Monday, May 17, 2010

Early Monday Return

 A recent rare instance of getting back to my apartment after a Sunday stayover at the First Feral Family house last night. Even time to go online for an hour to the gangstalk fray at the local supermarket. And they were ready, and reprising me outside and inside. Two babes at the crosswalk managed to be in front of the coffee section when I was headed that way. Then while grinding the beans a Phillipino Fuckwit woman stood behind me on my L. side, then went to an adjacent aisle. Then she came back to stand on my R. side, before doing the Cheersing greeting to the male skinhead that was cruising by. Then she went to the right down an aisle. The coffee was finally ground, and then I went three aisle over to get tea, and the infernal Phillipino Fuckwit was there again, doing her looking but not shopping. I was exiting when another Thai or Phillipino woman was closing in on me, pretending I wasn't there and not looking where she was going. The skinhead dude was leading me out when the E. door was so much closer to the W. door he decided to take. Two negroes on me before I got in, and the usual parked van show in the parking lot. A navy blue unmarked Federal government van was in the parking lot for my inbound and outbound trip legs, one of the negroes doing his extra and senseless bicycle meanderings in front of it as well.

So... a long day in online-land, a Monday at that, when I had been busy at the FFF home for at least the past three of them. No emails from the flurry of jobs that I had submitted or closed last week, so it looks to be a dull week.

I even got a ride downtown to my place this morning, a rare drop-off, when I normally take the bus. I suppose it was the stops along the way that were important to the assholes. The filling of the gasoline tank on my mother's Ford Escape is always a big deal, and for the event they posted two Fuckwits next to the pump in red shirts, the Petro-Canada coporate colors. They also arranged a diesel or gasoline spill with brown absorbant on it, but strangely didn't cover the full 12' wide patch, the part I drove over afterward to get out at a specific intersection.

Then onto Telus to get a patch cord for my mother's cell phone only to find out that there is no such thing for that model of the phone, one has to text message the photos to one's email. Talk about absurd, but the blonde babe in the thick rimmed glasses seemed to know all about it. Then onto the drug store, also in red and white, red being the them color today, as there were at least six red vehicles in the parking lot within 20' of where I parked. My mother then put on the ditz act, long enough for the gangstalker parade to surge one direction, then the other, and a fat Fuckwit male with his putative wife two steps behind him seemed to the featured gangstalkers. Back and forth, and then right behind me at the checkout, and when moving the car, why, the Fucker was crossing in front of me, running through the parking lot, holding his (brown) Coke bottle in a most ridiculous arrangement to have it as far away from him as possible. Maybe to separate his brown-ness from the Coke's brown-ness. And it was field day for Coca-Cola deliveries today. Three large delivery vehicles were encountered by then, the red, white and the brown inside. And the drug store's color scheme was predominantly red and white, which is why I never go there, as It seems I cannot now stand the degree of red that they use. I have been through the "red shirts" exposure at other stores as well in past weeks; the infernal store called Crappy Tire and Battery was another 20 minute bullshit shopping trip with my mother doing the ditz thing again, and a fat sucker in red doing the honors of telling us where the grass seed was to be found. Never mind that there was George Forman appliances my mother wanted to look at, and lo, if he too wasn't pictured in a red shirt on the box.

Shut-in days, or extended do-squat time, seems to be a big deal of late, and the weather this week will ensure that does happen. Past is prolog in the targetted harassment existence.

Time to do a little conspiratorial hypothesizing; school massacres and like rampages, this time in China. I cannot count how many there have been, but maybe these two articles have the count, here and here. And another one today,  this time young women were attacked. I don't see the frequency of these events as random, and they often happen at begining of term or end of term times. Given that my tormentors often inflict blood samples from me, sometimes with no cause in places where no object was placed, and that they have an enduring interest in pumping me with magnetic radiation (over 1600 Gauss in 2009), and that blood has magnetic properties, it just might be that the assholes need some direct blood to proximate location contact, especially in re-visited venues like schools. Then another one today, this time women were slashed before the assailant took his own life. I could go on at length on this topic, perhaps stringing more of my experiences and theories together, but I will leave it alone and only remark that many other TI's have independently come come to similar conclusions; they are arranged by the perp mindfuck games to further their objectives that are related to harassment and abuse of targetted individuals, and very likely a large covert cohort as well.

