start my own business (retail). These have been coming on strong of late. Also, there were planted notions of going into real estate as well. To go along with these planted notions, they had an operative call me "Donald" when I walked in the door, which isn't my name, but I believe it could be a reference to Donald Trump, a big real estate Mogul.

AJH said...

Answer to: I also have been noticing...

Yes, I get plenty of "street slicks", and I to the best of my knowledge, it has at least two roles in investigating us TI's as we pass by, or over top. One is the color variations, as they get this localized spectral display, and the other is to do with their obsession of "earth energies", and provenance of the oil. I constantly get vehicular stalking from oil and gasoline tankers, even the recycle oil outfit in town, not to mention biodiesel as well. Another localized benefit might be the the chemical ether, if you believe in such, is also locally perturbed, interacting with our auric energies. Again, this is only my estimation of what they are doing based on many similar events. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: I have been getting notions...

The vocational notions are coming on even stronger for me after I wrote the posting two days ago. As of this morning, they say I am going drilling sometime in the next year. I have no such background or experience and would be going in as a laborer at age 57. The mantra is now; this too shall pass.

Funny about the "Donald" reference; that could well be true, as they like to plant oblique and direct references as to what is going on for the TI, even if the mind game du jour. Thanks for the comments.