Saturday, April 09, 2011

Thumpy Stereo Noise

Some kind of thumpy stereo music noise is getting throgh my hearing protecting earmuffs, as it seems someone wants me to hear it as I type away. I get a fair number of gangstalkers on the bus looking at their LCD screens on their smartphones and the like, and it does make me wonder if the perps aren't pumping something through these ubiquitous devices. Yesterday while working in the backyard of the First Feral Family house, my in-town brother arrives to take away the plastic garbage bags of weeds I had pulled out in the last two weeks. But first he had to go to the PC in the house and do some looking up, claiming he needed to check out used furniture, his hobby, while there. Once done, he was then in a big hurry in keeping with his act of being parsimonious with his time. Said brother was the one that somehow dumped the soil screenings on the doorway to the garage, giving him an excuse to sweep two kinds of brooms there while I lugged most of the plastic bags. Endless bullshit and faux klutzing. At least the old man is packed away in the old folks home so to relieve everyone of the red wine spilling acts that he would pull when at dinner. In one instance he somehow put the wine 6' up the wall for crissakes. And why do the perps sandbag me with dipshits all the time? A lifelong curse for some curious reason to go with the rest of their insane fuckery, noise and other abuse.

The perps got me riled up for at least 20 rage-ifications this morning, the most egregious being the unbidden eruption of coffee grounds off the spoon as it momentarily was over top of the coffee carafe. No shaking hands, spoon fumbling or any such created excuses this time, just plain blatant teleportation of coffee grounds onto the stove top with an even spread. They went beserk yesterday with over 30 rage-ications at breakfast, with the inaugural opening of the coffee bag seeming to be the highlight of breakfast time abuses. They cannot get enough color exposure games in with coffee, (read, perp brown color obsession), but it is always worse when a new package of ground coffee is opened. They wouldn't let me use the metal tie to seal the package as it was sealed below it, and I couldn't get the seal to separate. It had to be cut off with the scissors, and I had to use a black bulldog clip to seal the bag. This seems to be one of their very favorite items, as at least four differing packages have this to seal them. The zip seals on plastic bags rarely work for me, and often separate off.

Other games with new coffee is to place a white plasma beam inside the bag and over the coffee, much like they do elsewhere if they want either a color contrast, or augmentation. Yesterday, when switching to working over dark colored soil from grass, they put some dark green plasma beams over the soil to continue the color reference of the former background color. Sometimes it is predictable like this, other times the plasma beams come from dark corners, often blue colored ones. Though, they might  be switching to red now, as some red plasma beams came from the drain of the sink a few days ago.

This looks to be a Saturday shut-in day if one excludes the 30' trips down the hallway to the laundry room. Yet again, the underwear got linted in the washing machine, the latest caper that is getting beyond annoying. That "happened" the last load, and I ended up re-laundering just the underwear to get rid of it. Regular readers and TI's will know that the perps have an insane underwear fetish and sabotage need, and laundering plays a big component of it. The simpler explanation is that they want my underwear to have a different energetic signature than the remainder of the clothes, and so they sabotage them to get them re-laundered. The towels are under a similar restriction; they are washed with bedsheets or jeans, or else by themselves, as they somehow throw lint off in the washing machine that ends up on other clothes. I never knew towels to do this, and the last lot did too. The ones before did not.

The enforced restless legs torture this afternoon, where they are made to jump and hops with external pain being applied, a most unpleasant abuse. They wanted me to bookmark jobs but not let me apply for them. I have done this hundreds of times in the case of jobs that didn't get responded to and should of been. As for bookmarking, I am likely over 80,000 since 2003 when I got my PC back together and went online again after they forced me off in 2002.

The siren noises "joined me" for tea and chocolate about 15 minutes ago, and then repeated while I was cleaning the teapot at the sink. Moving from a seated position to standing is a big deal for the perps, and is constantly noisestalked. In this case my mouth was first full of brown chocolate, and only a few minutes later when cleaning the dishes, there must of been residual chocolate in my mouth for their noise-brown color comparison games, via the same siren noise input.

