Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tuesday Level of Abuse on Wednesday

This is the first day back at my place from a First Feral Family stayover, a rare two day one that took me to Tuesday because of a larger garden work backlog and some decent weather to permit me to get it done. The rain started up last night and is still going this morning, but that didn't stop the over-extended brake noise groaning from going on this morning, as all other brake noise stops when the roads are wet, as it does in conventional reality. And a winter time dinginess has come upon this apartment, the first round evident when I came back from the laundry room with the cleaned-again shower curtain, and then another increment of dinginess evident when I exited the bathroom after hanging up the curtain.

The shower curtain was laundered three days ago with a modicum of other laundry, and today I discover that there was this blue film of lint on it, somehow missing this when hanging it up then. Then I discover it today, when about to take a shower, and then later change into the very pair of jeans that accompanied the first shower curtain laundering. I have never had blue lint coming off jeans in all my life, but somehow it just erupts every now and again, forcing a re-laundering of the linted item. And "somehow" I forgot to add the towel into the laundry load, as had just been placed in the laundry basket.

A high abuse morning so far, with constant aggravations to keep me riled up and vocalizing my exasperation. Extra planted noises from placing objects down or picking them up, self-hopping crumbs, extra crumbs from nowhere, touches from nowhere, and the assholes even teleporting saliva from my mouth to have it drool down my lip and onto the edge of the cereal bowl where some landed on the inside vertical portion and some landed on the outside, opposite. I swear my mouth did not open to allow the salivia to excape as I am extremely aware of just these very circumstances having been screwed so many times before. But somehow, a considerable amount just erupted at my lip and fell down to split over the bowl edge to then fall on either side of the vertical portion. Astounding drooling precision of a kind never experienced before the perps went overt/beserk in 2002.

And the fourth round of fix-and-fuck on the toilet flushing has just transpired; this is the incomplete flushing problem that erupted some 5 weeks ago, and first fixed by the manager after a week of the first complaint. The arranged problem forces me to keep the lever depressed until the water and contents have flushed, and the sickos' rationale seems to be to keep me captive to the color changes in the flushing toilet. It isn't good enough that I am allowed to walk away from a flushing toilet like the rest of the world in their insane take on what they want from me.

And another semi-sleepless night, like the one before at the First Feral Family home. The assholes pound me with thoughts one on top of the other, no thought threads for longer than four seconds before another, and usually irrelevant one, intrudes and takes over. I have never had this level of thought scrambling in my entire life at anytime of the day, and now, it erupts twice in two days, once at two locations. They keep me up with this for at least two hours before allowing sleep, and then pull the same stunt again before getting up. I don't expect to be any bit tired from the lack of sleep as it has never happened for all the sleep incursions and disruptions they have brought on.

The dinge lightened up a little, no lights on at present, though I did at lunch. Then instant I placed a kiwi fruit in my mouth and began tearing at it with my teeth to remove a portion, a vehicle outside began honking its horn for an extended duration of some 8 to 10 seconds, just to make sure that momentous moment of color change in my mouth was covered by that particular noise. This isn't the first time this has happened for kiwi fruit, maybe the 100th, but the most obvious. Eating chocolate gets the same treatment, likely over 500 such events in all the 8 years of this insane abuse. Noise events while food is placed in my mouth, while chewing, when food passes from my teeth to my tongue and while on my tongue number in the high hundreds. They "got me" with noise this morning just as a swirl of coffee displaced the chocolate, a "brown for brown" swap if you will. And make no mistake, brown variants and brown color switching, be it vehicles, gangstalker clothing, web pages, what I touch or whatever has increased all round. The FFF television was inundated with brown negro skinheaded males, including the freak national news (The National) anchorman of the CBC for the latter two nights I stayed there. I couldn't bear to watch the dude, and they had me looking away and then forcing me into subsecond glimpses to see the same freak again.

A simple Newegg order online turns into a big Fuckover scene. The assholes stopped the transaction totally dead and wouldn't allow the checkout process to proceed, even with all the boxes filled in, and filled in again. Fucking insane that I cannot be allowed to purchase what and when and where I want. Naturally. sort of, the overhead noise started up, the rumbling coming through at the moment of desperation in removing the leading "1" from the credit card phone number, supplied by retaining the information of a past order. No email to determine what in the fuck went wrong. Try again another time, and see what happens. Endless and insane jerking around over every last step of every last financial transaction I make, from coin machines on up.

Following the above obstructed Newegg order the sickos had me shut down the PC, read a book (a very rare event) for 30 minutes in the prone position on my bed, have tea and chocolate, and then a forced crap with some extra games to ensure I was vocalizing my exasperation. Nothing is allowed to be straightforward, not even keystroking, turning a page in a book or turning a lightswitch off or on. And it seems like the order did not go through. It was for an Asus U3S6 card to go into my PC, and it is an upgrade to permit USB 3 and STAT 6 standards on a older PC. I have been in contact with Asus as to why my motherboard isn't on the approved motherboard list, and have been jerked around for the last week, twice reminding the email contact that he hadn't answered my question. So I suppose the sickos thought they had built up some "adversity momentum" over this particular PC adaptor card, and somehow felt justified in cranking up the ordering adversity as well. Fucking bizarre to say the least, and proof that they are fucking nuts.

