Saturday, May 08, 2010

Saturday Shut-in for Motorcycle Noise

A lengthy quoted section from another TI, off a TI forum, just to indicate that this bullshit isn't crazy talk, but happens to others. A cogent, organized and comprehensible summary; how can this possibly be anything else than directed, targeted and organized? Even the debunkers have given up on me, not that I am asking for another round of their nonsense. Try global warming denial instead.

I have been a victim now for several years including vandalism, break ins, knocking on the door at all hours , calls, trespassing all over - and i had a period where for almost 3 years all the batteries in the house would leak and my car battery kept dying - Triple AAA nor Subaru could not explain the car issue - all the wiring was checked - everything was fine but the battery would die.

The batteries in the house were all types from A to AAA to six volts and
in flashlights , remotes, cameras etc etc

my mom and I both become ill with circulation problems - she died of mistakes in the hospital while we were getting death threats and hate calls and the battery leaking was going on - and the first of seven pets become ill and died.

I had computer hacking as well

They would vandalize my yard and then use the County's Anonymous Hotline to report the vandalism - trash dumped or broken yard statues and bird baths etc as if I was a problem or slob - they ransacked my greenhouse and garage
and patio - cops would do nothing and I would get cited and told to clean
it up - the cops had to know it was not me - i would call to report the vandalism or break ins and calls and they would do nothing even when i got proof of some of the culprits ID's and license plates and phone numbers.

i hired an attorney - 3 in fact - who all told me to just move = they said the County told them that too - one of the harassers was a woman i had never met - never spoke to her til she called the day of my mom's funeral burial to tell me laughing that they were glad my mom was dead and that i should
drop dead too or move - she works at a very politically connected law firm tied to the County politicians and police - she was apparently the mistress of several of the married partners - she even made hate calls from the law office but the cop's would do nothing.

When I asked her why - she just said again - that i didn't fit in and should drop dead like my mom or move or they would make me.

i have had my credit hurt by constant credit checks and they have called my storage facility and told the man there that there were drugs inside so often he told me to leave even tho nothing was ever found inside.

where can you get help ? I have proof but no lawyer to help and the police are useless.

this has bankrupted me with legal fees, and repairs - seven pets died of cancer in 3 years - i went to the Vet School and they said the odds of that were a million to one .... i have been made emotionally and physically and mentally exhausted by all this and i have no medical insurance and no family and frankly friends just say move too but that takes money too

i tried to move last year and they blocked that too - i need one honest attorney to help me so i can try to leave again - they have won i am too afraid to live there alone anymore.

And so it goes; relentless harassment on all fronts, and no one does squat, and we all know the police are useless abettors, if the above wasn't known before.

What is with the serial motorcycle noise today, even getting through the earmuffs and when I take them off to plug my ears, the noise is at the same volume as when I had the earmuffs on.

More motorcycle noise, timed to when clicking onto a new web page, while bookmarking movies to see one day should I ever get out or prison. The fact that they sabotaged me seeing a purchased movie on my PC, all to have it and others sit around for four months, indicates that there won't be prison release anytime soon. Apparently, one TI passed on the scuttlebutt that all TI's will get released at the same time. Which if true, smacks of some gigantic spreadsheet where they fill in the boxes of the columns belonging to each TI listed across the top, until the whole thing is filled in.

Other planted bullshit that has been playing in mind of late is the cataclysmic line; we destroyed the planet that became the asteroid belt (beyond Mars), we wiped Mars clean (but didn't destroy the planet), and now Earth. As Richard Hoagland said, "the lies are different at every level". But what do TI's care about such long range future portent? Not much, as the minute by minute and day to day existence is so fraught that we don't give a shit, and besides, being in the ground looks a whole lot better than the present existence.

Laundry day earlier, and the ususal commensurate motivation to clean this place up, the bathroom's turn today. The perps do like a different soap/cleaner to be used in the bathroom, often scripting a bath on the evening of a bathtup cleaning day. There must be some energetic interaction that is persistent from the cleaner (white liquid) they want to remotely detect that is imparted into me.

And they pulled a mind-fuck to have me place all three pairs of jeans in the laundry, as "somehow" I "forgot" to keep track of which pair is where, another never-before event. So I am dressed today in my stretch cordura hiking pants, the ones with ripstop nylon panels on that in fact do rip and also get the color bleached out some. This would be a first time I have worn them inside, as usually they are my outdoor working pants. I have never seen riptstop nylon lose its color before, but in this abusive gig, anything goes, even the unconventional. Apart from laundry, this has been a shut-in Saturday, and even the weekend newspaper hasn't been allowed to be purchased. Strange how a regular habit has become so irregular.

And I have been intending to phone a TI about her experiences in Montreal and New York state as a child involved in being tested and examined in clinical and military situations. This has been at the top of my list for over 10 months, and "somehow", I forget to make the call, even with the phone number on it. She didn't get her memories deleted like I did, and has been messed up as an adult. It was my intent to ask her what is so fascinating about motorcycles that the perps continue to hound me with their infernal noise, but also set them up as props for me to see. Funny how my motivation has been so uncharacteristically slack when it wasn't before. No doubt the sickos will be pounding the overhead ceiling/floor, all 12" of concrete, when, if ever, I make the call.

