Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nap Attack

A 50 minutte nap just ended, and I suppose it is a better deal than yesterday where they put me through the preliminary nodding off while seated, and then wouldn't let me sleep after 15 minutes of horizontal time, only to bear the noise parade.

A shut-in day today, and the usual dullness associated with that. I don't know which is better even; dull shut-in time or else gangstalked action when out in public.

I applied for an advertised job at the farm I worked four months at last year. I saw the job posting yesterday, and than again today, knowing I didn't have to dress up my resume much. The nature of the known farm employment seems to be that they don't keep track of former employees, and don't bother to even try. Last year, it was much the same circumstances; a May job posting and they never contacted me, even after a second phone call. This year I have four months of work with them, though that may make no difference to employee continuity, given the past experience.

And I might have moved up the job rejection ladder a notch; I actually got a rejection notice from an organization that I thought I had a good chance in at least snagging an interview. Better than no notice, but it amounts to the same, and this bullshit orchestration the assholes seem to relish when it comes to one of their favorite Fuckover themes; employment and/or lack thereoff. Earlier this morning I was playing web page monitor on behalf of my brother who was moblie, doing his garage sale sorties. He needed to know an address that hadn't been released until 1000h, and kept phoning to find out if it had been added to the  online ad copy. Last night he told me it would the estate sale location would be revealed at 0930h, but when I red the ad, it said 0930h, though it was 1000h when it actually happened. So he sucked me into an extra hour of monitoring from the outset, and as it turned out, an extra 1.5 hours to bump up the phone contact duration, at least five phone calls, aided by the fact that he won't look at his mobile phone messages. Then, when I had just recited the address to him, his cell phone cut out, and I had to do it again. It seems even the act of making contact with someone is a stalkable/fuckable event, so I can now add that to the increasing repetoire of perp obsession themes.

And related to the perp's employment obsession theme, said in-town brother asked me last night what I was doing tomorrow, and I told him "nothing much". Even the concept of idling one's time doing squat has been known to be of intense interest, and it might be why this spell of no employment has been brought on, since two weeks in February after the daffodil picking ended. I was also asked three days ago during a First Feral Family get together on Mother's Day what work I had found. It is rare they even ask me, and also interesting that last night's call from the in-town brother was on this theme. They know exactly what my disposition is, long before I do, and they know all the themes the sickos are working on, and then set up up with these (playing) dumb ass questions. And who knows, maybe the entire world economic downturn is due in part to the perp's interests in quantifying their concepts around employment.

I had great ambitions to get a new keychain today, one with a short knife blade on it, but that motivation somehow slipped away, and I had to be content with looking at them online. The perps like rendering me with "warm up" activities, say, catalog shopping, and then pour on the gangstalker resources when I actually do shop for the item, the big word being instantiation, making intentions/plans in this case, real.

And I am stil not allowed to get onto the Oracle studying material as I had planned for over a month ago. The zeal to get Linux literate, or more like, to re-invoke my Unix knowledge, has also lapsed, and that 750Gb drive in the tray that fits the replaceable drive sits on my desk unit, untouched. A fucking piss off to say the least, as that is what I wanted to do, and prepared for. But as mentioned many times, the perps do like to have magnets about me under their introductory terms, and that the disk drive being rotational magnetic media sitting some 2' from me on a bare wood shelf just might have been what the whole deal was about. And I see the Linux book has it front cover springing into a permanent arc, the usual fate of books in my proximity, revealing the first few pages past the cover. Been there, done that.

I found that the Mind Control Forums site was gone, and it is now part of Eleanor White's site, MCF. As usual, I was the last to know.

A screaming rage show over a sudden rush of cognitive impairment over finding, and then not re-finding links to update my static pages, per above discoveries. The assholes can stop one from any cognition while reading, turning it off and on again and having it not register. One can read, and re-read a list five or ten times and only "find" the desired reference when the assholes permit cognition. This bullshit has increased of late and I am getting fucking fed up of being subjected to cognitive impairments that have never been experienced before, and can suddenly be relieved. As always, it is the FUD agenda, along with their personal infliction that compentance is not allowed.

