Monday, May 29, 2006

Last Week of Vehicle Ownership

Now that my disability insurance and savings are running low, I am dependent on the "disability" arrangements that the doctors so kindly provided me with, not to mention my own playing along. (And assuming that was my true intention and not a mind-controlled planted notion). So, living close to a nearby supermarket and a pharmacy isn't too bad, I now become a plastic bag bearing member just like the gangstalkers. They have a hang-up with plastics, and have arranged many hundreds of "pedestrians" to gangstalk with plastic bag in hand as I drive by. Except now, the tables are turned and I am sure they will put plenty of vehicular gangstalkers on me, as they have already done on the odd walk into town.

There was a police emergency/likely perp stunt to block a major 6 lane thoroughfare this morning, and forcing an detour route where seven dark burgundy red color vehicles coalesced around me; five in file ahead of me, passing between one each side of the detour route. And plenty of go slow time too, to try and get me "registered" (or whatever they do) to this color from inside my vehicle. Often they will "cause" bloodletting on my face when shaving as a precursor to such "red (color) exposure" antics as this. And I didn't say that the shaving caused the facial cut, as these extra-conventional physical forces create the cut on my nose, where I don't shave.

It was no suprise then that the perps went extra crazy in creating a whole lot more traffic around me for my two-stop errand outing, and they laid on some Men In Black (with white shirtails hanging out) when inside one store. One had already gangstalked me in the aisles, waving his hand over the merchandise as he walked by (a seen-before technique), and he then "shows up" at the till, when he should of been long gone if a cashier was on the job. Office Depot is so accommodating that way.

And a new gangstalking technique became apparent today; an arrangement of two vehicles, facing me, sitting mid-street in file, stopped, some 60' back from the stop line with no other vehicles present, and have the second one with the headlights on, not the lead vehicle as they usually do. If it were the lead vehicle training its headlights on me as I waited to make a left turn, I would call that pit-lamping which I have been exposed to many hundreds of times in the past four years. This was an obstructed pit-lamping which tells me that they can read/detect the headlight energy passing through the lead vehicle and its "effect" on me, even if I am not aware of it. And they always like to have intervening vehicles passing between the light source and my vision, which is what they do an awful lot of when I am driving. They will also stack people/gangstalkers in alignment as well, clothing color being important here too.

I attempted to get the stereo back into my vehicle before I give it to my daughter, turning 16 next week. I thought this would be simple; retrieve the car stereo components from my so-called parents (perp-helpers) place and then take it all to an installer. But what happens? Two thirds of the stereo has "disappeared" from their place and one third was moved from the bedroom where it was to the garage. My mother claims no knowledge of how it was relocated/stolen, though she wasn't very convincing. This is consistent with what has transpired over the past four years; they don't want me near magnets or large metallic bodies, vehicles excepted. They have also shut down/damaged three CD players and two pairs of headphones in the last four years, so this isn't anything new. So it would seem that they maybe wanting my daughter to be similarly "prepped" for these irradiations and mind-control activity.

And of course this entire "push" to get the car stereo installed was another mind-control stunt; there is nothing better the perps like doing than setting someone up for failure. Instigate/mind-control me to start arrangements to fulfill an objective, and a key person or item suddenly becomes unavailible, time without fail. And with the most flimsiest of excuses too, as per above theft.

The loss of my vehicle will be a big one, as the mobility gives me things to do, something in short supply when the perps make sure that I am minimally involved in anything, and have worked this angle for decades. And no more hiking, as it provides me some relief from the nonstop grind of being harassed and gangstalked (in the main), though I am positive that it served the perps as well. They pour on many hundreds, if not a thousand vehicular gangstalkers each time I return from the hike, and they have been very busy with overflights and a few other exotic monitoring harassment stunts on the trail and in the viewscape.

A hike today, 05-30-2006, a 3.5 hour round trip through the forest to a beautiful view of the Saanich Inlet, Coast range, Tantalus Range, Olympic Range and Mt Baker (near Bellingham, USA). It was only a two party gangstalk event, the first one being a regular who dresses in the same color clothes each time, though differing fabrics and garments. A purple cotton shirt and cotton grey-black shorts in place of her typical purple anorak and black tights (both synthetic fabrics). It is getting decidedly warmer, but the perps wanted me in my white undershirt (with three new clustered holes) and blue overshirt which is moisture wicking, but stayed mysteriously soggy the entire hike.

The perps pulled one of their rare stunts when hiking; they pushed me into a tree, one with brown bark (arbutus), as I was walking by. Not a big deal and no damage done, but it does go to illustrate what they can do if they see fit. This has happened inside my apartment and outside, these extra-gravitational pushes into an object they have some keen interest in. Two weeks ago, when leaning over the ironing board, they pushed my chest into it to get a better me-ironing board color interaction assay, or whatever they do.

Another gangstalking pair who did the stand in front of the other stunt again, a man in grey standing in front of a grey haired woman in an aqua blue shirt, waving his arms about as if giving her directions at this old-trail and new trail junction. The absurdity of it was that they didn't seem to be hiking together given the didactic body language, but there is really isn't an tenable alternate old-trail route and it does not show up on the adjacent signpost with a map. Anyhow, they didn't follow me which is what the perps do sometimes, have a gangstalker follow me for the 3.5 hour hike.

The hike was mostly sunny with distant cloud to obscure many of the mountains, some in odd patches it seemed. They played some plasma games in my left peripherial vision a few times, but nothing too perturbing. But they did start up their game of clouding the sunlight, as it fell through the trees onto the trail with a distinctive brownish cast. It was a brownish trail color, needles and soil, with an extra brownish color added to it. This has been done many times before, but I never like it for some reason, and it may relate to their "brown problem". It is the color of light as if it were passing through a cloud of smoke, or at least as I know it in the long plagued past. My ex-wife (perp helper extraordinaire), would also try out new types of incandescent light bulbs and many of them were equally annoying I found.

Anyhow, my daughter is to get my vehicle which will no doubt instigate another round of family gangstalking and/or mind-control activity. Why the perps cannot fess up and arrange some kind of cooperative testing I have no idea. Their work would be over in a week instead of this four year Potemkin ruse that passes for normal and dictates huge amounts of organizational effort. Venal and sick, especially those who I trusted to look after my interests, ex-wife and parents.

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