Saturday, May 22, 2010

Early Day for Idling

keeping on the theme of not doing much, it seems the perps wanted me up early to putz around today, keeping me in-house longer before going on a Chicken Run, the perp event of buying cooked chicken meat at the local supermarket. And even a "chicken stalker", a male who came to the hot cooked chicken display and placed his in his basket at the same time I did. Then the Fuckwit "shows up" ahead of me by an adroit ruse at the checkout. The Fuckwit had placed his groceries at the checkout with one person ahead of him and then buggered off, so when I came he was gone, and I had no idea whose groceries they were. I unload my groceries, and lo, if he doesn't arrive at the checkout just in time to be served by the cashier. I wouldn't of used that checkout if I had known it was my Fuckwit chicken stalker as there was another choice. And not the first time this bullshit stunt has been pulled either.

And heavy on mid-brown skin today; the cashier, then a Fuckwit on the street on the way back, negro and native Indian respectively. I had a gruesome native Indian waiting for me to exit the elevator in this building yesterday, so it seems that the perps are testing me on deeper brown skinned Fuckwit/gangstalkers. And I am not the only TI to find this skin tone agenda as part of the abuse scenario, as a TI in Washington State is having a fuck of a time with E. Indians (from India), who make his life difficult. Funny how this bullshit remains so consistent among TI's experiences.

A call from my in-town brother mid afternoon, asking what I was doing. "Nothing much", and so he offered me some gardening work at his place, which was first augmented with furniture moving as I found out when I got there. Another too-early bus again, meaning I had to sit out 10 minutes for the gangstalk show at the bus stop. Then againg when returning, more flakey bus service and then some native Indian kid circling me at the bus stop, and so I hoofed it. And lo, if the bus didn't happen to arrive when I was two bus stops further on my walking trip, so I caught it at a different bus stop. This identical stunt happened at the same bus stop 6 to 10 months ago; someone obviously stunting me and so I walked, and the bus eventually came to the identical bus stop that I caught it at today. Funny how that happens.

So the deal was when I got to my brother's place he wanted some furniture moved, cat hairs and all. The couch had to come out of the living room and then out the front door and then it went straight out over some garden beds and plants, and then outside where he said he was going to dump it. Not the best way to get rid of your furniture, but he wasn't going to allow me to talk him out of it.

Then a dresser just like the one I have here was in his driveway, and had to be taken inside, and next to my coat that was lying there as it happened, for the whole two hours I was there. Stalking my jacket perhaps. Then we moved a couch upstairs, having to remove a door first. Then lumping and humpfing furniture was done, he wanted me to run the string trimmer around the perimeter of the property while he was running the lawnmower. And when finished that, I was to weed the garden bed that I had dug over back in February. And did the motorcycle noise, hotrod noise and other loud mufflered vehicles ever start up, at least 3 per minute, which made it seem near continuous. In the distance there were the shouts and cheers from a ball game as part of the background banter act I often get. I also had the coughing neighbor act as well, and then the loud kids neighbor noises started up after that. It is the Identical noise profile when I am at my parents' doing gardening work, in a totally different neighborhood. Anytime I pulled or tugged on the week roots the noise increased, sometimes very loud in the case of the motorcycles. And have we done this one before? All that activity in and out of the house by moving furniture, then the gasoline powered string trimmer noise, lawnmower noise, and then the vehicle noise train when I take on weeding.

My brother does his exit routine after some five minutes of weeding, and so it seems, based on my mother doing the same thing, that he must depart the premises so the sickos can do some kind of remote energetic assay on me alone, and he elsewhere. It seems that they can pick something up, but need to get better at it from a further distance, so that might be the reason for the First Feral Family departure games at the moment of greatest interest (weeding, moving plants, exposing plant roots).

