Monday, May 31, 2010

Doctor Visit and Gangstalk

A 10.5 hour sleep at the First Feral Family home last night, all to shorten up my morning there as I had a 1300h doctor appointment. My mother needed to go out to an appointment in the morning, and lo, if it wasn't within a half block of my appointment location. I drove down with her to drop myself off, so she got to re-visit the same location. I do all the driving now, as she is too scary a driver for me to tolerate.

The dude flush seemed to be the big deal in the waiting room, my doctor being 15 min. late again, allowing lots of weirds to circulate and then a sudden flush of dudes just when he called me in. One of the yoga classmates "happened" to be there, first sitting across the room and avoiding my gaze when I saw her, and then coming over to side beside me when she made out to notice me. I was deep into an article about a nearby dam removal project on the Elwah River, near Pt. Angeles. Us Cascadians like to be aware of our region, loosely from N. California to Alaska. Or at least, that was/is the planted notion, and of course it won't become a political reality; my interest is from a regional and climatic perspective. But it is interesting that the very first US dam remediation project is going to happen 30 miles from here, across the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Does that have a perp connection? I don't know for sure, but I know they are interested in natural history and ecosystems, not to mention polluting and degrading them, so maybe a remediation project is also planned by them if they have been monitoring the natural world as much as I think they have. And I do know the perps have the ability to remotely remediate trails in the bush, having them nearly disappear within a month, much faster than it would if left as is. It seemed to be something they wanted to show me back in 2004 or so.

The doctor appointment was freaking useless, and seemed to be a big deal for the freaks (aka gangstalkers)  outside, then inside the waiting room, to then parade outside the doctor's office on the other side of the building, visible through his windows with some kind of plastic cover on them. The appointment also seemed to be about having me yack on about one of the perps' favorite topics, employment and the difficulties around getting it. No medication changes and no surprise from him when I indicated there is some very uncharacteristic lassitude going on as to not preparing for the Oracle certification exams, especially when I got myself geared up with removable PC hard drives, another book, study software etc.

Other bullshit besides the parade of odd dudes in the waiting room was the woman with a small child, 3 or 4, and lo, if she didn't happen to bring in a bubble kit for her kid to play with fucking bubbles in the waiting room. I have never seen anything quite so stupid as this bullshit, but there will be something in short order to top it. I have had other "bubble attacks" in the past, and like always, it must confer some localized advantage, especially after waiting 15 minutes and having my yoga gangstalker seated next to me to chat.

And the gangstalkers wanted me to see the dudes in white loose pants again, planting them outside at a corner for me to first drive by, then walk by, and then walk away from. And the fucker was blocking egress and only moved when I was 9' away, leaving a narrow opening for me to pass through, which was exactly where he stood. I believe I have mentioned that Fuckwits loitering or gangstalking me in white pants is a bid deal and that the theme gets plenty of repetition. They also like to "blonde-fiy" the white clothes look, placing the odd blonde babe in white clothes at strategic locations.

Other freaks out and about were negroes; three instances perambulating on the 10 minute drive to the doctor's office, and then a regular gangstalker one crossing my path after the doctor's appointment. As if the extra display of negro skinheads on last night's TV wasn't enough, the CBC putting on their scary bald negro dude after the equvalent on 60 Minutes. And a special one hour on John Gotti Jr. on 60 Minutes last night, looking rather skinheaded and loathesome from my managed perspective, so no doubt that fitted the sicko's agenda. I don't know exactly what it is that the perps have about skinheaded/bald males, but they make sure I find it totally disgusting, and all the worse if a negro variant. One of the ACHES contacts, Lynn Moss Sharman indicated on an interview online that they would shave the heads of the "patients" at the infamous Dr. Ewan Cameron's clinic in McGill in Montreal in the 1950's, and as mentioned in past blog postings, I lived in Montreal then for two years, and have nearly no recollection even if I was forming permanent memories in the first year, 1956. And these shaved heads would then be marked with tattoos for permanent reference, and lo, if I don't get plenty of disgusting tattoo bearing gangstalkers as well as an inordinant number of exposures in print and online. Funny how that happens, and a host of new "reactions" to these ongoing  exposures/triggers "happens" so often.

A tea time break, which nearly always includes chocolate. That being the brown mouth contents that the perps so covet, and I assume, attempt some kind of neural energetics interaction by remote means. The chocolate is a three times per day event, and incurrs an inordinant expense that is totally controlled. There was a week or so when they totally turned me off of it, including the smell. Presumably this was some kind of reset event, or baseline case they needed to make. Who knew they were so totally beserk over this color, and finding out my interactions with it? And never mind the shit games in the bathroom that have persisted ever since they invaded my apartment in 04-2002.