 More fucking games in arranging a phone call when I was about to save the blog posting and go back to the postings list. The infernal cable company, aka ISP, wants to sell me television, which I tell them that I don't have one, which is technically true. I have a external TV tuner (likely outdated now), but have no wish to watch it anyways, save perhaps the hockey games of late. I get no end of ads and disruption of normal viewing that I got so pissed with it back in 2004, that I gave it up then. I get my weekly TV/EMF bathing once per week when making a Sunday First Feral Family visitation. I suppose too, it is all about keeping me isolated from the mainstream, and I really don't have much to talk about if the subject is about TV content.

I suspect the perps are working me over with various male-ness characteristics, one being voice alone, no visible person, hence these phone calls when the ISP said they wouldn't call because they know I don't have a TV. It used to be a woman doing the soliciting, and now it is a male, and I reckon the male aspects of the seeming traumatization associations of my early years, (specific memories deleted) are still being remedied by the perps. They have placed many more males around me on the bus, and they even put on a white panted one yesterday. For some reason I loathe the sight of sloppy white pants, and here was this Fuckwit arranged as the only gangstalker on this 80' section of sidewalk in white pants and a green jacket. I didn't bother to look when the gangstalker was close, as I can figure out from 80' away that he was a setup.

I get the dude talk outside my door again, this while having tea and feeding on chocolate, getting fucked into eating two 100g Milka bars. At least three prior enragements beforehand; sending me to the wrong cupboard, replacing a crumb under my fingertip that I had brushed off, and then making the chocolate bar stick inside the opened packaging by some extra-conventional gravitic fuckery.

Yesterday I got the dude talk from outside on the balcony, opposite side, and as soon as I started remarking out loud as to its likely reason, why, the dude talk increased in volume so I could hear it at the same level while talking. Usually one's own speech will drown out most background noise, and this would of been the case except the putative dudes' voices got louder without any change in their pitch or expression. Funny how that bullshit happens.

Music listening tonight with a background chirping that has an unerring knack of chirping just when I bookmark a site, move a bookmark and the rest of the pC minutiae the sickos hound me over, 24x7

For a laugh, John Prine and Iris Dement, In Spite of Ourselves.

This one is done for a dull shut-in day, so they will be all over me tomorrow when I make my first entrance in gangstalkland.


Anonymous said...

They pretty much have all the bases covered with their "research". The voices is one huge component. They used to make a huge deal out of presenting "voice doppelgangers", i.e., guys or gals whose voice sounds like someone I know. There could be other permutations on this theme, such as the voice sounds like one person, but the face looks like another, and the physique yet another.

Then, they have the "unfavored" voice characteristics, such as males whose voice sounds weak and cracking, like someone dying of cancer, etc. Then there are the "age-related" voices, planting the notion that one guy's voice sounds old, while yet another sounds young, etc. Then they do the same thing with females, doing the comparison between "girly-girl", and more "macho type girl" voices, i.e., lesbian-like deeper voices. Then there are the varying shades of "in-between", having fine tonal colors of everything between masculine and feminine female voices.

They used to employ one very "white American" type girl, but with a voice that sounded all sensual and distinctly French. Now I don't see her much.

The last time I saw here, I helped her take out the trash. While I was outside gathering the trash she dumped over the railing above me to put it in the dumpster, she showed up on the balcony unexpectedly, and started throwing boxes down around where I was standing. I did not notice this "surprise attack", so I was shocked to see these boxes just falling all around me. I looked up, and there was the girl, smiling all devious. At least she wasn't smirking.

AJH said...

Answer to: They pretty much have...

I get some 20 to 50 different voices per day, as in them manipulating my voice box and having my voice change. I know when it is substantially different, and no one ever says anything, for those that do know my voice. They learned how I can recognize voices and can also block my realization of a differnet voice planted on me.