And many rounds of the noisy two-cycle Vespa type scooters today. Not only at least 10 or so while waiting for the bus (inbound), but a cluster of 15 or so "happening" to meet only 60' from the bus stop when I started walking. One rude fucker was sitting on his motorcycle in mid-sidewalk, running the engine and talkin to his pal, and forcing me to get closer the parked van that was also arranged there. And in another 100' or so, the road bends some 30 degrees and that "happened" to be the location where they came buzzing down the road in serial fashion, sustaining that particular noise for longer. And just now, when on the balcony to take a picture of the strange goings on with the reflectance somehow getting into this apartment when there is no straight line light path, why, two more Vespa-like motorcycles "happened" to be outside. The assholes cannot get enough motorcycle noise on me it seems, and are going fucking beserk in delivering me at every turn.

A listen of Richard Dolan on UFO and secrecy, a highly respected researcher on Project Camelot. A one hour 20 min. video which takes some focus and sustained attention. Not always doable in the TI experience, but one of the keepers from recent interviews. He pulls together research that paints an unequivocal picture of Them, their agenda, and sociopolitical repercussions, also taking a strip off one of the political players in UFO research.

Time to call this one done for the day, mixed up a bit with some gardening time and all the perp show that brings.


Anonymous said...

They had one guy showing up whose profile resembled my shadow on my bathroom wall at night. The nightlight there casts a shadow on the wall, and I had been mentally noting what this shadow looked like. I should point out that this shadow doesn't necessarily resemble my profile; it's the strange way my head and cheeks are turned to the side at a certain angle combined with the light source that makes this silhouette. Interesting they saw fit to send in a guy whose profile looked exactly like this skewed silhouette.

They literally do not leave one stone unturned. I believe that part of this "research technique" is just an extension of the typical organized crime/royalty(elite) who sent out their cronies to make sure any talented target didn't get too powerful. In 18th century Vienna, there were numerous incidents of apparent ruining of lives with bullshit that resembled today's gangstalking.

The difference, though, is that back then, you had to be important, like a famous artist, in order to get targeted. Now, anyone opposed to the mighty perps and their dreams of a NWO get targeted.

That, I believe, is going to be the hallmark of the future (NWO): thought policing, behavior modification based on getting people to give up their natural instincts and psychic abilities and just bend and submit to the corrupt and omniscient NWO thought police.

And the difference between today's targets and 100 years in the future will be that everyone will be monitored and targeted in equal measure, instead of just having a few targets, the targets will be many. Big Brother will be breathing down their necks with remote neural monitoring with the ensuing ball shocking when citizens don't think thoughts Big Brother approves of.

I'm not sure how they are doing this; if I am placed on some kind of community notification. I had some compliant associates try to tell me I don't have much longer to live, implying the perps will be murdering me soon. I'm sure it's just one of many scare tactics to keep me in awe of the perps and their system.

Anonymous said...

It's been suggested that I will be murdered at some point by the perps. I assume the point of all this imposed adversity and harassment is to get me out of the way, because I know too much about science and technology. Well, that is stretching it a bit, because I'm a mixture of artist and scientific/tech. type, and of course, the people behind a global Big Brother thought police are scared that I may spoil their plans by figuring out how their tech works and just ruining things for them. Interesting, because this implies they are scared of me and view me as someone they have to get rid off. Or maybe it's just these lower level perps doing their psychological bag of tricks, trying to get me all confused and hysterical with scare tactics. I think the latter. But this getting me out of the way keeps coming up. They certainly do have a lot of compliant puppets at the lower level trying to get me all pissed off as well as scared. I believe gangstalking is all about murder, and maybe these talks about me dying soon is just a behavior modification to get me to accept the crap they are doing to me, to get me to "reform". Or, maybe they are trying to scare me into believing if I don't conform and back off going after them, I will be done away with in short order.

Obviously, perps are afraid of exposure. They have even asked me to keep this "secret project" a secret, not to talk about it. But if they have my associates trying to scare me into thinking the perps are trying to kill me all the time, I don't see why I should have any kind of compassion in them and their fear of exposure.