Now the vacuum cleaner has come by and stopped outside my door as I finished the above paragraph. And have I not remarked on the orchestrated arrangements of vacuum cleaners, all the way up to the large "suck trucks" that frequent my beat much more often than they ever did in the pre-overt/beserk days of this insane harassment? Funny how that happens.

Severe vision assaults this morning when first coming down to the kitchen in the FFF home; left side, then right side, then repeating vertical bars of central vision being fucked with, fuzzed out and also lightened in tone. It seems they didn't want me to see my light brown breakfast cereals all at once or something stupid like that. It fits the pattern on incremental and protracted exposures; either by vision, or by reading and cognitive impairments as well, which also dissapate over time. Plain fucking ugly, and a special baseball bat will be kept aside to mete out justice to the fuckers who cooked that one up.

A round of looking at Home Theater PC cases for the last two hours or so. The perps just love me to look at pictures of boxes, be they PC cases, HTPC cases, or stereo components or even cardboard boxes of the PC case boxes. All the while the outside noises creep into my ears, somehow getting past my earmuffs. Ditto fo the overhead music fragments that waft in, and when I remove the earmuffs, the noises stop. More exciting moments for the sickos, along with messing with my spelling so I will type a totally different word than intended. My error detection abilities have been compromised, so they don't let me notice the errors until typing the following word after the erroneous one.

Finally I am allowed to finish the third static page, the Day in the Life of AJH. The numbers reflect the current reality, an progression of abuse since this insane tyranny began.

An interesting link if you have an hour for video, or else, chase down Gabriel Stahler and vitamin D3 via Google. UVB is beneficial, UVA is desctructive. Vitamin D3 receptors in every body cell; skin, where it is formed, to immune cells, neural system, liver, etc. 10,000 to 20,000 IU for 15 minutes of sun exposure. And vitamin D3 also has antiviral and antibacterial properties. It also acts as a beneficial hormone when processed in the body's cells. Yes, the perps hound my ass over sunlight exposure, so I assume this topic is of interest to them - the noistalking started up when I started viewing this video. Even an interesting mention of chemtrails for intentional blocking of sunlight for testing the human population.

Another video, this time Bob Dean; "we are not alone, and haven't been alone, there are infinite intelligences out there, ... and we are very likely genetically engineered for the past 10,000 years". Cutting to the chase, and not wanting the government keeping the lid on our true history. Interesting that he knows that classified material is injected into the X-Files, Startrek and Taken; disclosure by stealth. A long one, 1hr, 30min., but some interesting photographs of strange objects repressed by NASA, and an IR photo of a underground city on Mars taken by the Russian Phobos mission that even took a picture of an object approaching it that knocked it out of orbit.

Enough slouching for tonight and onto the keep-me-awake-show.


Anonymous said...

I noticed that about vacuum cleaners, too. They loved to have the operative turning on the vacuum cleaner, just as I was approaching the garage worker who had been doing clean-up duty. Also, one time, they had the entire sidewalk blocked with one of those huge "suckers"... a truck with a huge hose, like an huge vacuum cleaner.

I was starting to wonder if there was some subliminal component to the vacuum cleaner harassment, i.e., maybe they were suggesting liposuction. At leas that's what I thought at the time.

AJH said...

Answer to: I noticed that about...

Nooo... no liposuction for us TI's, just the celebs. The "suction thing" is all about, IMHO, creating vortices in the proximity of the TI victim, which interact with our own energies, especially if they have charged the victim with extra magnetic energy, like me, over 1600 gauss last year. So, by having local vortices, and I mean, some 20' to 80' away, they can remotely detect extra energetic interactions with the TI by way of interference of the two sources (plus others, say, gangstalkers). Check out;

Thanks for the comments.