And speaking of brown, the perps let me take normal non-adverse craps for the last two weeks; no plunging, showers to clean up or other gruesome variations. Alas, it did not last long, as the last two have been adverse events, one requiring me to shower with a new bar of Pear's soap on the heels of the toilet paper roll coming to an end and starting a new one. Quite expected given the management of the sickos around what gets put into my garbage, usually three or more food items finishing up or starting at one meal preparation, with the respective packaging or portions thereof in the garbage together. They just cannot get enough of "packaging confluence" in one's garbage, and that includes toilet rolls.

The big question I have on the vocational front is pondering if the perps are going to repeat last year's spring time cycle, which was to hang me out to dry until early June for strawberry picking. I had a week of daffodil picking last year and then they cut me off, and nothing in the way of work, not even interviews, until I get a phone call from a farm to start strawberry picking. I got extra daffodil picking in this year, into late March, so maybe the perps are going to keep me "on the bench" as they say in consultant firms. (For non-billable dedicated personnel they want to keep on hand). Which is annoying as they already had me dipping into my line of credit, and it took two months to get myself out of that hole they dug in  2008 and 2009. As always, the perps just keep coming back for more, applying the same abuse in different locations or over time.

An interesting plasma flash stunt was pulled after tea-time; they flashed a 2' high x 1' wide red square outline in the kitchen some 8' away for a second or so, and then did it again from outside, behind the safety glass and the curtain. I don't recall them being so very specific as to attenuation of visibility of their plasma light flashes, but they sometimes will project an object in plasma form, offsetting it from the real object by a foot or so.

More job applications, and overhead clunking erupted as soon as sent off the email, or clicked the "Send" button on a company website. Funny how that happens, those coincident noises at the key action moment.

Enough of the dull and tired litany, and time to blog off.


Anonymous said...

Perps have this fascination with mannequins and the such. The local mob here in town put a mannequin that looks just like the one in this "video" in the window in the senior center. I've noticed that they positioned it looking towards my house. Perps love to use transvestite themes in their harassment. I suppose it makes them feel mighty.

This song, Arnold Layne, deals with a transvestite who liked to steal women's underwear and try them on. Sometime these asshole gangstalkers love to work into their themes. They are quite pathetic people.

AJH said...

Answer to: Perps have this fascination with...

I have one outside mannequin on my walking beat. The notion I get is that the perps want to distinguish recognition of real persons from a mannequin, for whatever neural energetic difference that they can detect. I often get noisestalked the instant I see someone, especially after a scene where there appears to be no one at first, and then I "happen" to see someone in a second glance. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

That must explain why they have mannequins set up in a couple different locations. I had not thought of that. One particular location, they had "sales racks" set up outside on the sidewalk, with some mannequins, or a setup which looks like something like it, with clothes on it for display purposes.

AJH said...

Answer to: That must explain why they have...

Outdoor clothing racks are a prop to have the clothes in differing lighting conditions for TI and others' color testing. The perps devote no end of effort to have their gangstalkers seen in artificial light conditions (e.g. flourescent, mercury arc, sodium arc, incandescent tungsten, incandescent halogen etc.) and in sunlight, also in various states of direct, grey cloudy, white hazy cloudy etc. So it seems that they want to do this with the clothes too, putting them outside in nice weather after having them inside for a time. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I forgot about that one: the differing lighting conditions (levels of intensities). They would be testing for varying degrees of intensity, all shades in between, to test out the sensitivity and threshold of both rods and cones, and lighting conditions where both are used simultaneously (i.e., mid-level lighting conditions). I believe the light we have in the back is Mercury Vapor. Also, don't forget about Neon as well. Where I eat at, they like to have me varying distances from the Neon "open" sign. Also, I've seen Neon signs on eBay going for 99 cents, so it seems they might want me to buy it and test me near it. Also, neon signs have high voltages, so I'm sure the EMF signature is a topic of interest.

AJH said...

Answer to: Oops, I forgot about that one...

My mistake, it is mercury vapor lights, (in the Cloud Flux posting?). And your observation over neon lighting is dead on; an EMF kick with the lighted plasma in varying colors inside the glass tubes is perp abetting of the first order. Thanks for the comments.