Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Short Takes

A short blog posting as I am getting tired, with the condition suddenly coming on while reading my current Oracle SQL Fundamentals course books. The perps have a very strict regimen as to how much I am allowed to read, especially a more technical topic. The hijinks of two days ago when a car crash shutdown the major downtown street and bus route and making me late for Tuesday's class might have been to do with having me not learn while the rest of the students were learning for that 20 minute duration until I got there. Not to mention re-routing buses for the three hours, as the perps get no end of entertainment from holding up the regular passage of vehicles over the same streets. Sometimes I wonder what all the labor strikes are about when there is such a huge "need" for not only disruption, but changing vehicle routes, walking routes, and other geographic based habits and patterns.

They had me getting in and out of vehicles today, and occasionally driving the one ton flatbed in support of cabbage picking, one of the farm labor tasks that is getting a higher percentage of assignments, now that pumpkin washing is over. The perps like me to see the cabbages in many differing light conditions; cloud, sunlit, foggy as well as inside; partial artificial, full artificial, and the outside/inside interface between these lighting sources.

And too, the act of severing the cabbage from its stalk and trimming the leaves to form an aesthetic look also gets plenty of side action; talking, yawning (from other co-workers) as well as aircraft and vehicle noise.

The helicopters were all over me at the farm; at least eight passes by the military helicopter (dark grey Sea King, not these light grey ones at the link), and at least that again from other like aircraft. As always, odd plasma pulses, masers and blackish wavefronts originate from these aircraft, much like the fixed wing jets yesterday. And they were at various key moments; in the truck (visible through safety glass) before lunch, then again when having lunch, and then again when returned to the cabbage fields. The perps have been on a dark grey color exposure streak of late, and last week they scripted dark grey clouds on my way home, while wearing a same grey colored undershirt, under my navy blue colored sweater.

Off to bed now, sorry that there isn't boundless recollections of today's harassment stunts.

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