Monday, October 12, 2009

Thankless Giving

Another brutal Fuckover day at the hands of the perps, this being Canadian Thanksgiving, and they sure unloaded the Thankless Giving, the likes of which hasn't been experienced since 2003 to 2006 when they kept up the eviction angle. At least 60 loud screaming rage-fications so far, and we are not done. At least two thirds was over the month end Quicken accounting which took three fucking hours to complete, when the best time has been an hour.

The usual cognitive fuckery; chasing errors that weren't errors on a second look, chasing errors they introduced to make the totals not reconcile, obliterating a lengthy entry record with a mind-fuck "copy transaction" which wiped it out when all I wanted to do was copy text, and so it goes. They have always fucked me over bookeeping and accounting, but only much worse since this insane abuse began in 04-2002.

Then after completion three hours later it is dinner time, and lo, if they didn't crank up the abuse again to keep me rage-ified at the same level when I was at my desk. They flicked garlic pieces about, jabbed my fingertips, had the olive oil bang on the top and bottom of the shelf as I grasped it, laid on the 3" patch of olive oil on the counter, kept a five minute sustained campaign to delay the cleaning of the garlic press and a few others to make sure screaming at them was fully expressed. I suspect this is more about "screaming referencing" having me do it at one location in the apartment and then another immediately following at the same volume, and even word choice. Given that no end of noisestalking and other incursions occur each time I get up or move about, this is my best interpretation as to what the assholes are up to. No wonder I didn't get any Thanksgiving dinner offers; they had this insane train of abuse all lined up, and keeping up the outside (and excessive IMHO) road noise all day. I think we are up to eight siren cascades today, and it should be a relatively quiet one given that it is a countrywide public holiday.

It wasn't all bad; I took some journals down to the locker and exchanged them for some books and CD's to put in my new bookcase. I was given the planted thought I had Oracle reference books, but lo, if there was none and were all dispensed with back in 2007 when I moved in here. Moving time is when the perps strike with their mind-fuck games as to what got stored or disposed of. I could never figure out why my recall was so bad around moving time, going back decades, but now I know; the recall deletion games again, as if I haven't had enough of that.

And a greater number of website obstructions of late; round 2 of attempting to get a account created didn't go anywhere, same deal as last night. A screenshot add-on to Firefox just got blocked by some infernal certificate error saying it was self-signed. I get these all the time and I have no fucking idea why this is happening so often. What are these certificates and how is it that so many are out of date or self-signed? I suspect the assholes are up to one of their usual stunts, adding in pop-up boxes as they deem fit; a number of these erupt without my fingers on the keyboard, and it seems to part of a common reference set they use, often timed to when an uncontrolled thought comes to mind, especially recovery of keyboard errors, likely forced in the first place. On the latter item, I notice my self-talk that often disparages and consigns the fuckers in summary form, (e.g "assholes", "jerk", "whacko" depending on the circumstances and presentation of freaks and abuses), is now much more dociled. I had this ongoing stream of thoughts as to summarizing them to the wastebucket of my mind, but this is not happening as much as it was two weeks ago. Needless to say, the noisestalking of these kinds of thoughts has also subsided.

So..., I see that I cannot get to my single-sign off Oracle account, as a page came up saying there was a problem and it would be reported to the webmaster. So... WTF, I will sign-off then and sign-on again. But no, the sign-off page has a clock icon with a spinning hand to convey the passage of time, and has been at it for five minutes now. I will close the tab to put it out its misery. Then see what other fuckery will befall me in attempting to download software. Another request to get Oracle to find out what the problem is.

So what is the deal that the perps have to obstruct me like this? It was as senseless as it was relentless in 2002 to 2003, and they finally backed off some. But now they have cranked it up again. Another similar example was a crosswalk blocking driver yesterday; she looks set to pull out and then stops, and I attempt to go behind her vehicle and she starts backing up, causing me to change my intended plan and then go in front of the vehicle. It is just plain fucking nuts.

Time for some pictures to relieve this diatribe of insane abuse.

