Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ebay Purchase Blocking

A new stunt/perps jerkaround activity that is now playing out is to block progress in concluding a Ebay sale. This requires the complicity of Ebay, Pay Pal and the vendor who are doing a masterful job in holding up a transaction. (Though it is very likely that the perps started this bidding and winning an auction activity three weeks ago, and when ultimately successful, they have sabotaged the process of transaction completion. This make another one of the Perps Objectives Ponderings (a two part blog dated 05-06-2006).

This goes on each day after I emailed the vendor (now twice) and the Ebay graphics on all their web pages have been stripped out with the commands neutered as well. Even the select, cut & paste gets obstructed by the perps not allowing me to put the item number into the paste buffer. The messaging center also was sabotaged to stop me sending any more to the normally exceptional vendor. More glitch activity.

(Later in the day): Success via Pay Pal by getting my credit card information registered and then paying via that route instead of the debit card where they offered no instructions as to what account numbers to use. Anyhow, it seems to be over, but what a jerkaround.

FYI: a perp-neutered Ebay web page looks like this below:

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