Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Clean Teeth

A ringing rage show this morning; the coffee magically gushed from the Bodum carafe as I was gently pushing down the filter stem, lid on. One of those No-Ostensible-Cause events, as they won't even let me push down the filter stem in less than 30 seconds for the 8" it has to travel. And this time, likely in preparation of going to the dentist, the assholes decided to splatter the carafe, stovetop and stove front to the floor with coffee, their very favorite brown substance/reference, at least going by the Coffee Corps on gangstalking duty. And I was duly rage-ified to the max for at least a minute of screaming at the assholes, all at 0700h. Needless to say, the noisestalking started up during this, and follow-on rage-fication stunts of lesser duration were scripted to keep the rage continuity going for the next 40 minutes.

Then onto the dentist to get my teeth cleaned, and the city bus freakshow and more musical seat games. This time it was the blonde babe with the yellow (paper) envelope who got on the same bus stop as I did, and halfway there she exits, and the large fat woman in black walks the length of the bus to then sit in the just-vacated blonde's seat. Part of attempting to catch the blonde (Favored) "glow"/auric energy with that of an Unfavored fat girl. The dude force was also in place around me, one tailing me off the bus, and across the street, in a fugly green jacket, and still doing the scarf thing in May. And a negro woman on board as well; more of the Unfavored insertations it would seem. But no fugly negro dude at the dentist's office this time, but one never knows where the next one is coming from, or how ludicrous it is at times to see so many when they are less than 3% of the population, per demographic statistics. And the dude near me in the transverse seats on the rear wheel well, who was doing the lean-forward as if he was about to take a crap, did the full bus length walk, touches the paper bus timetables in the cargo area on top of the front wheel well, and then returns to the rear door to exit. Bizarre bullshit all the time.

And yet again, they had me make a piss in mid-dental treatment, just before getting the green rinse. I have never had to piss so often in the middle of events that I could reasonably wait for. And of course, here at online land, they force piss breaks at strategic intervals, say, before some select, copy and paste Windows actions, one of their all time favorite noisestalking events.

Other anomalies while in the dental chair were plasmic beams coming off dental tools, and not flare or abberations from my glasses as I didn't have them on. I get these when in the bathroom doing my own dental hygiene twice per day, this faux reflectace off objects with a visible white light beam that projects from the reflective spot for some 2" to 4". Like those attachments for camera lenses that create this flare from a fine grid in the attachment.

I see that someone tidied up my image files on my PC for me. I was in a three way mess due to partial and later complete recovery of backups of the 2008 pictures that disappeared altogether for a time. I had used a file compare/merge utility and got further into making a mess, though more orderly, and then left it that state, hoping for a better tool to manipulate files and directories. I tried a few, but none were up to the job, so I was going to use the first used file management utility but the directories that I created weren't there. Totally gone, and with a very unique name that could not be missed. Anyhow, the source, and the two backup directories were all the same, contents and all, so there was nothing to fix up any more. It is extremely rare that I get the perps cleaning up their messes, though to be fair, I don't really know for sure if some files got deleted. Another one of those mystery events that appears to be beneficial.

Some bureaucratic activity this afternoon; the ex is doing a pension split application and has misstated the years together IMHO. So, in keeping with the perp's obsession over paper and where it is from, all the way back to the paper mill, I had to dig out tax returns to 1999, and prove my residence in Everett going back to mid-1999. I find it most curious that some papers, like the rental contract with the landlord of a sizeable apartment complex, cannot be found, where other documents are findable. I have no knowledge that I threw them out as I have been most particular, especially since this abuse came on in 04-2002, because even the monthly utility bills will demonstrate residence among other things. And for that matter, strangely peaking power bills that were 40% higher for no detectable reasons, year to year, another one of those mysteries I attempted to resolve when the hounds of hell broke all over me. Then, having this same bullshit happen here means that they are at this same bullshit, jacking up my power bill for no reason except for gratuitous fuckery. This from the assholes who don't need to tap into any AC power source from anywhere as they can get energy from the omniplasma continuum as one researcher termed empty space.

