Thursday, May 13, 2010


I have indicated that the perps have an obsession over tires, rubbers of all kinds, and like materials, say, gaskets. And there is a small tire store I pass on the way to yoga, and they have been there for a long time, so lets say its a legit business. They even put on tires for me when I had my vehicle, and was suffering another hit of the front tires prematurely wearing. The story on that was a full set was put on and I get the front end aligned immediately following. A year later the front ones are going, now into the overt harassment days of 2002, and I replace them and get my front end aligned again. Then in late 2005 the front ones are going again, and I get another new pair put on at said tire store. Then I gave my daughter my vehicle in mid-2006, as I couldn't afford to keep a vehicle any more, tire sabotage (IMHO) aside.

Anyhow, I am on my way to yoga and there is a tractor trailer illegally parked outside the tire store, a 40' box (long one). Three males are loafing around and standing or sitting in the rear of the trailer, which has some tires in it. As I get past the sidewalk constriction of putative bus travellers at the bus stop, (read, gangstalking Fuckwits), a stack of some 100 or more tires are there in front of the tire shop. It seems to make sense; "da boyz" unloaded a big order of tires and are resting up until the paper work is done. After yoga, now 1h 20min. later, the same tractor trailer truck is still illegally parked outside the tire store. As I get close, da boyz are unloading tires now, one in the trailer, one on the street at the rear of the trailer who then rolls it across the sidewalk to his pal in front of the tire shop to stack them. As I come to the rear of the truck, the unloading dude has a tire in hand and I say "hold up", and he pretends he didn't hear anything, and then pitches the tire some 1' in front of me, still sticking to the story that he was unaware this was a pedestrian zone. He does the "sorry routine" and I do the head shaking routine as to how fucking contrived and dumb this set up is, and proceed onward.

The real lesson for me is how fucking pathetic this entire orchestration and senseless gangstalking bullshit is, and how fucking insane they are as to how far they will go to keep this pretense going, now into its ninth year. I still don't get it; nonconsensual human experimentation applied in situ, and they could of figured out their "tire problem", whatever the fuck it is, a long time ago with cooperation. The perps tell me that there are ubiquitous pollutants in me, like everyone else, that are causing them problems in remotely reading and applying whatever fuckery they are up to for whatever objectives they have. Ok, so if that is the case, then why proceed to hound the living shit of an innocent victim for eight years and counting, when you could of expedited this fucking abuse inside of months, if a year? They tell me that they are "cleaning me up", that is, getting rid of all the ubiquitous pollutants in every cell and in every location inside me. Hence hounding me with Fuckwits parading three shopping carts of plastic bags, (today even) as well as the plastic bag flicking and putzing checkout cashiers, as well as the PVC pipe laden trucks that encircle the neighborhood. I don't give a shit; especially when I know they sat over me for every breath I have ever taken, constantly monitoring me. And these fuckers have enough influence to control what industrial practices and engineering are commercially developed, and what they might be polluting.

Another fake-out nap attack earlier; I was dropping off for at least 15 minutes while seated at my desk this afternoon, so I shutdown the PC and laid on the bed for a nap. Not allowed; all they did was parade outside vehicular noise to five times per minute, getting me to raise my head, plug my left ear with my finger and plug the other with my shoulder, this accomplished while lying on my right side. So... within a week I suspect, they will pull this stunt some more, having me lie down on my right side and reverse this method of annoying sound blocking. And who knows, with different shirt colors I suspect, the olive drab shirt worn today and yesterday.

No scintillating job offers today, or even any communications. It is not like I do this randomly, but I only send my resume to employers where I have experience and a decent chance at the job. I am beginning to suspect the job boards that I get to look at are a perp arranged abberation; they like to have, and repeat, interesting jobs, e.g. vineyard worker, as well as local employers in the surrounding two blocks or so. Often the same job will come up more than once in two to three months, though this could be normal, but it is as if they want to tease me with known quantities, either the job or the local employer, and are seeking some kind of recognition quantification.

