Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tracking Themes

Extra rage-ification this morning to go with vacuum cleaning, always a big perp event, even to the level of having industrial drain cleaning "suck trucks" on the job at 0650h on my way to the bus stop some mornings. Today, they screwed me into replacing the filter on the Red Devil vacuum cleaner, because the just-removed filter wouldn't fit back in. This has been done before in the days of auto repair, where the air filter would not fit back in after removal for other purposes. I figured, or more like, it was planted that this was the same problem, so after dumping the filter in the garbage, I retrieved the sole remaining new filter, and placed it in. And it too had a fit problem, and after screaming at the assholes, why they let me understand that they fucked me into placing it in the incorrect orientation, and not letting me understand that was the situation. I can routinely figure out spatial fit problems, that is, until early 2007 when they were able to corrupt such knowledge/capability, and it has never been the same since.

And the Red Devil vacuum cleaners are not to be found in this town, and getting the filters will likely be another web order to get them shipped from the US south, like in 2003.

Tracking seems to be a big theme topic of the last few days; three of my parcels are on their way, all with tracking numbers and searches, along with totally sabotaging the order so I cannot actually see the tracking because they fucked the web page display so bad in two browsers. (True to form, they like me to experience an event only partially). Then my mother phones and goes on about tracking her parcel from the UK, and why it cannot be done when it arrives here. Don't know, funny how she knew about this service and was moved to look it up on her very slow PC. Tracking of the TI's is of course constant, so perhaps the perps want to get some psychic energies defined for what they do best; fuck the living shit out of the victims' lives, night and day, and keep it going for over 7.5 years, and still continuing. Even the present doctor indicates that I am being persecuted, two of three now.

A Chicken Run with a fine consort of Fuckwits/gangstalkers who were on duty for my brief sortie to the supermarket to get a hot cooked chicken, goat milk, and chocolate. While there, I got reminded that I needed some fruit, but the grapes were pathetic, and the kiwis weren't to be found. Another one of those plant-the-notion-and-then-skunk-the=victim games, aka, in simpler terms, "suck and fuck". In less profane terms, build/plant and expectation and the dash any outcome as the item isn't to be had. Been there, done that, countless times and it still persists. Many of the said gangstalkers were on door sentry duty when I exited, and still there, squatting down for some obscure reason when I got back.

An excerpt from a TI site; reasoned and perceptive, and one I largely agree with. In my case, I got over the "why me" when the assholes let me in on the fact that they had arranged my circumstances since birth, and are still attempting to undo the psychic wreckage they created, even if deleting actual recall.

Thursday, September 18, 2008
A Word for the Wise T.I. - One TI's Answer to "Why Me?"

"Nature's Question # 7" by Roberto Valcarcel

The question, "Why me?" echoes daily throughout the world by thousands of
victims. "Why was I chosen to be relentlessly subjected to organized
harassment using multiple stalkers? Why is brain damaging, remotely directed energy
weaponry used on me? To help answer that question, a moderator from a forum
for targeted individuals, who wishes to remain anonymous, explains:

> TIs feel a need to understand WHY they are being harassed. I went through
> that myself.
> Over time, you will realize that you are SUPPOSED to come up with your own
> reasons for the harassment.
> The freaks want you feeling guilty, as a minimum. They will play on your
> guilt feelings incessantly, to break you down. They also want you focusing
> on one person as being responsible for having allegedly started your
> harassment, so that you start obsessing about the prospect of exacting revenge
> against that person. Anything to get you to commit an act of violence, whether
> suicide or homicide.
> Either way, they will never give you a clear-cut reason for the
> harassment. That's left up to you, which is why so many hundreds of TIs have all come
> up with their own reasons for being harassed.
> Simply put, these are social control operations. TIs have been singled out
> because they satisfy certain social and psychological criteria (wrong
> religion, too decent and principled, too independent, nonconformist, too
> intelligent, whatever).
> The TIs aren't the ones being controlled. T.I.s are simply being used to
> facilitate the global control of perps [perpetrators] , whom I otherwise
> refer to as "freaks."
> You can't have a global dictatorship or a global genocide unless you can
> FULLY control those who are supposed to be unquestioning, fully-obedient
> participants in these efforts. And that is why it is so critical that full
> administrative and psychological control of the freaks be established. TIs are
> simply tools for facilitating the process.
This is why it is imperative for all T.I.s to lobby for a Congressional
investigation into organized stalking and electronic harassment. The freedom of
all humanity is at stake. Just think about what has been said and let A
WORD TO THE WISE T.I. be sufficient to mobilize you to join FFCHS's efforts to
expose these hateful crimes.

Posted by WizeTI at 8:18 PM

That is it for today, back on the First Feral Family duties until evening time.

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