Besides, I run into all kinds of stupid assholes at the lower level, so of course they would be talking about murder and my eventual death which will happen soon at their hands.

Anonymous said...

One thing the perps did early saturday morning: they did dream invasion. This time, in this dream, I was tutoring this girl, and one of the things she said was "huh?". So they captured that word, and starting replaying it over and over, at something like 10 second intervals, and persisted into my awake state. This persistent spoken word was replayed throughout my dream, but I awakened soon from my dream. Probably the perps forced me awake: they used to do that a lot back in 2006... forced me out of a dream.

They were disguising this as a post-dream hallucination, but when this spoken word repeats at regular intervals, you know it has to be perp-induced. They do that to me: not regular V2K like other targets get, but rather induced hallucinations.

Regular V2K is when the brain tissue itself expands, causing the subject to "hear". But what they were doing here was inducing neural activity, producing the sound that way, which is completely different.

And maybe the tutoring the girl dream was perp-induced as well, and her dialog could have been programmed by the perps. It's amazing they can invade my dream, and just "record" any of the subjects in my dream saying something, like a word, effectively "capturing" that word. Later they can replay that word in an endless loop at regular 10-15 second intervals.

I suppose the perps did this, because I had this job interview, where the subject of tasering came up. Then, I suggested that it's possible to beam microwaves at the subject, and "torment" them that way. Naturally, I got this "shocked" reaction from her, as though she was aware of the perps and their weapons. I had thought about telling her about using microwaves to induce voices in the subject, and this was a moment that was not lost on the perps, and hence decided to do the dream invasion thing with the induced hallucinatory voice as part of their games.

It's common for my perps to do this, to "end" my dream by having some "spoken word", like your usual "inner voice", but it's always the same word repeated in an infinite loop at regular intervals. This repeated word or sound persists into the awakened state for about 2 minutes. Sometimes I internalize a reaction, telling the perps to stop that insane repeated word thing. That's another off and on tactic they've been using since they went overt. It's a favorite of theres. It could be a male or female voice, but that game they do in particular is unpleasant and annoying, like I feel crazy. Come to think of it, none of their other games are very pleasant either, especially the gangstalkers and their imposed loud talking and laughing as I pass.

At least they didn't torment me with a visual hallucination this time, like the insane "orange phantom" that walked out of my bookcase and disappeared through my door. My internal reaction to that was "that's scary make it stop!" And then the orange guy disappeared. Kind looked like Flash Gordon, but orange and in translucent "phantom" form.

AJH said...

Answer to: They had one guy showing up...

Interesting that the perps would replicate a shadow scene known only to you in the privacy of your own home by way of public replication with a gangstalker. No stone unturned is literally correct; they will arrange them on sidewalks and other public locations, in a line, a right angle etc.

I don't believe anyone is exempt from the perps viscitudes; even the UK royal family seems to get jerked around and they are in on some of this abusive insanity. (For the record, when visiting Victoria (here), some 30 years ago, and going to see the Queen do her public driveby, why, she zoned in on me and stared directly at me for an extended (IMHO) five seconds or so. Normally, royalty does a glancing scan of the public, and are even trained how to do so.) In my estimation, the perps will have discovered all they need to know about us earthlings, and likely very much more, such that remotely applied control will not need the techological and operative support we TI's have come to know and loathe. Us humans won't have a clue as to what is going on, and not too much different than now, save the "alternity" researchers; e.g. of UFO's, conspiracies, abductees, military abuses etc. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: It's been suggested...

Ah yes, the planted imminent demise paranoia; this too shall pass. Back in the extreme hell of 2002 to 2003, as opposed to the current "regular hell", the perps put on at least ten percieved near death experiences on me, each time I thought I was done for. Of course they had to give it up as they had longer term plans for me, now eight years worth. And don't worry about knowing too much; they can now wipe your recall down to the smallest detail. (Not much consolation, though). I doubt if there is anything they are seriously concerned about, as they had all this figured out since 2000 to 2001 when they ramped up the overt harassment on a wide front (many TI's report this), including me in 2002. The perps are nothing, if not long range planners IMHO. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: One thing the perps did...

