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June: Torture Awareness Month- a Psychotorture Description

I am going to do my bit for Torture Awareness Month; specifically detail the psychotorture that is abundant in North America applied to non-consenting citizens by covert methods and extra-conventional physical forces. Me being one; I cannot imagine anyone enjoining this advocacy unless one is a Targetted Individual (TI) or a spouse thereof. This existence, not a life by any measure, is too adverse and too utterly strange that an outsider could not possibly identify with the circumstances.

This is my bit to attempt to enlighten those who might be unaware of this hell the North American governments (US and Canada) have cursed some citizens with. I would have more freedom and peace if I were in jail for crime than this existence. Make no mistake; I have travelled to the UK, France and other European countries and these assholes were on me then, in my naive-TI days, until age 47 when all hell broke loose for me in Seattle with abettance of my employer. In fact, I suspect my perp-abetting parents got hooked up during WWII, when my father was in the RAF as a navigator.

Back to psychotorture; as I write this I am being noisestalked (specific noise to accompany tasks like the recall of above details) and thoughtstalked, a subset of the former where any unplanned/uncontrolled thoughts get an immediate application of noise. And often times that noise is in the form of infuriating me to screaming rage levels, all mind-controlled, with my voice doing fantastic gyrations that it has never done before in changes volume and/or pitch every 5 to 10 seconds. It is utterly bizarre, but the purpose is quite clear, they want a combination of aural sounds (via the ear) and nonaural sounds (or vibrations through the jaw, skull, voice box etc.) at the same time. This is to aid the perps in real-time neurological energetics analysis (aka mind-reading) of the parts of my brain they don't appear to able yet control.

As far as I can tell, they are working on the amygdala, the emotional seat of the brain, where emotional content (e.g. voice, countenance) is evaluated and assigned a valence (importance or weight), recall, humor, personal identification knowledge, grammatical function, some error-trapping abilities, the perception of normality and a few other things that don't "come to mind". (Or, more correctly, this is what the perps are hounding me for, not all of the above is amygdala processing. They have been shooting masers through my neck above my adam's apple of late, which also suggests brainstem function as well, e.g. some attentional activity).

All day long I get excessive traffic noise, and I can say this because this apartment has only an alley-wide view on a throughfare (by design, more on this later), and the remainder of the street is blocked by buildings. Even if I put on earmuffs, the perps somehow (extra-conventional physics from a distance) recreate the same traffic noise inside them, as well as adding a gradually incrementing din as if a ticking clock and talk radio show and other "background" noise are blended. After ten minutes of ear muff use, if "I" notice (or the perps let me, as I can never be sure of all their capabilities), I don't know which is worse; the roar of 2-stroke motorcycle noise (think chopped Harleys riding by worse than if one lived next to a biker's clubhouse) and other affronts or the earmuff din. The noise assault goes on every day, all day in some form. Sirens are another, some 3 to 15 a day when the adjacent street is not an emergency route as it leads to another municipality; the fire department would need to come into the city, cross busy shopping streets and then exit again when they could bypass this location altogether. And yet they parade their yellow ladder trucks at least once per day around here.

I can actually "stare down" the street noise by looking out to the street when it happens, and begin commenting on the ludicrous noise level where there are no causal vehicles apparent, and within short order, the noise cedes. When I turn away, the noise resumes. The perps have this all-governing notion where they think they will be noticed by some overseeing judge, and usually, but not always, keep this noise (and other) assaults within the bounds of having an ostensible cause (cover story). Should I look for the cause, the noise abates and one from a distant source (unverifiable) may start up in its place. Many of the noises are ones I am familiar with as a child; there were cawing crows, floatplane overflights and passing buses. There are no crows about this apartment, and yet this noise starts up, sometimes at 0400h, ditto for seagulls, and "neighbor's" water usage alternating between the E and W sides, again at 0400h sometimes.

I cannot go anywhere at all without being accompanied by cavalcades of color coordinated vehicles, or ambulatory gangstalkers who put on the cloak of normality, except where they are posted location after location where I go, as well as "showing up" in many store locations and inside or outside as well. They too are color coordinated, and will often cross in front of each other at prescribed intervals, hang out behind colums then re-appear, sometimes couples are walking together will then split apart for me to walk between them, often children get detailed to run into me or move in closer than an adult would. Today I got a multi-ethnic sentry duty gangstalk as I exited the laundry room, an East Indian was on my right, and an Asian on my left (who was reprising as he had already gangstalked me in the stairwell) who were pretending to want to access the room then, and "just happened to be" on the other side of the door.

Not only am I followed/gangstalked everywhere I go, but my thoughts are constantly monitored, if not directed by the perps. Time without fail, inappropriate notions come to mind which I struggle to repress and not act on. I must double check anything that I think or percieve because it maybe perp planted. Or put it this way, the integrity of personal thought has been polluted irreparably by an outside agency who lets me know as much, if not reminds me constantly. As I type and correct the many errors and clean up the grammar, I get constant noisestalking as I do this, even as I type this now. Even if I read specific words I can get noisestalked or zapped on occasion. And also, constant vision impairments, transitory for a second or two which is highly annoying every 5 or 10 seconds.

Given the extreme effort that goes into presenting me specific colors in combination and sequence with others (above mentioned vehicular and ambulatory gangstalkers), it is highly likely that I have no choice in what I wear. The brown colored garments I had/have either "fell apart" or are not worn, and it is true for other colors as well. I always wear blue jeans, never anything else, and seem to be content with that. Likely this has been long decided for me, and is the current mind-controlled color/clothing "mindset" (theirs planted on me, not mine).

The same goes for what I eat, and clearly it is not any kind of drift of laziness on my part. I have been afflicted with "being content" with eating the same lunch and dinner food, something that has never happened before. I would never stand to have more than the same thing twice in a week, save leftovers, and yet this goes on day after day for three years, an imposed "contentment" with no permissable variation in my diet.

Even one's mood and state of cognition is under constant external control and cannot be relied upon to perform the same activity at a later time. I can do some website bookmarking of films for hours, then later, "I" glaze over and cannot function very well. The moment I notice that reduced capacity, I get a maser hit, zap or a noisestalking.

Even to sit at a desk in normal room temperature conditions is a state to which the psychototurers apply their venal methods. As I type this, they have soaked the back and armpits of my moisture wicking shirt (NOT cotton) with a persistent dampness that has soaked my chair as well. There is no other ostensible cause for this; no prior workouts, physical activity, and is is not hot outside or in my apartment.

Other harassment activity includes blocking orders, my Pay Pal got blocked for no seeming reason, and there are other users on my PC all the time, and I cannot get them off, even if I am the seeming "administrator" of Windows. It is arbitrary, relentless and capricious, 24x7.

I have been gangstalked by politicians in the past, and I have no expectations that the local police, who rounded me me up twice on no substantive complaints, are any help at all. From discussions with other harassees, Amnesty International won't do anything. Very disturbing to learn that much of what we take for news is a charade, and only a pretense of democracy exists in the supposed free world bastions, US and Canada by personal experience, for those fortunate enough to be not sold into this depraved venality.

Its a rare incident of torture, perhaps only a few thousand that I have gleaned from other websites, but perhaps the most perturbing case of all.

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