Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Is the Surname "Hughes" an Invitation to Covert Harassment?

That is my surname from my father's side (Welsh) and there is a common etymology with Hugues and Hugenots. And the perps like to send family members to France, northern Italy, Austria and Germany, twice after this summer. Both my parents are from the UK as was my ex-wife and so there have been at least 8 trips in 30 years there, sometimes all of us meeting up there.

I have also spoken with a TI with the same surname, one who has had 13 years of harassment compared to my four as an aware TI, though of differing intensities. We are of no relation as far as we know, but it is a very curious coincidence when there are too many to count even in a given day.

And as I type this out, the perps have started up the noises again to coincide with the actual typing of the above surname, and two faux ambulance calls with sirens (one of their favorites). Now the noise of loud (chopped) 2-stroke engine Harley Davidson motorcycles passing by has begun (the post-curtain drawing event), a noise that can go on at the rate of 2 to 5 per minute, even though this neighborhood qualifies as the least likely to have such activity. And it is the noise only, 90% of the times I look there is no corresponding source vehicle (motorcycles or other loud mufflered vehicles).

Back to the original thesis/question; the answer is that I don't know as a number of my web queries are pulling in dreck and tangential information. Are there any etymology experts out there who can help me on this one?

There is a geographical (cue keyboarding dithering jerkaround) component to this harassment whereby an inordinant number of colleagues, co-workers and friends (sort of) who have taken holidays to locations and countries that either I have travelled or lived in. There are others who are able to score leave of absences (unlike me, same employer) and reside in their country of origin for a year. Without exception I get to see them shortly after they come back and have a social chat, some looking very scared of me for no apparent reason.

Anyhow, this is a brief encapsulation of another angle of the entire harassment activity that goes on, getting noise besieged while airing this curiousity, as well.

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