Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Zap and Silmutaneous Ear Noise

A zap occured as a whole body sensation as outside clunking and clicking in my earmuffs erupted. I was thinking the perps were assholes at that very moment it occured, as they had messed with my keystrokes as the immediately prior instignating event. And it tells me that my determinations of them bbeing assholes isn't me that is "thinking" of this; a three way noise and zapping coordination at the very moment of thought cannot be anything less than planned.

An earlier meeting this morning with my employment counsellor. Nothing too much accomplished, but I did get to tell my story in good part, and the degree of orchestration and harassment and how past patterns seem to be fitting the current impasse; all trained up and ready to go on Oracle 11g, and nothing happens in the supporting realms of availible work as well as study for certification exams. A sudden and uncharacteristic demotivation erupted, and it wouldn't be the first time, though this is pissing me off considerably.

Heavy on the noise today, getting through my earmuffs. The raim games earlier, preceding my entry onto the street to cover the three blocks to my appointment earlier. The freakshow as upon me, starting at the elevator which "happened" to be positioned at the very floor I was at, and two Japanese people were in there, a female and a male, both 20's something. But they all know the drill; back up to the back of the elevator and have me walk in front of them to find some open space. He was in a dye job hairdo; Beatles style and with a red tinge to it. Then my swarm of four on the street coming at me, and then more, this time the quasi vagrant style who are getting too fucking close these days. Interpersonal space is under assault of late, and the Rude Corps aren't making any bones about it.

Then a flush of at least ten dudes in their mid-grey hard hats at the construction site, doing a cluster fuck at the crosswalk, waiting for the pedestrian light to change. And a partial sidewalk obstruction to force me onto the asphalt road surface for some 60' while the hardhats were doing their looking up and waving their arms. Then a pair of dudes standing at the last corner I was to make, one visible from 80' away, who eventually started toward me, the other was hiding behind the corner, making out that he was there to putz with his cigarette. Plain fucking stupid, having these Fuckwits on sentry duty at corners, or hiding behind them. Been there, done that.

I am allowed some limited reading on some metaphysical topics, the Mavericks of the Mind site being one, and plenty of interesting book references and links. It is a book, but although it says it is on the internet, I cannot find it at this site, just links to the Amazon.com listing. Have a look if you are into the metaphysical, and even the glossary I found interesting, processing it via my "paradigm shift" of being totally life raped and mind controlled, and still pondering what in the fuck do these insane assholes want from me?

Back to the Youtube screwover days, pre-Nov 2009; this 4 core CPU somehow "fails" when Youtube in playing and I am sorting bookmarks. Like WTF; an X58 chipset, an Intel Core 920 CPU, and it cannot run them together? More like the usual Fuckover games of having videos start erratically along with pops and clicks and on/off-ing the volume, video and desyncing them for the first five or ten minutes. Been there, done that. Then having me witness the same introduction again, the video going back to the start. And then have me get screamingly enraged over this bullshit.

Plenty of First Feral Family games earlier tonight; my in-town brother was having more email trials and tribulations, now on his fourth different email software to make it all worse. Being on the phone, EMF source at my ear in two tranches of 20 minutes each was the "warm up" event tonight. Then a sudden need to take a crap, with identical adversities to last night at about the same time. Funny how the perp's brown games go, especially around dusk onset.

Finally back on track; tonight, Richard Dolan, one of the most thorough and academic researchers on UFO's. An 1hr, 20min. video, the intro is the worst. He claims the majority of US history is inaccessible because it is classified, and not just the UFO topic. Astounding.

Then the perp background noise started up 17 minutes in, not blockable with my headphones, and so I gave it up being forced to close, then open (to get the link), then close the tabs again. Doing it over, and over again is the perps biggest fucking game going. Not unlike their useless looking public back and forths the gangstalkers do.

And I am getting extensive modification of this LCD display tonight; faint red and brown tones just erupt, especially behind text such as this, on a white backbround. No wonder they don't want me to read books as they aren't so manipulatable, never mind so bright as well.

It never ends; I was reading a seminal article on data modeling and object modeling, and lo, if the all essential diagrams were missing. Just another example of knowledge constraint that seems to be so important for the sickos.

Anyhow, time to call this one done, and ponder tomorrow's excitement. I cannot buy a invitation to get out of this enforced rut anywhere it seems.

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