Thursday, May 06, 2010

Breadstalk at Yoga

And what is it about freaking bread that the perps so much need to place around me, even to the point of whole loaves being placed at street corners. Today, it was the batty fat woman offering free bread after class, duly packaged in the typical plastic bread bag. To be fair, she did this two years ago with a bag of bagels, and I deemed it batty and peculiar then. The perps will even set up bread stores adjacent to supermarkets for me to pass by, or even arrange the day old bread to be in bins for removal outside the store on the sidewalk, Another bakery takes delivery of the flour (sort of), by leaving the palette of flour sacks outside the store on a side street for my to and from yoga walk. The perps don't allow me to eat gluten containing bread, and haven't since at least 15 years ago when setting me up to feel zoned out after eating pizza the next day. I have one piece of gluten-free bread in the morning to arrange my peanut butter, or more lately, coconut butter, on each morning. Anyone else out there in TI-land get bizarre bread exposure experiences?

Then when arriving eight minutes early at yoga everyone was in place early for some strange reason, and I got into a minor discussion with the instructor where everyone sits, and I mentioned where the last two instructors sat, which of course, defines the seating of everyone else. The batty fat woman then said something to the effect that is what she had said prior to my arrival. It was only some hours later I was allowed to know that she was never there for the last two instructors, "happening" to show up just when the new one resumed after an absence some four weeks ago. More high oddness again, though relatively minor.

I am still getting the strange croaky voice today, "from" screaming at the sickos each day for some egregious gravitic nonconventional fuckery, though nothing to that degree today, so far. They even like to stop me from complaining when my mouth is full, "finding" a half inch wad of coconut butter on the floor that was of mysterious origin. They had the applied coconut butter flip up by itself yesterday when on the bread, needing to expose me to the underside of it for some reason. As mentioned before, they have manipulated the coconut butter's properties to be spreadable with a knife, and the do something to make it rigid and crumbly after it has been spread, so it can lift off in larger pieces. Perhaps this is their suggestion that it is time to revert to the practice of creaming it with the jam in a small vessel, and then applying it. This was done with the former properties of the coconut butter in its stiff and crumbly form. It is most strange that they need to fuck with it at all, never mind being so obdurate about coming out of the closet to front for their human experimentation agenda.

Though of late, they have been delivering more cataclysmic notions; first, enlightening me that there is a missing planet where the asteriod belt is, and that Mars got wiped clean of surface dwelling civilisations, and Earth is now their third round of whatever testing/abusing they are up to. Likely to be more bullshit, and aggrandisement of their agenda.

A 1.25 hour nap after lunch today, running as the lead-in before tea time. I get these sometimes, and nearly always is it preceded by online time for whatever reason. My mother has increased her napping habit of late, retiring to her bedroom after lunch, so maybe this aids the perps in some way, to minimize neural activity for their investigative purpsoses.

Another round of screaming at the assholes because of resume composition changes/sabotage that erupts after the file has been saved. A particular and long running fuckover issue for them is whether or not paragraph bullets are allowed, and where, and they will force an unkempt mixture in mid-presentation just to make it look like shit. I am further than the last time I attempted to update my resume two days ago, also another screaming rage show, though over bolding and italics. Not the kind of progress I am looking for when it comes to doing something.

Another crowd to accompany to the supermarket and back, the most obvious being the Fuckwit draped over the trunk of his sedan looking at his cell phone in the parking lot on my way there. And lo, if he wasn't still at some 10 minutes later when I exited. This time I noticed a passenger in the front seat waiting for him to finish. Talk about ridiculous.

And hounded in the supermarket again, one after the other kept popping up again, seemingly going for the checkouts so I go to the back and get extra groceries, and then go to the checkout, and these same fuckers are there, not having done anything. Others do trolls ahead of me and should be long gone when I get there, but no, they somehow delayed themselves so to be closer than expected. And a double negroes on me again, one of my in-store dogged gangstalkers was one in a light grey baseball uniform. Fucking hokey that he would be grocery shopping after a game. Another one outside, one of a party of six or so, strung across the full sidewalk width. Then a similar cluster fuck on the way back. Even a 10 minute return shopping trip has to be a big Fuckover event, and I suppose that dusk onset might have been the big attraction for the assholes.

Another round of getting fucked with while composing my resume; the assholes even messed it up after I stripped it down to text alone, no bullets, bold or centering of text, and then they still messed it up when I wanted to keep a modicum of formatting in RTF formating. This is the Open Office Writer, and it is a rich sabotage situation as they can hide behind the possibility that the document wasn't translated correctly. This RTF file conversion problem has been going on for over two years with Writer, and I refuse to believe it is anything but sabotaged, as it isn't even consistent within a paragraph when the entire paragraph was bulleted. Each was done in the same way, and yet some come out with extra indent distance and I cannot find a reason why. Given that the sickos are beserk over font changes and other text sizing, this can only be more of this insane fuckery that they have loaded up on me. Not my problem, so why am I getting jerked with when attempting to compose a resume? Eight years of this insane bullshit, and they won't let me spell either.

The assholes won't let me read this article on causality but if you can understand it, it may explain why they are so nuts about creating acausal events, say, separating the noise from the movement (which they do all the time to me), and why they are so big on data processing and interpretataion.

We are done for today; some diversions, some out and out abuse, and so it goes. Relentless life rape writ large.

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bread..and cult stalking

Gluten and yeast are what make bread rise.