Tuesday, May 03, 2011

FFCHS Gone Amiss

Nothing like beating up one's own community, and TI's do it almost as well as the alien researchers who seem to be similarly afflicted with self-defeating behaviors. This might be old news to many TI's, but it serves to also signify how clued out the perps like to keep me. I had no idea this was going down in the early years of FFCHS.

Subject: Fw: FFCHS Dismantled the Truth Team's Efforts in 2004 ...

With Derrick/FFCHS' s latest attack(s) on our retired attorney advisor, Bob S., I
think our side of the story should be known.  The the truth shine.  There are
lives and TIs donations at stake and this is too important to "bury" and try to

www.CointelproToday .org
Most of the TIs don't know or remember that Derrick's group totally dismantled
our Truth Team, destined-to- be successful, campaign with Debra Dupree seven
years ago  -- Aaron stole our name, our concept and then took all of the TIs we
were helping -- with grandiose statements and promises -- and shunned BobS,
ostracized BobS, with Derrick's help.  Debra was a very powerful non-profit
organizer and left our group and  I was so disgusted at the time with the
brutality of FFCHs' competition for TIs, ( after a year of organizing the first
conference calls and bringing TIs together, across the country with Aderia's
help in 2003), I also dropped out.

Derrick is well aware he did this in concert with Aaron, with no regard
whatsoever that it was hurting everyone.   It has taken BobS 7 years to
resurrect our efforts.    BobS's strategy is for winning..... .....not spending
years on building up a non-profit corp and useless conference calls.   The
campaign for gathering testimonies for a congressional hearing that FFCHS is
using was also stolen from BobS.      That has been BobS's only strategy, and
he's in it to win it.

Anyone may forward this email, if they wish.

And there was a high level departure about two years ago, citing more inconsistencies of FFCHS management. I don't get into this much, activism to me is nothing but a joke when one finds that one's own reactions are governed to the enth degree.

I will post this on its own just to relieve my backlog of draft postings.

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