Saturday, October 10, 2009

Brutal Harassment Day; new furniture arrangements

It is Thanksgiving Weekend, today being a Saturday is the first of three days off. But full-on Life Fuckover harassment today. The seeming attractant event was that I got this wretched Ikea knock-down furniture straightened up with the aid of a pro handyman, and that begat emptying the shelves and PC to make it more portable to lug some 14" closer to the end wall to then make room for a recently acquired smaller Ikea bookcase to be placed in this here apartment. The latter being the same Ivar knock-down furniture that racks and is "perp prone" to being messed with. The new bookcase wood and struts had been lying on the floor for the past month, and it was only today that the desk/bookcase was fixed so to initiate the follow-on exercise of moving it, mostly without the books, PC, printer and journals (handwritten logs) to make it lighter. A long way of saying one project begat another, and a third project to put the Ikea LED lights on the underside of the desk shelf to add more light to this dingey state. And most TI's would concur that lighting is of intense perp interest, and they will even arrange a cluster of gangstalking co-workers when I step out of shade into direct light. Adding a new LED light source is just the ticket for their nonconsensual research, but don't ask me why. They even wouldn't let the LED lightswitch work at first, having it intermittent and flickering and would only allow it to work after a period of some hours after installation.

The brutal part of today has been since the handyman departed, desk/bookcase fixed and moved to provide more wall space, and in doing so, having the two modems placed on the lower shelf, and the AC and PC wiring to be raised off the floor and 6" higher on the lowest shelf unit (wood) after 2.5 years. It was the usual thing of controlled misperceptions that incurred re-work, and multiple attempts to get the wires relocated and plugged into the powerbar, the one that replaced the Isobar that oddly quit about a year ago. The power bar is made of plastic, and has a mid-grey plastic gate to go over one of the prong receptacles, making it child proof. But I do wonder what the perps are up to, as the color of everything, including wires, PCB circuit board, wire bunching ties, and the full panalopy of electronic materials and substances. Which is likely associated with the assholes gangstalking me with copper (Unfavored) colored vehicles after a suitable warm-up of silver (Favored) colored vehicles, along with whites, mid-greys and black colored ones, the greyscale set.

Back to the assault with the extra-conventional gravitic fuckery; wires hung up, pulled out of the wall by themselves, fell in odd and hard to reach places far out of proportion to pre-harassment onset normalcy, I was jabbed by everything it seemed in the fingertips, I was whacked in the head even if it was 5" away from anything that could cause such, screwdrivers slipped far too often, objects were routinely pulled from my hands to increase the infuriation quotient, and on it went. Also occuring was a steady stream of outside vehicle noise, very little of which would be normally audible six stories up; Harley Davidson like motorcycle noise, Japanese high revving motorcycle noise, relentless bus noise far more frequent than the usual Saturday schedule, heavy duty vehicle noise, street shouting, sirens (at least four emergency siren cascade, as strange chirping whistling noise that started up at wake-up time and kept going intermittently for all of the morning, at least once per two minutes and of no seeming cause. I reckon there must of been over 150 rage-fications over the five hours this relentless exasperation was applied.

And my daytime meal routines were delayed as well; regular readers will know that the perps like to pour on the harassment before mealtimes, and better yet if the mealtime can be arranged to be three hours later without noticing any kind of hunger. They can do this, make one not hungry for days at a time, having experienced this before, and without any side effects either once a normal eating routine is re-established. There is something about food digestion that gets in the way of their remotely applied research, hence their need to delay meals such as earlier today.

And for the first most obvious time, the assholes scheduled a crap in a very tactical way; I had begun to remove some books from the desk/bookshelf unit, perhaps making only three trips across the room to place them on the table, and then they created a sudden lower adominal pain and a "need" to take a crap, which was duly performed, and then subsequently created a mess that could only be cleaned up with a shower, the second one by 1100h this morning. The handyman guy came at 1130h, so it was likely that I was duly "de-pooed" for his imminent arrival. Regular readers will know the perps are consumed with all things brown, and especially the brown substances that we pack around in our digestive system. And they like to disrupt progress and to create more wait time, usually by adversity to aid this objective. Though, they also do time my phone calls to interupt tea making, mealtimes, shaving, and most routine events. Non-routine events like today's furniture repairs/assembly and relocation with attendant changes to what items get stored where are even more attractive for the perps to disrupt.