The most strangest of voices I have heard was an attractive blonde woman as a staff member at a big box store with a cluster of staff dudes (at least four), around her, and she had this deep manly voice when giving them instructions. I don't really understand why they put all those Favored (blonde woman) and Unfavored (dudes, masculine voices) traits together for me to witness this idiocy, but there it was.

Tossing brown cardboard boxed past you at the dumpster? If my interpretation is correct, they just love to plant cardboard, that particular, almost universal, color of brown, and use them as in-street or on-bus localized color references, even having passengers packing flattened boxes on the bus, now twice. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, forgot about the color of brown and cardboard boxes. It was definitely a sneak attack.

Also, there were some bizarre weather occurences today. It was very bright and sunny, real nice, yet, my eyes deceived me or I could see rain outside. It kind of looked like dust falling, because it was a rarity for me to see rain when it's bright and sunny out.

It continued to rain off and on all day. It was overcast and gloomy, yet there was no rain. All of a sudden, the rain just started falling, almost on cue. Then I see this dude walking up the street, and he says to me "What's up with this rain? What's up with this rain? It's like someone said 'FU!!'" and then he imitates a pressing of a button, insinuating that the perps caused the rain. I said "yeah, they can push a button and make it rain on cue like that". The dude was very careful not to deviate from the script given to him, and not to spend too much time talking to me. It seemed like he was trying to follow a script or cue, to let me know the perps made it rain on me on cue. It seems also that the perps were playing with various weather combinations: Sunny, yet raining. Then, it was overcast, gloomy, and thundering, yet there was no rain. And then they made it rain on cue. So they liked to play with weather permutations.

Other TI's mentioned this, that the perps seemed to be able to make it rain on cue, or make it overcast, at will. In the future, the perps hope to make the clouds form certain patterns on cue, in real time, like a monitor, but that's beyond their present capabilities. They just stick to creating rain and overcast conditions, or other combinations of those for now.

Anonymous said...

I got lots of people pulled over and parked somewhere. Yesterday, I had parked in this empty lot, so I could walk up the street and survey these houses for the Census job I was doing. When I got back to the parking lot, the Cable Guy was sitting there in his van. I left to go somewhere, and when I returned 45 minutes later, the Cable Guy was still sitting there in his van. He remained there for a long time. I suppose the purpose was so the perps can get a reading on me, via the cable guy operative sitting there. Then today, some hot blonde was just sitting over in the intersection in her truck for the longest time, even as I passed her vehicle. There was no traffic, which makes this suspicious. I was on foot at the time. Again, I suppose the purpose was to scan my thoughts via the blonde just sitting there in her car. The perps have a hard time reading thoughts unless there is a person present somewhere, hence the need for an operative just sitting in a car for extended periods of time.

They do this with people in restaurants, too. Like when I was in McDonalds, and they have some guy just sitting there in close proximity for long periods of time. It seems suspicious that those people would be sitting near me for such extended periods of time. But makes perfect sense when you consider they are operatives making the perps' remote sensing easier. In fact, it seems they actually require a person sitting or in close proximity to the target at all times in order to do this.

AJH said...

Answer to: Yeah, forgot about the...

Weather engineering; a big time perp interest/activity, though it may be different for each TI. In my case, I have had these customized "fairy rains", where it is very light and localized, and arranged usually when I am setting off somewhere, driving or walking. And mixed conditions of sunlight, light rain is also very commong for me. Wind is another perp interest/controlled variable, and they will even arrange a wind around me alone, some 4' radius that doesn't affect anyone until they get that close. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: I got lots of people pulled....

Gangstalkers on "sentry duty" as I call it, where they hang around for no apparent reason, or else, sit in their vehicle for protracted durations; very common for me. The perps seem to need a more permanent gangstalker at times, ones who hang about, often being there for the return trip of the TI, over an hour later or more. And of course, if they look stupid, or obvious at first, the perps like to be able to compare the neurological energetics of this recognition to seeing it for the second time, coming from the opposite direction usually. Direction of travel and cardinality are always huge perp parameters they like to investigate/test, especially over time. Thanks for the comments.