Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tapping for Fun

The overhead tapping noise has started up, mysteriously audible through the earmuffs I usually wear these days. Above apartment would be carpeted like this one, but somehow, at least a few times per week, a tapping noise of a hammer on bare concrete sets up with a peculiar pattern; a rising tapping noise and then a cessation, then again two seconds later. I don't know of any tradesman who would front for this inane method of work, and since they have been at it for some years now, what could it be? It would seem that this is the most concerted in-house tapping exercise to date, now going on for 10 minutes. Outside tapping noise has been noted in past blogs, and that there was no seeming source of the noise, not even pretend surveyors whacking wood pegs in the ground, one of the more distinctive tapping noise variants.

Plenty of plasmic and maser fuckery this morning, often replicating what I see, and then ghosting it to a off-vertical or horizontal projection, skewed and temporal versions of what I am observing. And the assholes are still at the vision fucking; blanking me out, dimming it down, and forcing a headshake to "relieve" it, as in a scripted reprieve.

And the running water noise has also been playing big this morning. The putative neighbor took three showers (studio suite) by the time I finished up the morning breakfast and bathroom routine. Last night, the same putative neighbor started the on/off faucet chirping noises after five minutes of going to bed. So..., on with the earmuffs in bed, which then became a fucking game of making addtional noise of the sheets somehow scraping on the earmuffs, no matter the number of preventive orientations I attempted.

An afternoon visit to the LD store; the chocolate fix needed to be sated, and there were some legit drugstore items. What a nightmare, with getting obstructed at the entrance with one access blocked, and the other with this old duffer in a cane, and the staff member in blue, the same blue as my jacket, trailing behind him. Then he stops to narrow the space to go around him for me to get a blue shopping basket. I get the drug store items, and pass through the gangstalker gauntlet to the chocolate section, and this fucking duffer was planted over the Milka bars, my current "need". Another five where planted nearby, and at least three aisle constricting displays were also arranged. I get to the checkout and get the cashier with on arm, another freak-out they have pulled on me, and then when it comes time to depart, the parading skinheaded Asian then blocks the exit, and then gradually wanders away pretending to not know that he was doing this bullshit.

Another parking lot wanderer in gumboots noticed on my outbound leg was there again when inbound (returning), sitting at the bench they have arranged near the stairs. Then a leopard patterned blouse wearing woman steps 6' in front of me, exiting the hair salon, and does the lead-ahead gangstalk routine. Then when about to go down the stair, this asshole dude in red hair "happens" to be arriving at the top of the stairs with a dolly and grey plastic bin garbage can, and then flicks it toward me, not looking, to then place these on the surface for him to push. Totally fucking rude to go out of his way to place this fucking plastic bin 1' from me, pretending to  be oblivious.

Then more scum are crossing my path; the long haired males are playing big, especially with wide brimmed cowboy hats. I get to the cross walk, get held up at  the pedestrian traffic control, and the leopard pattern bloused woman "happens" to be on my tail still. All the parking to be had, including next to the hair salon, and here she is tailing me for half a block. But now she has put on her black leather jacket now she is out of the shade, and then stops behind me for four seconds while I was waiting to make the second street crossing.

Another fucking woman was hot on my tail when going into the LD store, putting on this energetic walk, and then I see her when in there at the back of the store, and then when I get out, she is on my tail again. It is most bizarre that I cannot be allowed to go shopping without this fucking insane and invasive collection of assholes tailing and stunting me with their pathetic props. Eight years of this insane bullshit, and still they lack to basic gumption to show up and identify themselves.

Another fat slob dude in the lobby when I got back, hanging around the mail boxes for whatever reason, likely to discourage me as the assholes were suggesting that I get my mail. This is a very common trick, at least 2x/week; planting the notion that I should get my mail when passing through the lobby, and then having a Fuckwit doing sentry duty next to it, the effective "discouragement". Another bizarre asshole was this woman in a carmine red jacket standing at the pedestrian crosswalk on the "Walk" signal, who then uses this self imposed delay to park herself behind me for the next crossing, and then she just disappears, not to be seen again. The fuckers also put a very fat negro woman on when on my return leg, arranging to pass by at a constriction in the sidewalk (concrete surface) from a tree, and then immediately after this apparition, they direct me to see another fat woman, though Caucasian woman crossing the street (asphalt surface). What is this bullshit all about, and don't tell me it was the office workers, as there isn't that many around here, and it was 1445h or so, when they are mostly at work. What is this profusion of freaks and others all about, and why are they escalating their fucking games to get closer to me and making themselves more obvious?

Yesterday I got a very obvious teleportation in plain view. This same beat that I am complaining about above, was the location of a shiftless male Fuckwit who arrives on the sidewalk some 40' in front of me, coming out from behind a sign. Well as it so happens, the sign is only 4' wide by 2' high and raised off the ground by some 3', and yet somehow this fucker arrives from behind it, not being seen approaching it or his legs underneath. Then the fucker comes toward me some 10', begins to cross the road (jaywalk), then reverses course in front of me to do the lead-ahead gangstalk routine again. I am about to pass the fucker, and lo, if two more Fuckwits aren't coming at me to arrange a swarm as the first Fuckwit then decided to stop in mid sidewalk and then light a cigarette with his lighter.

And yesterday post bus drop-off, although not so invasive or obvious, a dude in casual city wear is doing a slow trot with an black and white Adidas shoe box under his arm. Like WTF; no buses to catch in this locale, and looking totally stupid. Three days before that, an Asian woman in red was doing a slow trot behind me to then pass me on the sidewalk, again no buses to run for in the immediate locale. She then stops running, I pass her by, and I assume she tailed me for the remaining half a block. I just don't get why the gangstalking is getting so fucking obvious and stupid these days.

Some reading tonight, going back to the researchers of the 1930's who made great and effective treatment advances and got screwed over for it; Raymond Rife, George Lakhovsky, Antoine Prioré and... one more that I cannot recall, a woman who made better resolution microphotographs with radiology than we can get today under an electron microscope. Enough suppresive "science" followed to keep the pharmaceutical world going on an exponential growth curve that is still in effect today. Which begs the real agenda, what it the real aim behind all this experimentation, and I am including birth control pills in this, given the recent coverage they are getting for their 50th anniversary.

Anyhow, time to call this one done, and accede to the tomorrow's testing/harassment, which is to have me get up and go online without benefit of prior breakfast or bathroom routine, and report on the exact address of  a garage sale my computer-advese in-town brother wants to chase down while he is prepositioned in the neighborhood. More jerking around. Three days ago the ruse was to have me walk between his two PC's in his house to get his infernal email set up, then hitting the wall with the infernal Windows POP server setup bullshit that surely must be a perp Fuckover stunt. And as I typed that I got the motorcycle noise through the earmuffs, and they have been very diligent today in noisestalking me whenever I make a reference to them, in this blog posting or in my handwritten journal, or even my rage-fications at the assholes, thankfully on the light side today.

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