Friday, October 02, 2009

Multicultural Cabbage Patching

Another week has ended, the farm jobs being centered around the cabbage plantations and us laborers picking them, and then putting them into boxes for weighing. There is a decidedly incremental approach in having me work with Caucasians first, then a possible native-Caucasian mix, and then the piece de resistance, darker brown skinned E. Indians, then the Mexicans in my proximity over the duration of the task.The perps like to have me around weigh scales, and I am always very gentle with such objects as they are usually delicate. No one else is though; pounding more cabbages into the box while it is on the scales, and driving around with this mechanical object with no lockup so it is constantly jiggling and moving while on the flatbed truck, often with me on board, on the rutted access lanes.

The cabbage packing and weighing is quite an art, if not an unattainable mastery of a three ring circus; must be 50lb net, must number 13 to 14/box, and must all fit into a too small box. And to complicate matters there are at least three varieties, and individual characteristics such as density and firmness. This brought on all kinds of meetings, phone calls in the field, re-packing and weighing at the warehouse and numerous re-work occasions to get this right. In perp terms, this is one of their favorites, having me work on live botanical objects, cut them from their roots, and continue to shape the leaves and cabbage head to conform with the above specs, as well as rid it of any occluded insects and other boring critters. And of course, the perps never fail to add environmental noise whenever the cabbage is severed from its stalk, e.g. nearby throat clearing, sneezing or talking, and introduced motorcycle noise in the distance and other loud mufflered vehicles passing by. Regular readers will know the perps like to have me prune trees and bushes, harvest fruit and vegetables, and plant or cut trees. And if you have read the book, The Secret LIfe of Plants, there is good reason to suspect that there is an interconnection between us and plant life. (They put lie detector sensors on plants and even discovered that they were reacting pre-emptively to anticipated actions by the researchers.) Regular readers will recall in early 2009 that my in-town brother drowned a captured squirrel at the very moment I was pruning a branch from one of his trees. So, there must be an energetic connection that the perps are looking at to remotely measure and quantify so they can fuck more people (and plants) more often with greater convenience. Just my speculation, but what else would explain their obsessive coordination of events and personnel when I am doing plant work?

And speaking of plants, the perps actually laid off the intense fuckery when I got back to my apartment tonight, and I thought I might get a low-level harassment reprieve, but no, they poured on the bullshit when I took a clove of garlic and prepared it for pressing, and they didn't let up after that. They got me riled up first by smacking my head when the nearest possible causal object (fridge door) 12" away, then by sticking the garlic to my fingers so I couldn't get it off, had the garlic skin (a huge fuckover toy in 2004) flip laterally for 10" and disperse onto the counter top and adjacent plate. The garlic skins were suddenly difficult to remove, and then when off, somehow travelled nearby, laterally, to ensure they ended up on surfaces other than the cutting board which I was working over. After that, it was business as usual; 30 to 50 fake touchings per hour (jabbing, poking, brushing along side fingers, hands, inside arm), enragement with extra-conventional games with crumbs and objects at about half the above rate, and as well as extra noise whenever I am handling any object no matter how cautious.

For the second day in succession, a redhead sat in front of me on the S. bound bus to downtown. Yesterday was payday, and the perps put on extra gangstalkers, and the redhead immediately in front of me went so far as to put hear arm across the seat, but it was on my side of the seat back. Talk about blatant personal territory incursion, that was it.

I am getting a sudden onset of restlessness, so I will call this a one done, and won't be able to go into the details of the gangstalking co-workers, especially notable at break times.


Anonymous said...

The very evening before payday, I had an encounter with a very odd man (IMO) who was made an odd racial remark. This very odd man had a large wad of cash, which was supposed to mean that I was getting paid the next morning, but I never realized it at the time. It was only one guy, but they made sure it was a "memorable" guy. Sometimes, you don't need a large volume of gangstalkers to make a large impact, and I think they know this.

AJH said...

Answer to: The very evening before payday...

I get some payday/paycheck wierdness; planting negroes around me for the prior two paycheck deposits was one. I sometimes get the cash exposures too, but I haven't had one on or near payday.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes forget that I am at war (well it really wasn't my choosing) over my Unseen Enemy. Tonight, some Old Flame of mine asked me to go out drinking with me and her friends. More like a girl I knew from 5 years back.

So I went out drinking, and I really did regret drinking the beer; she suggested I drink Yuengling. So I'm at the bar, pretending to like being there (i really didn't want to hurt this girl's feelings) so of course, like many other TI's, just went along with what I knew all along was a string-along tactic.

Now before I got "invited", I saw another girl "favored" to the point of being a beat-down tactic, a favored version of one girl I presently like a lot. Another weird coicidence is that I when mowing the grass earlier in the day, I was thinking about the Pitt-Navy game. So one of the guy's "friends" there at the place was going into the Navy. Big coincidence, that (I should have caught on that my Unseen Enemy does this all the time). I guess you get so used to these tactics, that over time you tend to dismiss them as coincidence. I should have known the entire night was scripted when I heard the girls saying stuff like "He looks like Howard Stern's brother". Another thing is that each girl looked like this one girl I like a lot (presently). Duh, I fell for their bullshit yet again.

This is how the whole "invitation" happened: one girl I used to see frequently comes up to the door at closing time and invites me to a bar. She was very very nice to me, which should have been REd Flag no. 1. She begged me to get into her car with her. Perps know I hate it when people try to get me to get inside cars with others. No. 2, is that each person in this party resembled certain people:

1. One guy looked like an Engineer I used to work with back in 1992. Very strong resemblance.

2. Guy no. 2 looks like my uncle, with the prematuring grey hair. Premature gray hair is one theme they visit from time to time.

3. One guy looks like, I dunno, David Cassidy, whom I was thinking about days earlier.

4. 3 girls look like this girl I like a lot (presently), but in different ways.

What's odd: the bartender has this "what the fuck is this guy doing here" look to her. The girl who invited me was whispering something to her, and I don't want to speculate, but she all of a suddenly went from acting wild and drunk to a somber businesslike tone. Odd to say the least. I can only imaging that she was saying something like "He'd that 'special guy' that we have to do all these things to". Maybe something like that.

Odd that no one would talk or socialize, but the girl who invited me kept being uber-friendly and sweet to me while the other party members ignored me.

Well, that was a nasty trick perps; thank you very much. I knew very much why I was invited out to that bar.

Another thing is that people who are acting very friendly towards me will all of a sudden have a sudden change in attitude as I'm walking out, like "Ha what a fool/moron/whatever".

AJH said...

Answer to: I sometimes forget that I am at war...

The perps know how to sap one's vigilance, causing TI's to "forget" the full dimension of the pitched battle they are in. And too, sap one's decision making as to avoiding social scenes that are precarious from the outset. And they have arranged me in many "odd man out" scenes as well. When one's social scene is so orchestrated and begins as uncomfortable and stays that way, it truly makes one wonder what is going through the perps' minds as to creating this bullshit. Thanks for the comment.