Another round of fuckery over per above order, attempting again while in contact with a customer service rep via a live session. More form filling, more password entry, and still she couldn't do anything, and even asking for information she couldn't use. Finally, the old excuse of the "browser problem" came to mind, and so a third round in IE, this time with extra colored lines and buttons, all of which was stripped out of Firefox. I suppose the assholes don't want me to see screen features when I am ordering online as this is not the first time this has happened. Plenty of additional noises going on while the assholes were jerking me around, all part of tne noisescape. And also, the assholes had me use the Windows snipping tool, and somehow the saved file got lost, forcing me to go through with this again, which was complicated by the fact that they added pop-up boxes over what I was intending to snip, and they even added a phone call interuption of someon offering a free cell phone for some bizarre reason.

Dinner was made from scratch tonight, always a big deal as they lay on the extra telekinetic abuse more, especially when they have been aggravating me all day. The big deal for the sickos that I swapped cleaning sponges tonight, along with replacing the dish detergent in mid use. The green cleaning sponge was used to flash me with green plasma so enough of that, so out it went, along with the other new one, and both ended up in the garbage together. The new blue ones didn't have the scrubbing surface I expected, and it is a lighter blue, instead of the dark blue. (These are 3M pads with a sponge and a scouring pad both). They had the dishes cleaned with the last of the dishes detergent, and then had me clean the counter, stovetop and table top with the new sponge and a dab from the new dishes detergent on it, what I usually do. That might sound all to prosaic, but I have come to know that cleaning dishes and counters is of intense interest, and to remind new readers they even had me do a part time cleaning job for 8 months last year, such is their interest in cleaning.

That part time cleaning job was at a car dealership, and I ended up getting a discount on car cleaning supplies in my last week there 07-2009. This was for my mother's vehicle, and she never got to cleaning her vehicle or using the supplies. And lo, if my daughter didn't come by yesterday to my mother's place, while I was still there, to clean the vehicle, using said supplies for the first time. It just goes to show how much planning the perps do, and their insane need to have things lie "fallow", purchased, stored in a typical location but remaining unused. And then, to have a surrogate, my daughter, to use the cleaning supplies. Go figure.

 I see the font sizes have gone smaller after a read of a PDF file at 200% oversize. I don't seem to be allowed controlled font size with my browser, as in me controlling it. The assholes even made me sneeze, having me turn my head away, and at the moment of sneezing and not looking at the 200% sized text, they planted subsized 30% sized text in my vision. They needed font-sneeze test combination and duly planted it following a 10 minut duration of oversized text reading. Maybe there is more to the allowed book reading this afternoon that just getting me to sit/lie down somewhere else.  And even other browser tabs and this page are suddenly shrunk down in font size and the browser zoom doesn't work. Funny how all that happens, a sudden font size decrease after reading oversized font. For the record, it is about Miracle Mineral Supplement, which might be a technical mineral, as it is sodium chlorite, also known as Stabilized Oxygen in a lower concentration formulation. It is said to be one of the most potent anti-pathogenic oxidizing agents going, and is pathogen specific, and doesn't harm healthy cells. An interesting read if you follow the video, and then the links. It can work against nearly all microbes and viral agents, and can be cheaply acquired. His claim is that he doesn't have a million bucks to do FDA triple blind testing, and he also claims that the FDA executive is a revolving door for the drug companies to give to their top personnel for sabbaticals. I wouldn't doubt it, and their apparent new powers to shut down supplements and to have them submit for testing is another outrage they have yet to fully perpetrate. Click on the video at the link for the project Camelot Portal interview, though over an hour long. I don't have any interest in this except to disseminate what seems to be like exceptional information that one can readily act on if need be. Though for us TI's, in the cross hairs of strange irradiative beams, the perps might want to turn up the power to counter whatever healing can take place. I have had some wicked flues in the long past, and I always wondered how I got them, and how it was that their timing was so coincidental to important meetings or other seminal events like a new dog arriving at the house.

A video listen of Marcia Schafer, a contactee and psychic, tonight, along with noise outside to "accompany me" in listening, one hour. Reading got shut down after my evening tea break, including online; the text started to jump and vibrate. There must be over a hundred ways to screw someone out of reading; cognitive impairments, demotivation, and good old technical fuckery if online. Her book book, Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist, (site) is highly regarded, though I haven't read it.

And what is with the dude talk outside my apartment dude today? Now at least 10 "happenings", lasting 5 to 12 seconds.

This one is done for today, and hopefully I can get some real sleep tonight.

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