Interesting, this very specific and systematic dream/sleep intrusion, down to a word even. And more interesting, they are applying it as you are brought through a progression of serial stages of sleep all the way to the awake state. I haven't had this very specific level of dream intrusion, but one never knows what is coming next.

And the set-up in mentioning the harassment to a faux shocked planted operative/shill. The perps like to put me through this, much more in the early years of 2002 to 2004. Now, they seem to have the other person "naturally" segue into me rationally explaining some of the goings on, and them being reasonable about it. But NEVER empathetic, it is just not allowed. I have also been getting some of the silhouettes of late, but nothing too freaky so far. I suspect I have a large set of traumatization associations and they don't want to hit me too hard with it at any given event/stunt. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

There's something funny about how they use their operatives. Sometimes, they'll plant some gangstalkers on a wall directly in front of my walking path. I noticed last night that when they plant strangers there, I tend to "open up" mentally, like I felt myself open up, like I needed to become more receptive so I can focus in on them. Part of this, I assume, is that this "opening up" state, as in opening to communications, both verbal and body language, causes their electronic brain linking to work. Normally, I tend to close myself off mentally, knowing their brain linking equipment is trying to get a scan. With me receptive to other strangers on the wall, it seems logical that they can scan me better. Also, I guess they want to discern whether or not I perceive these people as someone recognizable to me, and regardless, if I regard them as friend or foe.

And again, they did a complete wet-down of the sidewalk. What's up with that? I'm guessing they needed the water to absorb into the concrete, enhancing it's ability to polarize and conduct surface currents. Again, test of the interaction of me + the wet sidewalk. Water has some pretty amazing universal properties, being mildly electrically conductive, as well as some other properties the perps know about. Magnetic? Maybe they exhibit the Hall effect to some extent. Or maybe the water activates the oils in the sidewalk, which effects their readings also. I figure that water could act like a semiconductor, like Silicon does, to a degree. That aspect, combined with the materials in the sidewalk, may make the sidewalk + H2O operate like a crude rectifier.

AJH said...

Answer to: There's something funny...

The "just standing there" crowd, this time against a wall. I don't see much of this as it is very uncommon for the population density here. BUT what I can say is that the perps are constantly on me whenever I enter or exit a building, and my perp abetting parents would often cruise by the windows for no seeming reason. What it seems is that there are significant differences between one's energy/color readings inside a building and outside, particularly from concrete, which contains limestone, as does your skeletal bones. With the operatives lining up against the wall with their backs to the wall, a source of seeming considerable radiative sensitivity, is that they are attempting to get the best possible reading of the wall and its constituent materials, as well as further inside, through the wall. The reason I indicate that the spine is a considerable source of radiative energy is that they do so many spine bending and twisting activities, as well as being all over me after yoga, not to mention the odd asshole backing up to me on the bus, pretending they don't know they are getting their back in too close for my personal comfort.

Sidewalk and street wet-downs, especially immediately prior to setting off, like today, are now very common for me. Water is likely an energy absorber and can be read, especially if the droplets pass nearby. Also, the perps are nuts over the energies emitted by one's feet, (per yoga theory), and it would be a way to measure it, especially if fallen so that the water content of the street surfaces doesn't interfere with the just-fallen water. Or, conversely, a heavy wet-down of an intersection or a street ahead of time, with the rain abating just before departing, will cause the street surfaces' energies to be very different than the water inside you. Also, the odd hydrant gusher and river visitation also seems to be a big deal for the perps. And it does make me wonder if all these terrible floods all over the world, especially brown colored waters, aren't some cruel perp water/energetics investigation effort. Thanks for the comments.