A blurb from an email that I recieved; regional area TI's are converging on this very city, the Gangstalking Capital of Canada, to have a protest. As for me, I haven't been convinced that this is effective, hate being any more of a public spectacle than I am, and will want to work to pay today's handyman visit. (And also, I have met two of the players, and it seems the three of us cannot cross the street together without a fuck-up, and so why would I want to put myself in this vexacious situation again? The perps are letting me be me as far as I can tell, at least for this event.

The International Alliance Against Covert Electronic Abuse (IAACEA) is a worldwide campaign for the right of people to be free from covert community based harassment and electronic abuse. This abuse has caused serious and widespread violations of basic human rights. Such unlawful acts of covert harassment have been going on for decades, and are now commonplace throughout the world..

Our global aim is to break the silence around the issue of covert abuse and reclaim our basic rights as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Thousands of documents exist regarding the usage of this shameful, criminal technology: military patents, government reports, declassified documents, scientific journal and mainstream magazine articles, information obtained through FOIA requests, books written by former military personnel, etc. The amount of information is overwhelming, but it is mostly kept hidden from the mainstream media. For more information, please visit: http://www.osnanaim s.pdf

Victoria BC Canada, Wednesday, October 14, 2009: the IAACEA is staging a worldwide protest against the use of electronic technologies that assault and harass members of the unwitting public. This coalition unites concerned professionals and victim groups from all over the world.

Protest will begin at 2:30pm, 1212 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC.

Simultaneous protests are taking place in the following global locations:

Los Angeles
San Francisco
New York
Washington, DC

Victoria, British Columbia


China -Email protest only

Through these protests and international solidarity, our goals are:

*To Educate the public about the erosion of our basic human rights.
*To Lobby the government to create laws to protect people from covert electronic abuse.
*To Provide community support for those people and their families who are affected by covert electronic abuse.
*To Challenge governments and those who hold power to end abusive practices and respect international human rights law.
*To Collaborate with international organizations: to obtain justice for survivors of torture; to hold accountable the governments and individuals who perpetrate torture; to develop the means of ensuring compliance with international standards and securing remedies for victims.

A late running day, and time to call this one done, even if I haven't re-read the above for readability and the raft of tweaking I usually do.


Anonymous said...

They seem to be able to manipulate bowel movements; something about making the water in the intestines swell to create an "urgent" bathroom situation. Could be done with ultrasonics or EMF. I definitely feel that they can create intense urges on cue to take a crap Right Now.

Anonymous said...

I've always shied away from activism or blogging. In fact, such activities only seem to make the perps stronger. Blogging seems to give the perps plenty of feedback on how their torture/prison is progressing. I've noticed that they've gotten "new ideas" from my comments on TI's blogs. Most TI's wonder why I prefer to comment anonymously instead of creating my own blog, but it's very complicated. Most of my everyday acquaintances are involved in this MC harassment, to the extent they almost have a "permanent place" or role to carry out. Blogging about them only seems to mess up what little friendships I do have. So being a TI sometimes involves an ALL or NOTHING mentality. I do bend and submit, i.e., let myself be handled or just "give" a little bit. But I will never go along with harassing another TI. I don't see how there's any honor in that -- it seems so extremely lame. Some of these people bowing to the perps' demands seem so cocky, but from my perspective, gangstalking is a complete waste of time. That's why I would never do it.

I get plenty of gangstalkers throwing back my sentiments towards them back onto me, e.g., they will "parrot" back various things, like I really am the asshole douche bag jerk instead of them, and other things they are using in their slander campaign against me as a "slap in the face". I believe the perps are enslaved as well, as they can only do so much before the perps will smite them with their own dose of harassment.

I think perps should have these other gangstalkers targeted just for the hell of it, so they not only can see what a mistake they made in going along with this shit, but also realize what a waste of time this gangstalking is. A lot of perps at the gangstalker level seem to use their harassment to inflate their egos. Perps, please put these doucehbags in their place.

So there, the perps can use that idea (having perps targeted by other perps).

AJH said...

Answer to: They seem to be able to...

I suspect they can remotely manipulate nearly all human function, save some immune systems and perhaps a few others. (The swine flu, AIDS and other diseases are said by some to be human created.) Pure speculation on my part, but the progression of Multiple Sclerosis to younger patients in their 20's seems to be an oddity that no one can explain. This is where the immune system attacks itself, and if one's formative years is in the tropics (hot climates), you won't get it as the immune system will have a different make-up in adulthood than those who grew up in temperate climates. More of my speculations of course.

