Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Daily Log Sampler

I don't know which blog style will become predominant, but this is a journal of the "daily adversity" in being harassed and surveilled.

05-10-2006, 1632 PDT
A shut-in day today, where they suck me down into doing nothing (remotely invoked depression) and fabricate some reasons to justify it, e.g. "waiting for parcels". One did arrive as a matter of fact, and there are some likelihood of coordination with other activities, i.e. their "problem" with anything colored brown that I have contact with or even see. (They destroyed any of the brown garments I wear).

So, ahead of tea & chocolate time, "my" mid-afternoon indulgence, a parcel from UPS arrives in two nested brown cardboard boxes. (Also note the color is UPS' livery, and driver uniform color). I open the parcel at the table, the same location that I (15 minutes) later consumed my tea & chocolate (note, brown chocolate). Coincidence? Hardly, especially when the noisescape substantially increased in volume and variety of sources when eating said chocolate.

Another stunt the perps pull is to unfairly accuse me of something. This time the UPS web tracking note said I didn't have enough money on hand to pay the driver yesterday which is totally wrong. I wasn't here when they attempted delivery, I was out hiking and recieved a delivery notice. (And also, "I" forgot to mention this "mistake" to the driver, another piece of mind-control that works admirably now, when it didn't entirely four years ago).

They pulled this accusative stunt a few weeks earlier by having CCRS (IRS equivalent in Canada) accusing me of wrongfully claiming a income tax deduction. Well, it so happened that they had all the necesary information from the same stunt they pulled in 2005 for the 2004 tax year. So I send them the same documents again and reminded them of that, and posed a question as to could they explain four successive years of tax re-assessments over the same matter? And if the past years are anything to go by, they won't, and will only send a new re-accounting, without the courtesy of telling me that I won my case. (That is, I don't pay any more tax than I already have).

05-11-2006, 1406h

The blog software crashed and I lost my changes to above. Another event of the heightened "glitch" rate kind when a TI. Tying one's shoelaces cannot be taken for granted even; they will "self-unravel" 2 to 5 times a day, usually ahead, during or after a big gangstalk event (for them) such as grocery shopping. They like me to touch the black laces which complements their consequent parading of raven-haired women gangstalkers. I have no idea why, though they give white haired gangstalkers equal time elsewhere.

More Men In Black (MIB) were surrounding me at the hot cooked chicken counter at Save-On Foods today. One ahead of me, who had no other items to purchase, (and who had already gangstalked me in the parking lot), another who swept behind me and then loitered as a customer would (except for being purposely extra agitated), again he had no other shopping activity, and then a third MIB swept behind me again (already with one gangstalk show) as I departed the service counter. This and three other gangstalkers in place made for a total of five coursing about me as I set off to take my groceries to the checkout.

Where upon above MIB #1 arrived, having disappeared momentarily as he was ahead of me at the chicken counter, who then got extra "socially" close to me when I extracted my wallet and during the action of paying by debit card. (Another one was lurking behind from the other side, doing the stand-there and do nothing act). Then when done, and walking to my vehicle, he "shows up" again, for four gangstalk scenarios in a one store shopping trip. (He had gangstalked me inbound when I had arrived as well).

And the perps like to have me focus on one or two of their operatives who also deliberately ham it up and act extra suspicious (within reason). And I get mind-controlled into being extremely irate, usually in the privacy of my vehicle. They don't seem to be concerned about the obvious hole in their cover story as to why is there so many working age men hanging around me during regular working hours. (The perps cut me off from working through their hospital and "illness" creation stunts)

And it was a racial integration day too; they are experimenting with differing colored clothes on various race individuals who are arranged around me (gangstalkers). It was native Indian day today; day-glo orange toques (even if it was very warm today), and another in lime green and orange, and another with a very large backpack on, jaywalking in front of the driveway entrance, putting on the barely able to walk act.

05-11-2006, 1954h

Another brutal rage jerkover event ended finally; the perp's big play is to provoke and then mind-control me into a screaming rage. They get this started by impairing my finger coordination, usually when I need it most, say, preparing dinner. Then they keep me burning by causing food to (magically) fly off the counter and onto the floor. Once it is cleaned up, they put some more food down again. Another rage stunt is to mind control me to do things of no consequence- going to the wrong location altogether, - the fridge for the cutlery etc. At each rage event my voice gets changed; extremely loud to start with, then various pitches while softer. They can now pull a voice change in seconds, when it was a half minute before.

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