Sunday, May 23, 2010

Perps Go Nuts

A high abuse morning so far, and after an absurd 10 hour sleep, two hours more than needed with some bizarre dreams preceding the noise accompanied (hot rod muffler noise from outside) act of getting up, always a big deal for them.

And what got into the perps this morning? Two simultaneous coffee messes on the stovetop, one at the front of it (fresh ground coffee) and one at the back, (faux leftover grounds "from" the clean filter stem). A screaming rage show over this as it was so blatant, with the fresh coffee grounds leaping off the spoon as it was about to be dropped in the coffee carafe. When the regular routines become a rage-ification Fuckover scene, usually there is a reason, as in something is different, and they "need" an extra stressed victim. I started eating the macademia nuts in my breakfast cereal this morning, the package having sat there for 6 weeks until I finished up the hemp seed that I usually buy. The nuts are in whole form, and supplied to me by my perp-abetting mother from her trip to Hawaii. I chopped them down to make them more manageable with cereal flakes in a bowl, this on the plastic chopping board I always use. I reckon adding the chopped nuts (seeds and nuts always of intense perp interest), with plastic chopping board "energies" was the essential difference to then have the perps sickos rage-ifiy me over coffee mess on the stovetop, some also leaping onto the floor while cleaning the mess up with the new lime green colored kitchen sponge. They had me switch over to the lime green sponges about a week ago, having used blue ones for the past eight years. Another momentous change for the assholes given the efforts they go to in screwing me around over cleaning up their messes (or even, regular cleaning). And not forgetting that the coffee mess games also fit the perp's beserk and recently escalated "need" to have me exposed to games with crumbs, in all their teleporting and telekinetic variants.

And a rare, for this place, screwaround over doing laundry this morning: they have the dryer and washing machine backed up with other users, so having my laundry sit around in a ready state for an hour is just peachy for the sickos. That is, if you follow the ongoing interest in screwing me over in doing laundry, now becoming routine, and not mentioned much in this blog anymore.

So... I am putzing and blogging, hoping that the escalated abuse games will subside, and then restore some relative calm for the remainder of the day. It is a Sunday, and besides the local church bell games so far, I will be staying at the First Feral Family home tonight to catch my once-per-week bathing in the magnetic rays of the CRT TV. Never mind that I eat in front of it, and of course, the perps being totally obessed over the color and substance of what I eat, especially for the following two hour digestion period.

Still ongoing laundry room back up games; my washing cycle is done, and I removed the shower curtain from the load to hang it up and have it dry. The rest of the soggy cotton laundry is still in the opened washing machine, awaiting some dryer time. The present dryer run has a big blue plastic laundry basket on top of it, so I suspect that might be what the assholes want me to follow; "blue plastic energies" of the dryer top surface while my laundry spins underneath it. Another exciting perp moment to be sure, along with the many extra hallway and laundry room trips to get my laundry done. And it is still not done, so maybe a steamy in-apartment drying session instead. Hard to know what their laundry agenda is, though I suspect the spinning and the perps seeming need to plant torsional objects in my proximity has a likely association.

An early end to blogging today, the First Feral Family (FFF) pickup, visitation of the paternal asshole and his demential act (still good at gangstalking though), and the rest of the contrived bullshit of this insane abusive criminality.

Not quite; the laundry wasn't going to get done with the dryer occupied by someone else's still-soggy clothing. So..., an in-house air drying, and doubtless concocted for my absence at the FFF home for the next 12 hours. Who knew that my laundry was so interesting? And again, another perceptual jerkaround as they fucked me out of knowing that I have hooks on the back of the bathroom door, and kept me in a quandry as to where to hang up all the laundry. They stole my drying rack a few years ago, and haven't permitted me to get any other kind of airdrying rack since. Only the bathroom shower rail and the Ikea lamp are the permitted locations of wet laundry air drying in the current state of their obsessive inanity.