Yes, the perps have been busy in forced pee-ings in the past two months, and seem to have moved onto forced tactical crappings just this week. One can be sure that the color brown is intensely important as part of this. Not to mention brown behind a yellow color, or vice versa. And even red on brown, as making my my daily morning toast of peanut butter with jam on top is nearly always jerked with to infuriate me with their remotely applied extra-conventional gravitic fuckery.

AJH said...

Answer to: I've always shied away from...

One has to chose the path through this "Two Worlds" life on their own terms, and keep them separate as to one's own predilections. I know many in the TI realm do not want to hear anything about alien abductions as it is deemed too freaky and odd. To me, it is the same deal as being a TI; human nonconsensual experimentation that is often (not always in abductee's case), remotely applied and scripted, and the victim cannot exercise any legal action as the depredative party is undeclared and unidentifiable.

I would disagree that gangstalking is a waste of time, as it seems it is the primary means the perps use to have human energies (EMF at least, other forms likely as well) interfere/interact with those of the victim. My perps like to use gangstalkers from past worksites, swim clubs and other regular social interaction the once arranged. Not only is clothing color and fabric type as well as skin color vital to the perp objectives agenda, but also hair color and the distances that I percieve it (as Favored or Unfavored). It might seem totally pointless as do many other incursions, but energetic interference monitoring is a well used method to detect the victims's signals remotely in every location they are in.

I don't get anywhere near the same spoken negative themes that you get. I don't know why, but I suspect there are different energies surrounding each. I do get plenty of theme repeats; as one example, my worksite got two of the used LH Japanese toy vehicles last week. I always thought they were garbage, and shouldn't be put on the road until converted to the normal RH drive we have in North America. And as it "so happens", two separate conversations each touched on one of these two notions I hold (or was thought planted), but the nature of it was that it didn't seem scripted at the time, and only in hindsight do I realize that this was so.

Other variants are to have me scripted to say something, and then the conversation goes immediately dead. We were picking pumpkins into bins this past week and I was sneaking (har, har) in some very small baseball sized ones just to get a rise out of one of my coworkers. This had already occured twice over a week, and then the third time, he mentions it again, pondering out loud as to who picked another sub-sized pumpkin, and then I say, "it must of been the pumpkin fairy". End of conversation all of a sudden, no further remarks or laughter, or acknowledgement of my pumpkin games, or of any size limitation standards etc. In hindsight, this entire line of activity and conversation was leading me into saying a word, likely "fairy", and then stopping all banter or communication afterward. Like I have said in past blogs, I don't have conversations, only elicitations, and that level of verbal scripting has been arranged all my entire life.

Anonymous said...

They seem to like it when I leave a fart, and the result is a nasty (dark) brown stripe in my tightey whiteys. You know the deal when you leave a wet fart, and the underwear gets wedged up into your ass crack? One time I didn't notice this until late in the day, around 4PM. The "incident" happened at around 10AM, so I was unaware of this stinky brown stripe in my underwear. When I first discovered it, my first reaction was to go home and change, but I decided to tough it out, and keep them on until work was finished around 730PM.

They probably also like to have brown of varying shades present as well. The one brown stripe was very thin, and very dark. It was so unusual (and of course, stinky). I decided that my students wouldn't be able to smell it outside my jeans, so I just toughed the rest of the evening out.

Anonymous said...

Another thing I'm noticing is that they do use something like V2K on me, but never when I'm awake, and it's more sophisticated than your usual old-fashioned Microwave voices. It involved invading my dreams. In this dream, towards the end, as I was waking up, there were two people having a conversation in my imagination, and one of them happens to say "hi there!", and it seemed very V2K-like, as it was loud, and seemed to resonate inside my entire head.

Also, I used to get plenty of dreams where I'm trying to shoehorn myself into very tiny open spaces, just barely fitting through. Or, I'm climbing a very rickety scaffold, and I'm afraid of heights.

So they quite frequently used to us V2K to wake me out of a dream, around 5 years ago. I was just thinking about that yesterday, and my recall of that V2K made them do it again to me today (dream "voice" that was too loud to be a usual dream voice). Also, dream voices don't resonate one's head like that.