Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Two Night Stayover

I two night stayover at the First Feral Family home, and I am back on a Tuesday, rather than the typical Monday. Partly it was the fact that I had some paying work for the whole day, and some to finish off today. It was the perp's long vaunted exercise they like to put me through; digging soil, pulling weeds, weed whacking, and a rare event of cutting live trees down. My in-town brother supplied his chain saw, fresh from the shop after me beating on him for the last two months that it needs to be fixed because it cannot reliably start. He took it in, and when he brought it round on Sunday, why, it didn't work worth shit. The clearing job got stopped in its tracks last year because his chain saw died, and lo, if he and his asshole minders didn't start the same bullshit again. But he did bring his electric chain saw, which worked when sharp, and I had to sharpen it three times within an hour as it kept dulling so fast, and I kept it cutting wood all the time, no soil or rocks.The perps like to interupt activities for some "fallow time", and I suppose this was their latest version. And lo, if when running this electric chain saw, at least one nieghbor from two houses away, started his gasoline powered chain saw up while I was running the electric one. And when on the last of the last large stump, the electric chain saw smoked up and couldn't be restarted. No gasoline powered chain saws allowed, and then they stop the job by toasting the electric substitute. Fucking bizarre. All my usual noise pals were out in force; the SAC bombers overhead, the trail bikes, the throbby Harleys and other road traffic noise that rises to the occasion, very often while in mid saw cut, or mid snip of the lopers for smaller diameter stems.

And then when the stump cutting was done, the roundup was applied to the ones that would sucker, and this too begets a serious amount of extra noise. After that, they suddenly forced a shit, and then a shower to clean up. And then they had me ready for planting some eight plants, the ones acquired three weeks ago to replace the rangy trees and problematic landscaping that I cut down. All very exciting for the perps to be cutting down and replanting in the same day. I wonder what they do with timber harvesting and tree planting jobs, and are covertly following them and causing the usual fuckups that I have come to know and loathe. Never mind, they have made me their focus study, code for abusive insanity gone amok.

No major bloodlettings while doing the above gardening activities, save some that "showed up" on my face, ostensibly from getting jabbed by pine needles. Quite the pine tree, and unlike any I have every known in 30 years of forestry work.

An evening looking at stereo gear online, slowly moving from PC audio to digital audio equipment and then to analog audio, sans DAC's etc. The sickos seem to not only like me looking at boxes (stereo gear, PC cases), but also attempting to form a vision as to how to put all this gear together; music servers, then network servers, ready made or designed from PC components. Who knows, as I haven't been allowed to listen to much audio for over six years, and I still haven't made it off CD's yet. No iPod or digital music files yet, being kept "frozen" with the complexity and backup needs and the rest of it. Never mind that my audio listening is highly curtailed in any event. But they do like me to trove through exotic and expensive online audio product listening, and about every two weeks or so I get put through this covetous script. Plenty of outside noise while bookmarking or while in-depth reading, and so it goes. A new keyboard for this PC would be nice as this one is getting especially spongey of late as well as entering more characters than keypresses.

Enough of the trite tonight, along with the endless on-display plasma games that cover this LCD display, what I suspect is the new irradiative containment device; in banks, supermarkets, police vehicles, on every desk and all covert irradiative delivery tested right here as the Prime TI if I may be so bold to assert special abusive privilege. As far as I know, I get the most harassment on all/most fronts.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I get the odd gangstalker putting on the classic "crazy act", i.e., talking to themselves, or pretending to talk to someone else they are standing besides, with the notion that they are trying to appear to be crazy to the target, except it's scripted. This act features: Incoherent speech, also there is singing out loud as well as doing the crazy body motions things, faking being spastic with the weird dancing. And again, it appears that they are crazy and just doing weird things to impress an "invisible friend", while kind of pretending they are directing it all to the person standing next to them.

This seems to be the classic gangstalker act. I don't get it often, but I suppose the demographic around here doesn't allow it. I also used to get this one guy acting all crazy and stupid and doing this weird loud ranting thing about just random stuff. I thought he might be dangerous, maybe a crazy guy who might do something to me. He was walking along my route en route to my house, waiting to "meet up" with me, so I can experience his act. At the time I thought he was truly nuts, but now I can see it was just a scripted act at the behest of the perps.

I also get variations on this, like the one time this young girl at the Burger Joint was sitting with her mom at the table. I noticed she was doing the rambling about seemingly unconnected topics "thing", as though she were imitating a crazy schizo talking with "word salad". Again, this is variation on the planted "crazy" operative that I get sometimes. It's rare for them to do this, but they do it to other TI's a good bit though according to what I've read. Maybe they did it to reflect that I was a little weary from working all day at the time, hence the confused speech by the "crazy" operative.

AJH said...

Answer to: Sometimes I get the odd...

In this downtown location I live, I get the crazies often, linked in with the vagrant acts and their trains of shopping carts of plastics and cans. Plenty of street shouting as well, often talking 40' to 80' apart with me in between. Funny how that happens.

Then there is the subtle oddities; a straight E. Indian woman was beside me at the bus stop, reading her book (very common prop), and when I said the bus was coming, she says "sweet". Like WTF; all my understanding of the word and its nuances doesn't include that use. I get one or two of these a month, where my "syntax meter" detects anomalous word use. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

The Perps are using one of their triggers back to a traumatic conditioning event in the past on me allot lately. A specific type of head wear.

Do you dream? If so do you feel the dreams are planted and scripted by the TPTB? (the powers that be)

AJH said...

Answer to: The Perps are...

In my case, all headgear seems to be some kind of traumatization association emulation stunt. You name it, do-rags, peaks, wide-brim, berets, turbans (epecially), and on it goes. Which suggests a deeper perp agenda in that the headgear, its color and fabric have some kind of neural energy influence/interference that the perps want us TI's exposed to for their remote energetics assay games.

I get my dreams messed with/planted at least 3x/week, as I never could recall dreams before they went overt/beserk in 2002. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I got another variation on the "crazy" gangstalker theme: this time, two guys come in, about 15 minutes apart. The one guy starts laughing all goofy, and it's kind of weird the way he does it, like he's trying to trigger me with how annoying it is. The guy who came in 15 minutes later did the same type of laugh. The laugh that guy #1 did was about his wife's order. They were out of the thing his wife wanted, but then he starts getting all "happy" about it, saying "Well I don't care, cuz I don't have to eat it". Then, this laughter, like he's laughing at a joke inside his head. There are 2-3 incidents of this laugh. It seems the laugh was intended to have the effect of pissing me off. The planted notion there was that he was laughing because he doesn't mind carrying out a perp role, because he isn't targeted. A clear piss-off tactic.

AJH said...

Answer to: I got another variation...

I get the faked laughter sometimes, but your experience is more than I have known. I suspect the real reason is that laughing is heard in a different part of the brain than speech (in a language you know), and also different again from human voice (languages you don't know). I get many foreign language speaking gangstalkers planted around me, and it seems the perps want to have this occur at select locations where they can make the specific neural activity/energies more discernable. Thanks for the comments.