Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dulldom and All That

A slack day, but I did get out to the LD store in the morning to get chocolate and Deep Clean. Per usual, some four Fuckwits posted around me, and at least two more on "stand there" duty in mid-aisle wouldn't move for me walking past. Fucking rude, and it seems to be the trend of late, Fuckwits not making room for others on the street or aisles. Even an "excuse me" doesn't get them to move more than a quarter inch. The faux oblivious acts are also ramping up, where they back up to me, pretending there is no one else around.

I got another posse at the checkout, three women aligned, arriving at the customer service within a minute of each other, the fat blonde even was headed to the aisles and then reprised again at the adjacent customer service. I also got the "just for me" checkout" opened up, which is common. The one checkout was plugged up with at least five customers, and then some 12' away a seeming staff member quietly slithers into another checkout and doesn't tell anyone, except that I "happened" to be the only one to see it, so I go there. The Fuckwit who had no shopping was dogging me to get in my way while headed there, it seems that the perps like to test me against Fuckwits with no shopping basket, or no shopping bag once checked out. And both checkouts were dudes today at LD; they make a big deal of the gender of the cashier, and also like to make them extra freaky with ponytails, skinheads and tattoos. Not this guy; 50 something as a cashier; whatever.

And they put the Milka bars on for $1.99 instead of the regular price of $2.49, which was a substantial saving, so I may go back there if I can find another excuse, as the planted protocol is that I am not to go there just for chocolate. I wouldn't eat any chocolate if I had a say in this insane life abuse, but its color seems to be a major problem for the perps, and has every indication that it is part of their insane obsession with toilets and the rest of it, something they signified in the apartment invasion in 04-2002, the beginning of the overt/beserk phase that is still continuing.

I got my three dude lead-ahead gangstalker troupe on the way back; all three wearing black ball caps. The lead Fuckwit was 20' ahead, and was spatially arranged to be seen between the two that were 10' ahead of me. The latter two were both in brown and olive drab camo, looking extra stupid in my opinion, doing their waddle walk. And that was the biggest excitement today, as they have been lighter on the rage-fication abuse since going over the top three days ago, Sunday. I still get plenty of noises of no ostensible cause when I handle objects, and the incessant loud mufflered vehicles still somehow getting through my earmuffs all day long.

I get the odd burst of hallway chatter outside my apartment door as well, another regular daily event that they like to script. But it seems these are the dull days, and meant to be so, and to elicit some kind of psychic response over the wonders of doing nothing; part of the employment theme the perps like to work on. Still no replies from my many job applications, but it seems that this no-work spell has longer to run than I expected.

Looking at Mars anomaly research tonight, though some Moon pics too. The sickos seem to like that and signify it by starting a rumbling noise overhead, especially when I lose track of the wide text lines that are misread. extensive tampering of the images is quite remarkable, as in unabashed censorship, especially on the Moon images, (Earth's moon). I am getting the impression that Mars is a thriving place with metropolises and high rise canyons. As always, the images aren't quite good enough to be definitive, all to keep the FUD, or funding as the author suggests, continuing.

Not a whole lot happening today in keeping with the way the perps like to manage me over the winter and spring. This one is done and to ponder what tomorrow's script will bring.


Anonymous said...

Interesting topic. I was doing a little research on the origins of DNA itself. Some sources claim DNA was evolved in the "early Earth", where there was highly energetic chemistry that resulted in self-replicating molecules, and many evolutions later, those molecules became DNA. Other sources claim that meteorites had evidence of not only water, but something resembling DNA.

But where would this DNA be manufactured at? I would think certain early stars could have provided the energy and chemistry to form DNA. Then this DNA could have been transferred onto meteorites, and delivered to Earth in the Early Bombardment and other eras.

AJH said...

Answer to: Interesting topic...

I am no expert on the origins of DNA, or how it can form life in all its fantastic speciation and variants. Though the topic does seem to be embedded in their focus on certain regions that they like me to know about, read about or even have products (e.g. olive oil, wine) and gangstalkers from the geographic region. In my case, the like to have N. Italian, Germanic, French and some Catalan emphasis. There is also a Turkey DNA/ggeographic linkage, recently made known to me at this link:

Getting to the origns of DNA; there is so.... much we don't yet understand about basic physical forces, and that we live in an energetic ether. Try the Electric Universe and Electric Sky to get a handle on these primal forces.

Thanks for the comments.