And another one of those arranged rental "mishaps". No rent increase this year, unlike the last two, and for some reason I "forgot" (read, mind-fuck recall deletion) to replenish the rental agency with a new supply of post dated checks. And of course they didn't phone or ask me if I was going to pay the rent. The last time they pulled this stunt they were on my case in three days, when the subsidy didn't come through in the mail. So.. what do they do? They wait until May 07, a Friday afternoon when I wasn't here, to give me a notice that I was behind on my rent. Like WTF? But, as mentioned, they ran out of post-dated checks and there was no concurrent rent increase activity this year to cause me to be reminded of re-supplying the checks. The timing was well done in that they planned it for late Friday, and the rental office is closed for the weekend, and so I get to have the yellow and white notice hanging around at my desk, along with the checks that I wrote out. And plenty of noisestalking while I signed the checks and made them out. Just too exciting for them it seems. Another example of pointless and dubious meddling for whatever reasons the sickos have.

Some foot jabbings over the past hour of touring blogs, and not being allowed to read the more interesting ones. It seems that they want only a introductory read, skip to the final paragraph and call it done. I never used to read like that, and if it was interesting I would read all of it. Not allowed now. The foot jabbings are like some thin needle was poked inside my foot, and that it can be relocated at will. And nothing is next to it, and there isn't any putative or proximate cause whatsoever. And nearly always my left foot.

Same deal again as this afternoon; tea break and eating chocolate, and then background banter starts up whith brown chocolate in my mouth. And same deal again, the motorcycle noise starts up while cleaning the dishes and the water is running from the kitchen faucet.

In another copycat stunt of yesterday, I was scraping the driveway at the First Feral Family home with a shovel to clean up the rocks that spilled from the wheelbarrow, and lo, if someone else wasn't doing the same thing, two doors away.

Some interesting music "discoveries" tonight, arranged with this background scratchiness noise that erupts when I bookmark or launch Google searches. Tres Chicas, though not for metalheads.

Enough of shut-in time today, and am let out tomorrow for FFF events.


Anonymous said...

On the Global Warming front, I've read the Sun's output is getting weaker over time, and due for a minimum sometime soon, a similar minimum like that which occurred during the Little Ice Age.

Anonymous said...

One of the strangest dreams I ever had in 2007 (during the height of my harassment) was I was laying on my back in pitch darkness and a motorcycle started revving right by my ear! This corresponded with an out of body experience and then a still crystal clear shot of a bright full moon photographically real.

I woke up after the moon image surprised that it was just a dream. It was 3am and no noisy vehicles are allowed near my building complex after 10pm, but the motorcycle revved for about 1 minute and was so loud it seemed to be in my ear.

AJH said...

Answer to: On the Global Warming...

I have heard of "global dimming" but I have not pursued it via Google, but the evidence is compelling. And if so, then we as a planet are in deeper than we know, with the present warming occuring with less sunlight reaching the Earth.

AJH said...

Answer to: One of the strangest dreams...

I totally loathe the Harley Davidson motorycle noise, and the sickos make sure I know it. And, they like to plant said motorcycles on the street, and even outside this apartment building for me to see, never mind hear. I have had the odd non-dream motorcycle noise as if outside my balcony six stories up, so it would seem the perps are calibrating us TI's on this particular noise, and likely others. The perps will even put on biker-like dudes around me, and have me hyperventilate in a faux "reaction" to even seeing these characters. Which suggests, along with the planted parked motorcycles as props, there are some deep associations that they are attempting to elicit. I have no idea why, but as mentioned before, there is at least three years of early childhood where my memories have been wiped. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

It looks like we are in deep trouble no matter what the climate. In fact, it seems plausible that this whole World Control via the perps and their control over their population is part of a "joint program" with the rest of the world. It would be to manage the population, to manage the hysteria as some catastrophic climate-related events loom on the horizon. It could be to get everyone managed and under control so widespread damage because of everyone freaking out over this climate-related catastrophes. Perhaps all of what we TI's go through is just to test a subset of the population on various control/surveillance methods which, should this "experiment" prove successful, could be applied to the remainder of the world's population.

That's just theory, though. Who knows what the bastards want.

AJH said...

Answer to: It looks like we are...

I am quite sure that much of the TI abuse agenda has to do with exercising these gains over a larger population by more convenient means. This seems roundly clear to me, as they can screw anyone into making any "decision" better than they could when they first went overt on me in 2002. I have been getting this cataclysmic drift from the perps of late; they blew up the planet that became the asteroid belt, they anniliated the suface of Mars, save the odd physical structure, and just might have like plans for us Earthlings. The usual caveats of course; almost anything supplied by the perps is likely to be untrue, or only partially true. Thanks for the comments.