More blathering; an interesting interview with Jim Humble of MMS or Miracle Mineral Supplement, which is chlorine dioxide and how it can rid one of malaria and aid recovery from cancer. Another one of "those" hot conspiracy items I must confess, but it seems to be the real deal, despite the tawdry advertisements. The health underground strikes again, and I suspect this will be a huge dust up in a few more years between the people and the pharma-generals and their legions of lobbists/disparagers. It may even work for other endemic difficult-to-rid conditions, including persistent lung conditons. Over an hour, and if you can take the exotic head gear, have a look; click on the pic to get streaming video, or else there is an MP3 file too, same link.

Onto the great blue yonder, as FFF pickup is imminent.


Anonymous said...

One item in the perps' bag of tricks is having you say the wrong thing at a job interview, totally ruining your chances of getting the job. I had an interview, and I totally blew the answer to an extremely important question. Oh well. It was kind of far away from home anyways.

And again today: I was very anxious to get on the computer, and then once I got it up an running, completely forgot what I wanted to do on the computer. So either of two things: they planted the notion that there was something important to do on the computer when there wasn't. Or, there was something important, but then screwed me into forgetting.

And they had a longtime friend playing a scripted role last night. Fuck, that was a tough one. This longtime friend was not into his usual "glad to see his friend" mode; rather, he was just playing his scripted role, i.e., looking down, and saying "hey" in a very sullen voice as he passed, never wanted to talk "normally". Interesting that friends from my past will never interact unless the perps want them to. Even then, they will be doing whatever interactions are allowed by the perps. Completely fucked up when the perps are doing things their way to your life, instead of letting things transpire naturally.

The perps seem to be crazy over what operating system I am going to be installing/keeping on my computer. That is of utmost importance to them. Why, now they have this thing where whether or not I keep Open Solaris is of fantastical monumental importance. Last time I wiped Open Solaris, they had a gangstalker walk past and say: "It looks like they threw trash out", where "trash" could refer to the operating system that just got wiped (Open Solaris). Now I just wiped the operating system that replaced Open Solaris, and put open solaris back on. They have me in this constant furor where I compulsively install one operating system, wipe it, replace it wither another. Then have me get discontent with that one, and put the original back on. It's a never-ending cycle.

And you can bet that what OS I have installed is of greater importance to them then say, what the president is doing, or whatever.

Probaby the thing about Open Solaris they are going nuts over is the ZFS filesystem. With ZFS, if you delete a file, the data itself gets wiped. Normally, when you rm or delete a file under unix or windows, the actual contents are still intact; the file "area" gets "marked" as deleted, so that in a future write operating, the data can be overwritten by another file that needs written to disk. Under zfs, once it's delete, it's gone forever. I suppose the perps are going nuts under that.

AJH said...

Answer to: One item in the perps' bag...

The perps have an obsession over O/S for whatever reason. They had me install SUSE Linux at least three times in the first (wildly abusive) year of harassment. They even arranged for one of my thought-to-be friends to open up the new SUSE CD set I had with me, thinking then I could avoid the harassment by switching O/S. The recent loading of Oracle Enterprise Linux on a removeable tray drive was duly accomplished, and they have totally fucked me out of using it for over two months now. I just don't get it as to why the perps are so fucking nuts over which O/S I run. The only possibility is some esoteric extensionalist notion is the "soul"/psychic energy of the O/S developers is somehow expressed as us schmucks use it. One would have to read Deepak Chopra to find such extensionalist connections, but it would not be the first time that some of his arguements have come to suggest that is exactly what the perps are up to, embodying all psychic energies, including "information encoded consciousness" (or did I get it backwards), in a technically controllable and remotely applied method. As I have mentioned many times, mere 100% mind control of humankind is no more that a quarter or what they seem to be after at this juncture of this ongoing abusive life rape.

The perps can now, as of 2005 to 2006, plant whatever words they want into one's speech, and you won't notice a difference at the time. I had one practice interview two years ago and I was amazed at the stuff I came up with, though I can be sure it wasn't me, though it was within character.

The "blank outs" are coming more common of late; "forgetting" what one crossed the room to do, "forgetting" where the teapot is, even if it has been in the same place for three years and one doesn't forget after the first day of moving into a place. Thanks for the comments.