Sunday, May 21, 2006

Feral Family Dinner -gangstalking in the family

Sundays are the days that I take up the "invitation" to have dinner at my parents place. They are the ones that sold me to the perps at birth; this harassment and mind-control has run all my 52 years as I have deduced (by their carefully planted hints).

I have been asked why would I go have dinner with the sick assholes who put me into this despicable tyranny? As much as I loathe them for what they have done, it must be mind-control at work to have me (or cause me to) visit them once a week, and be gangstalked at their place. And they do regularly act in strange ways that are totally consistent with the moves I see in grocery stores and wherever else I go in public. I have another brother in this city, but he only comes occasionally, again behaving in the same irregular gangstalk patterns. (For example, standing in place not doing anything for no reason, ususally near me or where I am about to go or sit. An excessive amount of dropping objects and bend over time to pick them up is another giveaway).

The visit is mostly devoid of conversation, and by this, my parents evade anything to do with gangstaking, harassment and everything else that also happens (plasma beams, masers). It is simply amazing as to how neutered I am about bringing up anything to do with this harassment. Or, in the rare event of a staged "discussion", how much of what I could say as to their behavior and involvement in this organized venality, just doesn't "happen".

They also do perp abetting by supporting the brown color problem the perps have, as well as their food digestion obsession. Much of my parent's served food is colored in variations of brown; meat, apple pie, mushrooms, tea etc. ("I" (in the mind-control collective sense) don't ordinarily eat red meats, and this is my once per week ingestion). And as well, there are plenty of brown cardboard boxes that litter their place and are artfully arranged even if aparrently disarrayed. They often wear combinations of brown clothing as well. They have just had a kitchen renovation, and by no fluke, a new brown floor to replace a black and yellow/orange colored floor, light brown cabinets and a counter with black over light brown scuffs-like. And yesterday, there was even some brown beans mashed on the stove surface (black-grey) to emulate the adjacent counter colors.

This might be the only family in the world that is dining amongst plasma and maser beams flashing around the living room and yet no one says anything. I don't because they will pretend not to have seen anything, and they don't because that would violate the sick game of pretend they are playing (now over four years running). And though the exposure times of these beams and flashes are usually subsecond, they are very clearly happening, even beside the TV that we are all watching. (Much the same as those beside this monitor as I type).

On the rare occasion that harassment is mentioned, and by way of staged event, my parent's lastmost "excuse" of this being of clinical origin, was removed when I reiterated what the doctor said about it "sounds like persecution". Then they go quiet, like many conversations with shills and gangstalkers, they don't respond, presumably for another purpose. (Energy formation decay of thoughts IMHO).

Though I always pay attention to the topics my mother raises as they are potentially weighted as to what the perps might be up to. Often, my conversations with the parents/criminals are largely arranged around name-dropping amongst the "themes", usually with a reference to the news.

Currently, some flooding is taking place in the West Kootenays, a location I once lived in for three years. This weather and snow melt disaster is very likely a perp caused event to give that region "mind time", an too-often occurence. I don't want to fuel the conspiracy flames any more, but many of the places I once lived or visited get trashed by a disaster at a disturbingly high level of coincidence sometime later. (New Orleans, Kauii are two).

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