That I got a sudden urge to file papers that had been lying around for months before "thinking" that I should get on with the reply to the pension managers per above, wasn't a fluke. Then with the papers filed, and after going down to the basement locker to dig in the boxes, why, I end up placing these new found papers where the other ones were, the just-vacated desk space. Funny how that happens.

Naturally my red shirt posse was in place at the office shop where I did my photocopying, ditzing around and then artfully taking up the post office clerk's time when I wanted to get a book of stamps. I gave up on that, and walked back. But what I cannot figure out is why the perps even plant the notion for me to get stamps, (or, let me retain my own notion of doing so), the one block to the office supplies store, and then set up this bullshit to stymie the accomplishment at the last moment. They also had me geared up to go one block more to the ATM to deposit a check, but in this case, notion retention wasn't allowed, and it was only when I was mostly home did I suddenly "remember" about the ATM visit I need to make. It is fucking bizarre that my intentions are getting constantly thwarted, down to the most trivial circumstances.

Some new pics;

This is the beam-on-me at dusk onset, the putative "cause" being a reflection, but a very focussed and unerring one, that repeatedly shines off the tower and onto the closed curtain. I have no idea what the concentric rings are over the tower, and another oddity is the building shadow is tinged with navy blue. The shadow is of this building I live in, and there is no conventional explanation for a blue tinged shadow, the only possible cause which could be errant building glass reflections, and there is no glass that would cause it. Taken together, 04-24-2010, 1743h; the inside view of the beam, which sometimes can illuminate the room, getting through the curtain, but not this time seemingly.

Taken 04-30-2010, 0938h. Nothing wacko, just generally an odd arrangement of greyscale mid-greys that match the navy blue tones, two of them. Three mid-grey vehicles with one just moving into the picture on the left above the rail. Other greyscale colors are the white van (a ubiquitous gangstalk vehicle), and the black Mercedes with the odd extra reflection off its roof, presumably to reduce the blackness. And even the motorcycle cop gets in on it with a mid-grey motorcycle. Is there a TI out there that hasn't been aprised of who the police really work for?

Back to work again, getting screwed into eating Malteasers and two 100g milk chocolate bars, on the heels of getting my teeth professionally scraped and cleaned. The never let up. And a round of screaming at the assholes as they wouldn't let me operate my fingers to open the bulldog (spring metal) clip to seal the half empty Malteasers bag. They like to do this, as there is some kind of gain for them to be had with stressed or compressed metals at hand, and what better time to then enrage the victim so to get more energetic interaction. Maybe only 15 to 20 seconds worth at full volume. For the first time since 2006 they are letting me rage-ifiy at full volume, as they wouldn't let me before. No complaints so far, especially after this morning's fucking outrage, per above.

Some troving online to chase down map cabinets as I have been the one tasked to put them online for sale for the First Feral Family. And lo, if I didn't upload those pics too, but to my email account so I can view them from elsewhere. Not unlike above picture uploading. And that is how it goes these days, commonality of action, syntax or even phonetic sounds in differing contexts and applications over the day. All part of the relentless grind down.

Enough putzing around, time to post this and call this sometimes incendary, and sometimes dull day done. (Then there is the alliterations that get scripted over and over).


Anonymous said...

about 20 people got onto the bus this morning and guess which one decided to sit next to me... The last person on... after everyone had passed me by...

A thug, shaven clean baldie with a fat silver watch. Whether Mafia or ex-intel is anyone's guess. They have me on radar.

AJH said...

Answer to: about 20 people got onto...

I am always the last person anyone (that is, all being organized gangstalkers) will sit beside on the bus, and it has been that way for over 50 years, and I could never figure out why. Or at least, until the harassment went overt, and then it made sense, orchestration of my entire life down to the last detail.

They definitely like to "sweep" the victim as much as possible before installing a seat mate on the bus. That is, get the maximum number of passing gangstalkers before changing the dynamic with a seat mate. Thanks for the comments.