More online time tonight, getting into deep review of the SOPHIA airborne telescope, a 2.5m parabolic mirror telescope to observe IR light above most of the water vapor in the atmosphere, to fly at 47,000 ft in a converted 747. Knowing a little about the aircraft maintenance business, and the delicacy of making modifications to them, it was quite a feat to cut the fuselage half open to create an opening in mid-flight for observing nightime conditions, and to support all the weight of the mirror and door fittings.

The perps started me on an IR observatory images kick over a year ago, having me check out the rare IR images of the moon, and that there are some decidedly strange and artifactural objects there. I might of linked to it, but I cannot be bothered to chase it down again, but it is interesting that the sickos like to keep me on top of IR photography, and even having me fanticise about getting a camera that is modified to collect these heat sensitive wavelengths. I am sure there is a wealth of oddities to be found, even in my immediate circumstances, and in my early high abuse harassment days with my film camera they never planted the notion of doing any IR photographgy. Chances are they would be prepared for it in advance and leave a few oddities to further my quest to quantify my state of duress at the time. They never like anything to be conclusive, and like to create enough FUD such that I will attempt another investigational effort, even if unattainable in hindsight.

More games tonight with the faux reflectance off the residential tower glass windows I can see. The residential tower that is about120' away overtops this building by a considerable margin, as it is 17 stories I believe, and I am on the 6th floor of a 12 story building. I have photographed these faux reflectance events in previous postings, and they all came from about the 10th floor or so, higher than this apartment, and had the unerring knack of beaming into my apartment. The last two "beamings" have come from the 15th floor or so, considerably higher, and ones without a direct line of sight unless I go outside to the balcony. These recent higher floor sourced "beamings" can reach some 12' into this apartment, which means the assholes are somehow bending the light path to get around the overhead balcony from these higher floors. Or, at least, that is the way it seems as I cannot otherwise account for any indirect methods of delivering light through the medium of air.

This trio of residential buildings that are used to deliver this faux reflectance over the evening from 1700h to 2030h at this time of year were also augmented in a unique way tonight. The last most residential tower was beaming in a reddish orange glow as I sat at my desk in direct line of sight, visible through the curtains. I have my tea and chocolate at about 2040h, and while cleaning the dishes and behind a wall (not in direct line of sight), the sickos decided that I needed to be exposed to the same reddish-orange light. So... what they did was create this same color of light and have it flash off the inside lenses of my glasses and to my eye. The assholes kept this up for a few seconds until I moved my head, and then took another shot of this same light via this same method. Not that it was especially bright, but there was no natural/conventional source for this light, and it matched the more distant light of the same color I was witness to some 10 minutes earlier, before I had tea and chocolate. I mention this only as an example as to how obsessive and rabid the perps are, and to reiterate the degree of their invasive fuckery and its relentless continuance.

Thats all the news and abuse today, and onto bedtime and see if they will let me sleep tonight. They typically grind me on Mondays, seeming to want to extend the day and the conditions they impose.


Anonymous said...

They just had the crazy back African American gangstalker (a woman) come in today. She was acting all kinds of crazy, "jamming out" to the music she was listening to. She was really going all out of control singing along with her jams. I guess it's supposed to mirror my listening of some 70's soul music the past couple of days, in the privacy of my house, or course. This crazy chick was really putting on the crazy act, complete with wacky singing and dancing. All kinds of weird dancing. I guess I should say she was doing a bad job at dancing, but whatever.

Then they had these two black dudes parked on their front porch saying "goofball" loud enough for me to hear. Maybe it was to torment me, because I had witnessed the crazy black woman jamming to her music, but I was getting tormented by it, just sitting there behaving myself. So of course, they want me to think I'm getting the blame for the goofy act that the gangstalker was doing.

And of course, I can't fight these f--ers, because they mirror all of this baloney on major web sites, like yahoo and major news sites. The perps do have some major connections. I've seen this crap mirrored on web sites in various foreign countries as well.

Most of the time, I am putting forth some strong efforts to ignore their idiots out in public, who are trying to get me to react by their own unfavoredness and the bullshit they are saying to further provoke me.

AJH said...

Answer to: They just had the crazy...

Well, as blacks are less than 3% of the population here, per last census, I suppose they need to harass other TI's as surrogates for me. Not much consolation to be sure, but one can be certain that skin color is a huge deal in all of this harassment abuse. Thanks for the comments.