Hurriedly, here are some pics from yesterday; blurry and furtive shot of the police action opposite me in the bus stop, outbound. It seem that the flashing red, blue and white lights next to a white object such as their vehicle somehow enhances the perps' remote energetic assay activity, that is, of me. And too, plenty of vehicles passed between me the this scene, adding to their light interuption games.

Now inbound and in the white-bred suburb of Gordon Head, the silver-greys are out on my walk to the bus stop. That is, vehicles, and when the silly LH drive used Japanese vehicles won't do, why, park a regular North American RH drive vehicle on the opposite side of the road for me to walk past. The perps devote a huge amount of effort to switch up steering wheel sides with respect to the road rules; backing them up, aforementione LH drive vehicles from Japan and UK, and even have bold Fuckwits drive on the wrong side of the road if cleared in advance.

Further along the walk; it is Oct. 11, 2009, the Sunday of a Thanksgiving long weekend and maybe a parked throng of vehicles outside someone's house is reasonably legit. Heavy to silver-grey though.

More of the above agglomeration of vehicles; orthogonal directionality, parked over differing ground material (asphalt, lawn, and some of each), and nothing too incriminating to the casual observer.

At the bus stop, this pair of strange dweebes was loitering around; they split apart when I arrived for me to pass between them, and now they are "together again", presumably testing their respective energy interactions with me, now with each other. The hoodie acts are everywhere, and both dudes are eating apples, and lo, if I hadn't finished eating one only 15 minutes earlier before setting off to find this pair waiting for me. I defaced the one so I don't get him coming on me at a later time; that is, I am taking away the excuses. This is taken through the bus shelter glass, hence the yellow dots and the scuzz, not to mention extra reflectivity.

Formerly the Gordon Head store, and still hanging in after all these decades. Nothing to strange here, though I get the Plastic Bag Men routinely, and even on a Sunday afternoon they get into some heavy shopping at this forlorn store. Regular readers will recognize the background field as the one where a male from an adjacent empty lot left a chainsaw sitting there all by itself, and not a chunk of wood in sight. The chainsaw depositing Fuckwit then retraced his steps without the saw and just plain disappeared after re-crossing the street to the empty lot. (I had been running a chainsaw the day before, and for them to be doing something so blatant was not a coincidence by any measure.

That's three pairs of legs now, all males, and the fourth one is out of the camera range. Two negros arrived "together", as in 12' apart, and seeming brothers or like, as they were both black as the ace of spades. Again, this is white-bred suburbia and this represents the very first time I have ever seen more than one at a time in the neighborhood. As so often happens, the negro gangstalkers arrive only for a short spell, some three minutes, before a vehicle driven by a white male "happened" to stop by the bus stop and "rescue" them, adding more unlikely social dynamics into the already strange brew that this bus stop begets in my presence.

That it for pics today; no likelihood of a posting 10-13-2009 (tomorrow) as I have to go to evening class.


Anonymous said...

I get people doing this all the time. On this one webcam site, there were multiple close-ups of one particular college girl's ass, I mean, showing every conceivable angle. The goal was that the perps are showing me all kinds of crap, like how close together her legs are way on top, from behind. It was so bizarre. And they also showed some face shots as well, from behind. It was a duplicate of some other girl. I guess they wanted to show how "gapped" her upper thighs were, close to the butt. There were so many pictures of these, too. I figured, these perps are pretty sick with some of this. Like they must be obsessed with legs, how well the pants "stick" to the legs, and such rubbish. They like to hit me up with "see-through" pants action, as well.

Anonymous said...

I suppose you also get those folks with weird facial features, i.e., the faces presented to you from the side. By "weird" I mean the face protrudes out in a weird manner, like really far out, juxtaposed with women whose faces are perfectly flat when viewed from the side. I used to get all chin types as well, as well as nose/facial "protrusions", and all kinds of forehead variants (high/low/rounded/square etc).

I wonder where in the hell they have all the resources to catalog all these types and dispatch them. I guess they have them "listed" by category in some database somewhere. Example: a facial type, associated with a specific name (person).

One good example is "Beavis" from Beavis and Butthead, where his face is always shown at an angle to the viewer. I just saw one with a weird face just like his, kinda like a dog face.