A page on I hadn't seen previously, Psychoelectronic Threat to Democracy- The Secret Arms Race, for those who follow the long and storied history of mind control research, and come to realize it has been very active in the past 50 years. And I do laugh at the controversy of implants at times, because my perps can place anything anywhere at anytime through their teleportation games, and so implanting, if needed, can be done anytime. I do wonder if I have some reference points in me or my skull to help the assholes, as they are constantly planting crumbs, dog hairs and lint around me, or even creating a bloodied spot on my face unbeknown to me.

Other games at yoga today were to limit my entry options when I arrived; either over the burgundy mat of the negro woman or over a blue cloth with tarot cards on it. For some reason the negro woman was quit effusive in greeting me when I arrived, having a long history of glowering at me for no reason. Then, even when 10 minute early, my usual spot had been taken, the first time they have pulled this in over two years at this venue, a church chapel. So, I ended up closer to the instructor than I wanted, almost at the point of too close from an interpersonal space perspective, she in her fugly carmine red top.

The other semi-regular guy came just when we were about to start, and then he lasted only 20 minutes or so. I cannot understand why anyone would intentionally do this, so I can only assume it was some perp fuckery going on. Then his early departure somehow got the negro woman to do the same. both were opposite me, so maybe there was some kind of vibe the perps could pick up on me, not that I have any animosity about either of them, its just that they fit the Unfavored demographic groups, though almost any male does.

The first time they moved me from my usual spot was also the day the instructor opened the stained glass windows just behind me. And lo, if that didn't permit more road traffic noise and then strange beam of sunlight to find its way onto my mat, slowly tracking across.

More noise from the street tonight againl incessant loud mufflered vehicles that somehow get their noise through the earmuffs I am wearing, some six stories up. And it is often noise only, as I have been looking for the noise sources outside, if convenient, and there are none observed.

And a new document released titled “Experimentation Programs conducted by the Department of Defense That Had CIA Sponsorship or Participation and That Involved the Administration to Human Subjects of Drugs Intended for Mind-Control or Behavior-Modification Purposes,”is at this link. According to the Wired write up, nothing damning, though I haven't read it as I am getting cognitive interference if I do. Just passing on the long-ago documentation for those that are interested in what has transpired.

I think TI's are a representative cross section of those they have been covertly following all their lives, and the perps decided to escalate the harassment to the level of overt application. One of my TI confreres did a sampling of visitors to his blog, and most report overt harassment onset in 2001. For me, it was 2002, though I suspect that the assholes made the decision in 1996 when they informed my then-wife, now ex, whose behavior suddenly and dramatically changed for the worst.
A friend of mine, when a child on a uk farm, took part in the compulsory TB vaccination program here. When he didnt react to any part of the test, he was sent to the hospital with concerns for his health. After tons more tests, the specialist spotted his address, a farm, and asked if he drank raw milk. Obviously he did (as we still do) and all was explained. He had been consuming raw milk his whole life, and did not react to the test - not because he had something wrong with HIM - but because he had COMPLETE immunity to TB. This explains a lot to me! With total TB immunity, there would be no reason for TB vaccination which would mean an awful lot of lost profits! I have many times squirted warm fluffy milk from the udder into a black coffee and its the best thing ever! mmmm-mooooooo!

I realize the above is not scientific proof, but my other readings have indicated that raw milk also has the very enzymes in it needed to effectively digest it, and that pasteurizing the milk kills these enzymes off! Which now shows in some as lactose intolerance. All part of their food digestion research perhaps, and minimizing the bio-activity of the food because they cannot remotely read their victims for what they are looking for. Post-meal digestive times are always big noisestalking events in my experience. More conspiratorial threads that I will leave as is for now.


Anonymous said...

Well there goes some class A crazy. Please keep up the writing! I always enjoy a good laugh. BTW, the "medication" they try to give you is really poison.

AJH said...

Answer to: Well there goes some...

Thanks. It is perverse to say the least, and there is humor in that.